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Used at School 6

Slaves take control for a day

Early the next morning Claire and Olivia woke up and sneaked out of bed and went down stairs and they started talking about how their Master had treated them making them take the two black guys cock's without letting the girls know what was going to happen and as they talked they decided that they should get their own back on their Master. Claire grabbed some rope and hand cuff's while Olivia grabbed a blindfold and some other toys before they both sneaked back up stairs and into their Master's room where they found him still asl**p. Claire started to tie her Master's feet first while Olivia carefully put the blindfold over his eyes before helping Claire tie his hands. Once her was fully tied Claire started to suck on his cock nice and slowly only stopping to let her tongue lick round the head of his cock teasing him and very soon his cock was getting very hard and he was starting to wake and at fist he did not notice that he was tied up but when he did he ordered Claire to stop sucking his cock but she ignored him and continued sucking and teasing him.

"Right slave you are in big trouble and the longer you disobey me the worst the punishment will be" he said to her. But she ignored him again and continued.

Then he heard a voice beside him. "Today you are not in charge, we are and it is you who will be punished and made to cum so much that you cant cum anymore as today we are your Mistresses and you are our slave. He tried to fight free but they had tied him well so he could not get free and before he could say anything else Olivia climbed on to the bed and swung her leg over his head and lowered herself down on to his face resting her pussy in his lips and she started to slowly move her hips back and forth rubbing herself against him. Claire looked up and watched Olivia's pussy getting wetter and wetter and she could see little drops of her juices running down the side of his face. David resisted at first but found he liked having her riding his face and her opened his mouth and he stuck his tongue out so he could lick her and he wanted to see how far the girls would go. As Olivia started to squirt her cum over his face and into his mouth Claire increased the speed that she was sucking him and very soon he was cumming in her mouth but she did not swallow it. She grabbed an empty glass from the bed side table and spat his cum into it before putting the glass back on the table. Once Olivia's orgasm had subsided she got up and walked over to where she had left the toys that she brought up and she picked up the strap-on that she had used on Claire yesterday and she started to put it on while Claire moved up the bed and took Olivia's place and she started to slowly ride his face. Olivia untied his legs and pushed them up towards his shoulders and then Claire grabbed then and held them in place while Olivia tied the to the head board. She then started licking and sucking on his balls while slowly masturbating his cock with one of her hand while grabbing the glass with the other hand. She tipped the cum on to the strap on and started to rub it up and down the length of the shaft getting it ready to fuck his tight arse with. He was quickly starting to cum again and she caught all his cum in the glass and then started to rub his own cum round his hole before starting to work the strap-on inside him stretching his hole.
She could hear him screaming through Claire's pussy and she continued easing every inch of her strap-on inside him until he had taken the full length and then she really started to give it to him stretching his hole so wide. Claire leaned forward and kissed Olivia on her lips and it was so passionate and they were both getting close to cumming and they did not stop, they just kept kissing while riding their Master letting their Orgasm's take control. After their orgasm's had subsided the two girls got up and left the room and had a quick shower together and when they got out the went to their Master's computer and found the contact detail's of the two black men and asked if they would be up for fucking David as well as them and the two men replied that they would happily ride him as long as they can cum inside him.
The two girls said that would be perfect and to get here as soon as possible and they sat and waited until the two men turned up and very soon the two girls heard a knock at the door and when they opened they found the two men had brought a four more friends with them. Olivia invited them in and led them upstairs to David's room where the men stripped off and both Claire and Olivia dropped to their knees and started sucking each of the guys cock's getting them nice and wet. A couple of the men walked over to the bed and one of them started to f***e his cock into David's mouth while the other worked his cock into David ass and they both started to fuck him, working their big cock's deep inside him using his body for their pleasure and filling hi with their cum. Once finished they pulled their cock's out of him and two more men took their place and continued to use David. Once all six of the men had fucked both of David's holes and filled them with cum the girls told the guy to follow them to the spare room which the guys were more than happy to do.
Once in the room the girls got two of the men to lay on the bed's and once in place the girl's climbed on to the bed's and got on top of the two men and slowly lowered their self's down on to the men's hard cock's taking them deep inside their pussies and they fucked them for a minute or so before calling the other men over and telling two of them to get on the bed and to f***e their cock's into the Both Claire's and Olivia's asses which to the men did, so now both the girls had two of their holes filled with big black cock's and the last two men did not need to be told what to do as they new where their cock's needed to go and they got on to the bed and let their cock's slide in to the girl's mouth's and all six of the men fucked and used the two girls for the rest of the day and long into the night until the men could not cum anymore so they thanked the girls and then left. The girls headed in to David's room and untied his legs letting them drop down and Olivia got on to the bed up near David's head and swung her leg over his face and she sat on his face.
Claire moved round beside them both and she grabbed hold of David's mouth and held it open so Olivia could let all the cum from her pussy and ass drip into his mouth making him swallow every drop and then once every last drop was gone Olivia got up and switched places with Claire and David was made to swallow the cum from her as well. Then Olivia started to ride David's cock one last time letting him empty his ball's deep inside her and then they untied him and waited to see what he would say or do to them.

"So girls you've had your fun now that I am free you are going to be punished"

"we understand Master, we will take what ever punishment you think we deserve" They replied.

"Well girls you may think that I would hate all that you did to me but you would be wrong as I used to be a slave to a Mistress until she had shown me everything she new and I found myself feeling more dominant, so I have taken anal before. But I am going to have fun stretching your holes and making you cum more times that you ever have before, I have been taking it easy on you both so far, Especially you Claire as you are new but you will have to learn what it is like not to be able to stop cumming. But first you will go to your room and lay on your beds and I will be in shortly."

"Yes Master" the replied and headed for their room and got on to their beds and waited.

David came in a few minutes later and tied them in the same position they tied him in earlier so their legs were up near their heads. Once tied he left the room again but came back a few minutes later with two machines with double eight inch dildo's and he placed one on each bed and lubed up the dildo's and slowly eased them into Olivia's and Claire's pussies and asses and then turned the machines on and he watched as the full length of the eight inch dildo's slide in and out of the young girls holes and he turned round and switched the light's off and left the room closing the door after. He went and had a quick shower before going to bed and leaving the girls to get used by the

To be continued

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