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Fucked my best friends wife....... I thought

My buddy Mike and I have been friends since high school, we went to college together and even lived together for a short time while in college. Our apartment became the place people wanted to come to when they wanted to party. We became well known in the town we lived in and we each had our fair share of women. After college we kind of went our separate ways. I moved to another town that was about three hours away while Mike stayed in town. We kept in touch but never really got together to hang out. About three years after I moved I decided to go pay him a visit. After the long trip I arrived to Mikes house and knocked at his door. After a couple minutes I gave up and figured I would visit some more old friends while I waited for Mike to return. As I turned to walk away I heard the door open and a woman's voice say "Hello".

I turned and saw a young girl probably in her early 20's. She had long blonde hair, Sky blue eyes, perfect skin that was lightly tanned, and long sexy legs. She had on a t-shirt and shorts that showed off her amazing legs. I stuttered for a second and said Hi I must have the wrong house I'm looking for my friend Mike. She smiled and said "You must be Andrew." Yes I replied "Mike just left a little bit ago but should be back, you can come in if you like." I walked into the house which was very nice as she shut the door and said "Where are my manners, my name is Rachel" I didn't know Mike was dating but Rachel was way more beautiful than any girl Mike had dated since I knew him. She asked me if I wanted to wait for him in the kitchen and maybe have a beer. Yes I replied as we walked into the kitchen I sat down on the counter which was kind of like a bar. It had stools and there was bottles of alcohol in the glass cabinets that sat were above the counter.

Rachel went over to the fridge opened the door and pulled out a drawer at the bottom of the fridge and when she bent over to grab the beer I followed her feet all the way up her legs to her tight ass. As she turned my eyes shot back up with a smile. I could tell she way shy but she was an amazing girl and incredibly sexy. I moved my eyes up and down her body numerous times without trying to be noticed. After awhile I heard the door open and as Mike walked into the kitchen he smiled and We gave each other a hug and talked for awhile catching up as Rachel walked around the house. Mike said hey wanna go have some beers by the pool and maybe grill up some food. I said why not and we went outside where he had a in ground pool and some loungers near the edge of it. We sat down and kept catching up on things when the I heard the sliding door open and Rachel walked out she had on a robe and sunglasses and slippers. Mike kept talking but my eyes were on her as she walked to the edge of the pool and removed her sunglasses and kicked her slippers off. She dropped the robe and had on a pink swim suit. The top was small and I all I could do is stare at her amazing tits. Her ass was exploding out of her bottoms and she had a tattoo above her ass and her belly button was pierced. I stared at her as she dove into the water.

I tried to hold a conversation with Mike but my eyes were moving between him and Rachel. She was swimming back and fourth and every time she swam towards us her eyes met mine and all I could so was smile as she smiled at me. I tried to focus of Mike but after awhile he went into the house and came back out and said "Damm man we are out of beer, I'm gonna run and grab more wanna ride with?" I have been driving all day I think I'll just hang back here I told him. He smiled and said its all good as he left. I sat there finishing off the beer I had as I continued to watch Rachel. She got out of the pool after awhile and laid down on one of the loungers. As she began to tanning I heard her say "Andrew can you come over here quick?" I walked over to her laid out body as she smiled at me with her sunglasses on and said "If I flip over can you put some sunscreen on me?" Yea I said as she rolled over I grabbed the lotion and popped the top. She said "Hold on" and reached back and unfastened her top and moved the straps off her back. "Okay" she said. I put a small amount in my hand and began rubbing it on her body.

Her skin was so soft as I moved my hand up and down on her back. She giggled and said "That's cold" I laughed and kept rubbing. After awhile I said OK I think your good. As I got up she said "Can I ask you another favor? Can you get my legs?" Yea I said as I put more lotion in my hand and started rubbing my hand up and down on her legs I started rubbing by her ankle and worked my hand up her leg. I got to her inner thigh when I heard her let out a soft moan. Are you alright I asked and all she said was "Don"t stop." I smiled and began rubbing the same spot that made her moan before. She started breathing heavily and moaning. I moved my hand from the back of her neck over her back and over her ass. She moaned as I moved my hand over her ass. She turned over and let her top fall off exposing her tits. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to her and she began kissing me. I kissed her and moved my hand up to her tits and began squeezing them as she moaned. I could feel her tongue in my mouth moving around and it made my dick hard almost instantly.

I felt her hand grab a hold of my hard cock threw my jeans as she giggled. She stood up and grabbed my hand and walked me into the house and upstairs to the bedroom. She shut the door and pulled down her bottoms and laid on the bed and called me to come to her with her finger. I pulled my shirt off and crawled onto the bed. I kissed her and worked my way down to her neck and than chest. I began licking her nipples as her body moved from side to side as she moaned. As I sucked on her tits I moved my hand down her stomach until I felt her pussy. It was already wet as I began rubbing it in a circular motion as she began moaning louder. I worked my hand in circles until I slid my index finger into her body. Her back arched a little bit and she bit her lip as I began fingering her faster and faster. I stopped playing with her tits and slid down the bed and buried my face between her legs and began flicking her clit with my tongue as I fingered her.

As I was eating her pussy I started undoing my belt and pulled my pants off. Her pussy was extremely tight and soaking wet. I climbed back on top of her and began kissing her again until I felt the head of my cock meet her pussy. She grunted and her body began moving side to side. "Fuck me" she said with her eyes closed. I kept kissing her as I started pushing my cock into her pussy until I felt it slide into her body. She moaned loudly and her body shook. I started fucking her slowly and than faster and faster until I felt her grab my ass with her hands and started shoving it into her as her eyes rolled into her head and her mouth opened but no sound came out until she let out a scream as I felt her body shake and her legs moving violently. I started kissing her neck and kept thrusting into her as she came. I pulled my cock out of her and it was dripping wet as I laid on the bed. She climbed onto me breathing hard and panting.

I grabbed my cock and slid it back into her as she began riding me. She grabbed her tits and swung her head from side to side her blonde hair flowing. She grabbed my chest and began digging her nails into me as I grabbed her ass and began pushing her hips forward harder and harder onto my cock until her head shot back and she let out another scream and I could feel her pussy explode onto my cock. She laid on top of me her body shaking as I kept fucking her. She whimpered every time I slammed my cock into her. She sat up and began riding me so fast I felt like the bed was going to shake apart. I told her I was going to cum and waited for her to jump off but she never did, She kept going faster and faster until I couldn't hold it anymore and thrusted into her so hard her body jumped as I shot my cum into her. She laid her body on mine and began kissing me and smiling. She stood up and grabbed her bottoms and as she walked out the bedroom door and turned to me and said "Don't tell my dad OK?"

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