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Hostage Marriage

“Charles, Cliff said to tell you he wants to take me away for the weekend, so you'll have to babysit the k**s all weekend.”

“SIGH! O-Okay Carla. It-It's bad enough he gets to have his way with you the way he does, I-I just wish he would at least not wait until Thursday night to decide such things.”

“You're right honey. I did mention that to him, but you know what a spur of the moment guy he is. Even though it's an imposition, I see it as still sort of romantic. Oh! Where is my mind. I almost forgot, he said he needs you to deposit a $1,000 in that special account, so we can have some spending money this weekend.”

“W-WHAT! A $1,000.00 ! That's almost all of that bonus I got last month. I-I was trying to save that money. N-No! That's outrageous! I-I'm not going to-to do it.”

“Now, now, please calm down dear. You know it does no good to get all upset at Cliff. You know he gets his way, so you might as well go ahead and do as he asks. Like I've told you many times before, it's not like I'm in favor of the way he treats either one of us, but it's just the way things have turned out. We can do without the money for the time being.” Spoke my wife in a tone of voice meant to console and sooth my ruffled emotions.

I hated it, but I knew she was right.

I guess before I go further with my story, I should give you readers a little background about myself. My name is Charles and my wife's name is Carla.

At the time of the above conversation. which I opened up my story with, we had been married for about 5 years.

And the reason I was upset about the fellow named Cliff – a coworker at my wife's work place - is that he's been having an affair with my wife shortly after she and I got married.

Carla told me that even though she cheated on me the entirety of our engagement, she just assumed he would not impose himself on her after she became married.

“Charles, even though I was having sex with him for the 18 months of our engagement, I really do love you. Please forgive me darling. I just assumed he would leave me alone once I got married, and I wouldn't have to tell you about him, but he didn't. He still kept coming around asking me to suck him off at work in various nooks and corners of the office, and to go to bed with him after work.” She was on the verge of tears as she told me of Cliff's aggressive and depraved treatment of her and begged for my forgiveness.

I couldn't help but forgive her for all she had been through at his hands.

She was really distressed by this dastardly fellow, and so was I, who would stoop so low as to not honor the sanctity of marriage.

Every since the affair was revealed to me, which was about 2 months after the wedding, I've been trying to fight him off and make sure he doesn't win her away from me. And from looking at his pictures, he's much better looking than me. And from Carla's detailed description of his genitals and his sexual stamina, he's much better sexually endowed as well as a better performer between the sheets too.

I've put up with a lot from him and his antics to disrupt our marriage. He knows my wife is weak willed when it comes to handsome assertive guys like him. And with his big sturdy dick, he knows she's putty in his hands and can't refuse his demands.

She and I have talked about this weakness of hers many times. And we both agree that he's taking advantage of her by constantly tempting and offering her the great sex I can't give her.

Every time he takes advantage of her, she always comes home with a drippy, well fucked, slimy cunt, where he has used her mercilessly to appease his lust.

She willingly tells me all about the type of coital positions he took her in and any other type sex acts he required her to perform for him.

Since my wife Carla said she was helpless to defend herself against his charms and the temptations he kept placing before her, it would have to be up to me to stop him.

Taking him on physically was not an option as he was much bigger than I and when I confronted him on the phone, he told me he didn't want to become violent, but he could and would if I interfered with his enjoying my wife.

“Listen, Charles, there is no reason for us to not act like adults about this whole matter. I love fucking your wife and she likes getting fucked by me. Why can't you accept that and get over it. Plus, I've stretched her quite a bit already even before you married her, so your little thing is lost in her pussy anyway. You know she can barely feel you in her. I know she's told you that. Look, it's best if you beat your little prick off , as well as suck her pussy after I fuck it. I bet a mama's boy like you usually enjoys eating pussy anyway. So you're bound to like it extra creamy.” He spoke to me in a matter-of-fact tone.

I was really put off by my first phone conversation with Cliff. His comments sounded derogatory, but he let me know that he didn't mean any offense, but knew from experience that many short cock husband found pleasure in masturbating themselves and sucking their wives's cunt after better hung studs fucked them. His words did come out offensive, even though he had a serious tone to his voice.

With me not being the confrontational type, I knew I had to tackle this matter in a way I may not have wanted.

I had to face the fact that he had opened a door of sexual pleasure that my wife had never experienced before and which there was no turning back for her.

I would rather Cliff had not told my wife of our phone conversation, but he did.

“Charles, honey, Cliff is better hung than you and he's right, I can hardly feel you anymore. Maybe you would get off better by jerking off.” She said in a serious tone.

“I-I see. I-I have had to do that more lately, s-since you have been spending more time with h-him, a-and are often t-too tired to let me p-put it in.”

“I know Charles, and I would apologize, but its really his fault for fucking me until I'm bone tired.”

“I-I know. F-From all you tell me h-how long he stays hard a-and th number of times he comes a-and the number of times he gets you off, t-that's understandable. I-I wish I-I had such stamina.” I lamented.

“But you don't and there is no sense in worrying about it darling. We have to look at alternatives.” She said as she pecked me on the lips and whispered that she loved me. That really made me feel better and eased my troubled mind.

