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Bullied Girl Got Her Revenge

My name is Krystal and I started going to Monroe High School as senior because my f****y had to move cause of my dad's job. I met a lot of people at first and made a lot of friends but there was one girl who made my life miserable. Her name was Anna and she was the head cheerleader who thought she had the most perfect life and was better than everyone else. She was dating the quarterback of the football team, his name was Ryan. They had been together since 10th grade and I had found out that they were to get engaged at prom. Anna was a complete bitch to me and made my life miserable. After gym one day as I showered she took my cloths out of my locker and threw them away outside so I couldn't leave the locker room. There was a guy that I was interested in named Ben and I had heard threw my friends that he was interested in my also. One day I had built up the courage to ask him out when my friends had told me that Anna had gone to him and told him I was a slut and that I was fucking the teachers. She threw food at me in the lunchroom and would cough and say "Slut" every time I walked by.

I had went to the principal and told him what was going on but nothing had ever been done to stop it. The final straw came when I was walking to my car one day to go home and saw that all my tires were flat and the windows were smashed out and the word "Slut" was carved into the hood. I called my parents and when they got there they were furious and I was in tears. I told them not to worry about it. I had had enough and came up with a plan to stick it to her. The prom theme was "Theater" and the night of the prom I put my plan into action. I got home after school and dyed my hair blonde just like Anna's and put on a dress just like the one she had picked out. I had a friend of mine go over to Anna's house and cut her tires like she had did mine. I got to the school and put on a mask I had bought that went with the prom theme. I walked into the school and people were passing me in the parking lot and saying "You look sexy Anna" I got into the school and found my way to Ryan.

I walked up to him and grabbed his hand. I was so nervous he would figure it out but just smiled at me and hugged me. I grabbed his hand and without saying a word pulled him with me and took him into the girls locker room. He asked me what we were doing but I never spoke. The locker room was dark, I turned on one of the overhead light but it was still very dark. I walked him with me to one of the benches between the lockers and sat down. He smiled and tried to pull the mask off but I pushed his had away and giggled. I pulled him in front of me and unfastened his pants as he laughed and said "On my god" I pulled his pants down and lifted the mask just enough to wrap my mouth around his cock. He had a nice big cock. He moaned and tried pulling the mask off but I kept pushing his hand away as he laughed. He moaned and moaned as I sucked him. I got up and bend over placing my hands on the bench. I reached back and pulled my dress up. I wasn't wearing any underwear as he got behind me and slid his cock into me.

I had forgotten about the plan and was getting more into his big cock inside of me. He had his hands on my hips and was moaning as he thrust into me. He felt so good I tried not to moan to much so he didn't figure things out. I couldn't help it he fucked me so good and I could feel his big cock going in and out of my body harder and harder I let out a scream as I came and could feel my body shivering. He smiled at me as I laid down on the bench. He put a leg on each side of the bench and slid his cock back into me. I moaned and moaned as he thrust his cock deep into my tiny body. I moaned and moaned as he started to grunt when all of the sudden he bend over and let out a loud grunt as I felt my pussy get warm as he shot his cum into me. He stood up and started to pull his pants back up and I pulled my dress back down. He said "What got into you" as he smiled. He said lets head out there people are waiting. I shook my head no and pointed towards the bathroom. He said OK well I'll give you your privacy and left. I grabbed a shirt out of Anna's locker and used it to wipe all the cum that was coming out of me and put it back. I walked out and as I looked into the gym I saw that Anna had arrived and ran over to Ryan and hugged him. I saw him whisper something to her when she pushed him and yelled "What are you talking about?" I saw him point over to the locker room and say something to her as she stood there stunned all I could do is smile.

She started crying as he had his hands on his head. As he pointed back over to the locker room he saw me and so did she. She looked at me enraged. I pulled the mask off and he had a look of shock on his face as she kept crying and dropped to her knees. I blew her a kiss and turned around and walked away.

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