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Weekend Retreat

Howard took the keys from the real estate agent and headed back to the Dodge Charger he had rented earlier that day.

“I missed you,” the Indian effeminate bottom mused.
“Missed you too,” Howard remarked before kissing his fuck slut.
“I’m so excited,” Rajan exclaimed.
“Oh yes! I can’t wait to meet your friends.”
“That’s cool, baby.”

Howard drove down the windy road to the lake house he rented for the weekend. He was there to meet two of his college buddies. They had remained fast friends after being recruited by Stretch McPherson, the renowned basketball coach. Though they had not won a championship, they were a part of the first and only Hobart College team to make it to the NCAA tournament. The three of them had a close bond, mainly due to the lack of Blacks on campus that had evolved over the nineteen years since they had left their alma mater.

Each of the three African-American men was extremely successful. Howard owned seven Burger King restaurants. Frank, the former point guard, was a senior vice president of a credit union. And Allen, who had been center on the conference championship team, worked as the executive director of a nonprofit agency. Every year the three of them met for a weekend of reminiscing and fucking their pussyboys.

Howard turned downed the private lane that led to weekend retreat. He drove carefully, but anticipated the moment that he would penetrate Rajan. He and the sub-Asian faggot had been fuck buddies for slightly over a year. The past two weeks had been hectic so he had not stuffed his dick inside Rajan. He needed it badly. Howard brought the car to stop and both of them exited the vehicle. Howard, the consummate gentleman, carried Rajan’s duffle bag and pulled his own suitcase behind him.

The log cabin was outfitted nicely and felt quite palatial. Howard took it all in and knew it would be a fantastic weekend.

“Go douche out that ass,” he ordered Rajan.
“Yes sir!”

Rajan returned a few minutes later wearing a purple dress that had rhinestone accents at the shoulders. Howard took in the image of his sissy and moved in for a kiss. They made out passionately as they moved towards their bedroom. Howard slid up the dress and began to suck Rajan’s wiry six inch dick. Rajan purred in delight as Howard licked and gargled on the thin brown clitty stick. “Suck it, Daddy,” Rajan cried out.
“Get up on the bed,” Howard stated.
“Yes sir,” Rajan replied hopping onto the bed.

With his juicy ass exposed, Rajan began gyrating. Howard was pleased by the dancing bottom. Rajan slid back so that his feet touched the ground and his booty was in the air. Rajan wiggled causing his soft round derriere to bounce. “I love when you shake that ass,” the six-foot-two-inch, two-hundred-fifteen-pound Howard opined. “Shake it baby! Suck this dick, boy.”

Rajan sat up and put Howard’s hard fat seven inch fuck tool in his mouth. He stroked the shaft as he worked his mouth back and forth. His moans let Howard know that he was enjoying himself immensely. Rajan’s saliva trailed down Howard’s dick. “Damn, I need to fuck that ass,” Howard pleaded.

Rajan turned back around wiggled his exposed ass. Howard slid in his fat cock. Rajan screamed out, “Oh my god!” Howard plowed away stretching Rajan’s supple pink hole.

“Ooh fuck me,” Rajan wailed.
“Take that dick,” Howard instructed.
“Oh, I love it!”
“Hell yeah!”

Only three minutes into it, Howard announced he was going to cum. His seed went deep into Rajan’s tight and creamy ass-pussy.

“I love having your babies inside of me,” cried Rajan.
“Damn,” Howard groaned. “I needed that. Clean up. They’ll be here soon.”

While Rajan showered, Allen arrived with his Dutch pussyboy Friso. He met the sexy power bottom midget on a website that was dedicated to Black men that loved fucking white boys. The six-foot-seven-inch dark-skinned man slapped Friso’s ass as they walked to the door. Soon after Allen rang the doorbell, Howard opened the door.

“What’s up my man,” Howard smiled.
“I can’t call it,” Allen replied.

The former teammates embraced quickly. Friso inquired about the bedrooms and Howard pointed him along.