“But you know Charles, what Cliff said about you licking and sucking my cunt after I come home from being with him, does sort of arouse me. I think I would like for you to suck my pussy with his cum in me. You suck my snatch so good ordinarily, so I know you can do just as well or better with his and my fuck juices in there. In fact, Charles said you might even like sucking up his spend. And believe me, he really shoots off a lot of it in me. He's a real heavy cummer.”

So with my wife's insistence and encouragement, I began to lick and suck her drippy, well fucked, cum drenched sloppy slimy hairy snatch. And to my surprise, the taste wasn't unpalatable.

And while I was use to giving my wife a rousing orgasm before when I performed oral sex on her, she seemed even more animated and her orgasms seemed more intense when I ate out her cum filled cunt.

I have tried to be the best husband I could be in fighting off the advances of Cliff's invasion of my wife and marriage. I struggled along as best I could by going down on her as often as she desired to give her the best pleasure I could in my competition with him to retain her affection.

I thought I was holding my own, for even though he was fucking her as many as four times a week and I was sucking her after each fucking, it seemed like I was balancing out his superior bed work with my good oral service to her heated messy snatch.

Well a few months later, he directed her to get off the pill because he wanted her to have his baby.

When she told me his plans to impregnate her, I became furious.

“Calm down Charles, you know I'm powerless to stop him and so are you. However, he says that it's okay for you to try and stop him by being my oral birth control, that is by sucking me out after he and I have intercourse. He says that if he can't get me knocked up in 3 months, because of your good sucking action, then I can go back on the pill until the next time he wants me to get pregnant.”

Not having much of an alternative, I knew I had to take on his challenge since my wife was in no condition to resist doing what Cliff demanded of her.

The other sad thing is that Cliff demanded that my own wife deny me sex for the three months. Carla was emphatic. She expected me to remain faithful to her, but let me know that she thought that masturbation was acceptable for me to relieve my sexual pressure.

I didn't like the position I was in, but knew I didn't have many options. Hence I went along with the path that had been put before me.

I really gave it my best, putting the best sucking and vacuuming action I could deliver on my wife's dick bruised and battered cunt, as it was repeatedly filled to overflowing with Cliff's many abundant loads of thick creamy jism.

My wife suggested Cliff and she have sex in our master bedroom and that I be given the opportunity to watch them fuck and be present when he pulled out after depositing his heavy loads of cum.

At first it was very embarrassing and difficult for me to endure such scenes as well as having to do oral clean ups as he looked down on me as I labored to suck, and slurp up, his deep deposits from my wife's frothy slimy gapping gash. But I did the best I could, and after the third or fourth time, I became less sensitized and focused more intently on what I had to do to deter
Cliff inseminating my wife.

Because I was allowed to clean up my wife's used oozing pussy between Cliff's deposits – which were usually at least 3 ejaculations each fuck session - my wife often asked me to guide Cliff's seemingly constantly hard dick back into her eager snatch after each cleaning.

The only reason she ever gave me was that it made her feel better knowing that I was there with her and involved at what could be a traumatic moment for her if she became pregnant by another man, other than her husband.

I only sort of understood her thinking on this matter, but I did as she asked. After that first time, they both had come to expect me to guide Cliff's big rigid rod and it's bloated taunt shiny dick head, into my wife's hot wet receptive cunt.

It was awkward to be handling and guiding his massive member while Carla looked on as I did what was asked of me, but her smiling support and encouragement helped me through my utter embarrassment.

As with watching them have sex in our bedroom, I soon got accustomed to not only guiding Cliff's sizable erection to Carla's fuck slit, but with my wife's directions, lapped and licked the shiny head of his massive dick, to reduce the friction of his entering and penetrating her soft hairy sex hole.

I was very humiliated at putting my mouth on his penis, but Cliff and my wife got me to see that it would reduce the possible entrance pain for Carla. So as a caring husband, any degradation I might have felt, certainly took a back seat to easing any discomfort or pain I could prevent for my wife.

The more and more I watched Carla and Cliff have sex, the more they seem to require my involvement.

One time when Cliff came over after a hard day at work and was a bit tired, he was not as rigid as he ordinarily was upon seeing my wife naked and in position to receive his jutting member. It was then my wife asked, well really strongly suggested – okay, told me - to stroke his penis to get him hard for her, as shewas eager to get fucked that day, as she was horny from a hard day's work too.

Well I began to handle and fondle his large member and he was slowly erecting, but not as firm as he normally got. I even caressed his big egg size hairy balls. That helped a bit, but he still didn't erect as firm as was normal for him.

“Charles darling, take his dick head in your mouth suckle it a bit. That should do the trick.” My wife said in an impatient and imperative tone of voice as she looked over at me kneeling before Cliff, as he sat on the edge of the bed fondling her ample tits and rigid nipples.

I looked at her, and then up at him. They both looked at me as if what they were asking of me was the most natural thing in the world. And in a way, it probably was a most practical thing to do, but the thought of having his dick between my lips was another act of humiliation that didn't escape me.

However, knowing they both were in a sort of irritable state, I did as I was told. I didn't want either of them to become quarrelsome and direct their anger at me.

