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Hijabi Threesome

So I met this girl on Facebook. Her name was Irfana and she was an indonesian hijab girl. Around 21 years old, had big breasts for an asian girl and was muslim. At first she was shy but later on I found out how horny she actually was. We would webcam one another late at night and masturbate to one another. She would touch her myself and rub her clit butt naked except for her hijab. To me the hijab made things even sexier. We would cum every night to one another but one night we were chatting and she said she wish I was there so we could actually fuck all night. I decided I wasn’t going anywhere for spring break so I booked a ticket to indonesia to fuck this girl all day long.
The day finally arrived when I arrived at Indonesia. As I walked out of my terminal gate I could see Irfana waiting for me. She looked so sexy in her curvy jilbab and pink hijab. She was so happy to finally meet me in person that she started making out with me on the spot. A lot of people were watching since the majority of them have never seen a hijabi do that in public. I didn’t care, I just kept kissing her and feeling her body. She smelled so good. As soon as my dick started to get hard she stopped kissing me and we both decided to grab a taxi to our hotel. We caught a taxi and she gave him directions in Indonesian. As she was talking to him she began to rub my crotch area making me super hard. She then began to unbuckle my belt, opened my pants and began to jerk me off inside my pants. This was a horny hijabi and the whole time she was doing this she just looked me in the eyes and gave me a lustful look. We couldn’t make out in the back or else the taxi cab driver would see us. As she caressed my cock I began to feel my first orgasm coming. She began to jerk me off even harder and eventually I came all over inside my pants and onto her hand. She grabbed all the cum with her hand and I couldn’t believe my eyes but she took her hand to her mouth and licked off all the cum.
We finally arrived at the hotel and I was still in a daze from what just happened in the cab. Irfana couldn’t wait to get in the bedroom so she grabbed my hand and we ran in. We got our keys and we ran upstairs into our hotel room. Once the door closed we immediately began making out with one another. She pushed me onto the bed and took my pants off. She began sucking my dick with her hijab still on. She slobbered all over my hard cock as I grabbed her hijab and moved her head up and down over my cock. After a couple minutes we heard a knock on the door. She stopped sucking my dick and said to me, “Oh I forgot to tell you, my friend is coming and she’s so excited to meet you!” I was so confused, but before I knew it she open the door and invited her friend in.
Her friends name was Farah and she was a beautiful indonesian girl with fair skin and huge breasts. She also wore the hijab. As they walked in they started talking in Indonesian and she noticed me. I was still half naked with only my shirt on but my dick still rock hard and wet from the blow job Irfana was giving me. Farah introduced herself to me and asked something in Indonesian to Irfana. They began to make out right in front of me and started to strip each others clothes off. I immediately began jerking off to this. They kept making out and stripping until they both stood there naked with just their hijabs on. Farah then looked at me got on her knees and started sucking my dick. I couldn’t believe it but I realized I was about to have a threesome with 2 of the hottest hijabi girls I ever met. Farah slobbered all over my cock as my girl Irfana fingered Farah’s pussy. Farah moaned from Irfana’s fingers and after some time Irfana pushed her aside and climbed on top of me. She placed her dripping pussy on top of my cock and began to fuck me. Her pussy felt so nice and we began to match our hip movements as we fucked. Farah grabbed a double sided dildo from her bag and began inserting it into Irfana’s ass. Irfana moaned even louder and started kissing me again while being fucked by Farah and me. Farah was also getting fucked by the dildo as she put her vagina on the other end. We had sex for so long but after awhile Irfana couldn’t handle it anymore and had her first orgasm. She moaned so loud and came all over my cock. I felt her hot juices on my cock. She then got off of me and began to suck my dick. Farah continued to fuck her own vagina on the side watching us. After a couple minutes Irfana began to suck me harder and I came for the second time that day all over her mouth and hijab.

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