“That’s a good looking faggot,” Howard commented as he watched the blonde haired blue eyed four-foot-eight-inch bottom walk away.
“Yeah. Where’s your bitch,” asked Allen.
“He’s in the shower. Had to fuck his ass before y’all got here.”
“I heard that,” laughed Allen. “I’ve been with my bitch all day and I’m dying to fuck.”
“Go get it, playa!”
Allen headed off to find Friso. Howard grabbed his phone and sent a text to the private chef confirming their appointment. Just as he was about to turn on the television, he heard a car outside. He walked out to meet Frank and his boy toy, Joey. Howard studied the caramel-skinned twinkish faggot and knew instantly that he wanted to fuck him.

“My man,” called out Howard.
“What’s up, Briggs,” inquired Frank.
“It’s all good. You got a fine ass faggot there.”
“Yeah. Bitch takes a testosterone blocker. Takes dick real good too. You oughta take him for a test drive.”
“I think I will,” Howard chuckled.

As the longtime buds caught up, Joey headed inside the house. He heard moans coming from upstairs so decided to investigate. He found a chocolate man long dicking a white boy from behind.

“Oh yes,” cooed Friso with his Dutch accent.
“Take this dick,” Allen yelled.

Joey enjoyed the sight and was soon joined by Rajan.

Rajan screamed. “Fuck his boipussy!”
“Come lick his balls,” Allen said aloud.

Rajan did as instructed and began licking Friso’s tiny nut sack. Watching the three of them go at it made Joey horny. He had been talking about this weekend with Frank for the past three months and he was so excited. Joey headed downstairs to grab his man.

“Daddy,” Joey called out.
“Yeah, baby,” inquired Frank.
“I want that dick in my pussy and there’s a threesome going on upstairs.”
“I’m on my. Be on all fours when I get there.”

Joey ran up the stairs and stripped at the doorway of the bedroom where the action was taking place. He watched Allen work his nine inch dark chocolate dick in and out of the miniature European slut. Friso and Rajan were making out. Joey walked up the trio and began licking Allen’s balls.

“Hell yeah,” Allen howled. “Suck those nuts, bitch!”

When Howard and Frank arrived, they quickly dropped their pants. Howard slapped Rajan’s butt and told him to start sucking his dick. Rajan complied and was quickly joined in the blow job effort by Friso. Frank knelt down and began munching on Joey’s hairless butt crack. As he devoured his slutty bottom, he massaged Joey’s diminutive balls.

“You ready for me to fuck that ass,” Frank asked.
“Yes sir,” Joey eagerly relied wiggling his booty.

Frank slid his eight inches into Joey with relative ease. The twenty-five year old loved getting fucked raw by Frank’s uncut dick. Meanwhile Allen continued pummeling Friso and Howard had gotten behind Rajan.

“Damn, this shit is hot,” Allen remarked. “Get that ass, b*****r.”
“I wanna fuck that midget,” Frank replied.
“I do too, but I wanna get some of that pretty ass caramel boy first,” Howard added.
“In due time,” Frank said as he pounded away at Joey’s tender hole.

“Ooh fuck me,” Joey screamed. “Beat that boipussy up!”
“Whose boipussy is it,” Frank asked.
“It’s your sir!”

Friso and Rajan made out as their asses were being banged out. Joey was enjoying the taste of Allen’s musty butt when he felt Frank tense up.

“Oh you bout to cum Daddy,” Joey declared.
“Hell yeah. I’m about to nut in that pussy.”
“Get that faggot pussy pregnant.”

Frank shot a huge load into Joey and stood up. Joey continued licking Allen’s ass. Frank stood by the kissing bottoms and they began to clean off his dick. The sight caused Allen to flood Friso’s hole.

“Oh I love your cum,” Friso squealed.
“I love your ass,” Allen added.

“Where do you want this nut, Rajan,” Howard questioned his bitch boy.
“Cum on my face,” he begged.

Howard pulled out and Rajan hopped up to suck on his dick. Soon after, he was rewarded with his second nut of the day.

“Whew,” Howard exhaled. “This weekend is starting off great!”
“Damn sure is,” Frank concurred.
“Goddamn I needed that nut,” laughed Allen.
“Y’all bitches go get cleaned up,” Howard ordered them. “The chef will be here soon.”

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