And as with the whole series of adjustments I was seeming to have to make because of Cliff's intrusion into our lives and marriage, I often ended up handling and orally preparing his cock for my wife's pussy. And I also even held, and was frequently asked – okay, told – to lick his heavy hairy nut sac as the two of them engaged in coitus.

But alas, no mattered that I gave it my best, my best was obviously not enough. After many bouts of sexual intercourse, Carla became pregnant in less than 3 months.

I of course was extremely disappointed at my failure to deter her insemination by Cliff.

After failing at prevention, I next moved to trying some type of damage control.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself for even thinking such a thing. You know Cliff would not allow me to have an abortion after all the trouble he's going through to make a baby in me. You should be glad I don't tell him you're suggesting such a thing. I wouldn't blame him if he gave you a good trouncing.” Said my wife in a highly agitated tone.

I had to admit she was correct in her assessment, and I ended up apologizing to her for my emotional irresponsibility.

“Charles honey, I can see why you feel the way you do, but we both have more to worry about than ourselves now. We're soon going to have a little one in our midst. And even though Cliff will be the real father, the baby will be legally our and you'll be the legal dad. They say a baby changes everything, so darling, we'll just have to change too.” Carla said in a cooing sensual tone.

I knew by her words she really did want to have Cliff's baby, so I knew that there was nothing else for me to do except resign myself to being the daddy of their c***d and his continued control over my wife, and well me too.

Carla delivered a baby boy. He strongly favored Cliff. My wife named him Clifton.

I found out that Carla was right. Having a baby in the f****y does change things. We three, including Cliff, were all focusing on the little fellow. Even though strongly humiliated by my wife having another man's baby, I did grow attached to “our son” and even more so when he started calling me “Da Da”.

Cliff and my wife were openly dating as if they were man and wife within a few weeks after baby Cliff was born. While they went out on dates, or away for weekend trips, I did the babysitting.

By then, both my folks and Carla's parents knew that I was basically a figurehead husband and that the stud, or Alpha male, of the f****y was Cliff.

“Son, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You have presented me with a handsome new grandson. Plus you have a beautiful wife that you're keeping happy by being a good husband and doing what she and her stud desires of you.”

Mother's words were definitely bitter sweet and did cause me embarrassment, but it was strange that I also felt a bit of pride at having received mother's compliments.

You see mother has always been a dominant figure in my life, so any compliments from her always pleased me.

A little over two years later, Cliff was ready for my wife to have another baby.

When Carla told me, I was upset to say the least, but at the same time, I wasn't totally surprised, since Cliff had grown so close to my wife that he literally saw her as his woman, even though she was legally my wife. He, in different ways, told me as much.

I knew he had a lot of control over her and knew that my role was that of the lesser man, and that my strength with my wife was in being cooperative and obedient to her and her lover.

So even though I protested, I knew that it would be to no avail, and was told so by Carla.

“I understand your feelings Charles, but Cliff wants to inseminate me again, and well darling I can't refuse him, as you know. Plus, it was so wonderful last time getting knocked up by him, I know it will be good this time too.

“And by the way, he told me to tell you that you'll have the same opportunity this time be my “oral birth control” as you were last time.” I hated that she put a slight emphasis on “oral birth control”, but I knew she was basically telling me that I had to get use to her being Cliff's incubator.

I knew it was probably a losing proposition to try to beat out her Cliff's virility over his “3 month's window”, but something in me said I couldn't just give up without trying. Hence, I became their oral birth control one more time. And once again I failed to deter his abundant deposits of jism from knocking her up.

After the third baby, my role as their oral birth control was more ceremonial than anything else, as I have routinely become my wife's and Cliff's routine oral cunt and cock cleaner for all their sex sessions. It's just expected of me now.

Both my f****y and Carla's f****y have accepted my pussy whipped wimpy cuckold position in the marriage, and basically see Cliff as the man of the house, despite that I'm the f****y provider. He gets their respect as my wife's “real man”, and I get their pity.

Despite that neither my wife's f****y or mine, sees me as man enough to satisfy my wife, nevertheless I do the best I can to keep her and to preserve my marriage, even if it means having – well, really being f***ed - to share her with her lover of many years.

I really can't blame my wife for her role in all this, after all, she is just too naturally weak to resist Cliff and his aggressive, predatory sexual prowess. For I too can't help but admire his sexual stamina and physical endowments. The more times I suck his cock to completion, the more I have come to respect his sexual capabilities.

Yes, he has me suck his big horny dick on demand. And believe me, I've swallowed a lot of his ejaculate over the years. I did so not only because he could easily intimidate me into doing so, but also because my wife Carla sees me as doing what I can to keep friction, in our unorthodox relationship, to a minimum.

Despite our situation – that is, being held hostage to Cliff's sexual control - it really boosts my ego that my wife respects me for all I continually do to be a devoted husband and provider to her and the k**s.

Oh, and speaking of k**s, it's been over 18 years of marriage for me and Carla now - and well Cliff too. And I have 7 k**s calling me daddy, which includes a set of twins. All “our” c***dren are courtesy of Cliff.


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