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Cross dressed cocks

I was looking forward to the fun I could have in my own place. I spent some time on the male chat line looking for someone to play with. he to liked to dress but like me was not at all passable . when he showed up at my place he hade on black thigh highs open toe heels and a corset ,he was taller then me and of average build . it was the bulge in his panties i was interested in. I was dressed in pink thigh highs red strappy heels pink panties and a light purple chemise with a pink bra under it.

we sat on the couch watching some porn he took out his semi erect cock and told me he wanted to see me on my knees , i got down on all fours with my ass in the air he stood over me running his hand s over my ass massaging my cheeks making me squirm as he rubbed my asshole through my panties then when i least expected it smack . i could feel the sting across my cheeks where he had slapped me and i moaned . "did you like that you dirty slut?" he asked " mm fuck yes. spank me please'" i said as i wiggled my ass .smack smack smack across my ass harder each time till i couldn't take anymore my ass cheeks burned but it felt so good . he began to rub his cock all over my ass smacking my burning ass with it . he grabbed my hips and began to run his cock along my ass crack through my panties every once in awhile pushing his cock head into my asshole through my now wet panties. his precum was soaking my ass and mine was soaking the front as i ground back against him . "do you want this big cock baby?" do you want me to fuck that tight ass of yours?" he moaned " please I want you to fuck me so bad I need your cock" i moaned in response.

he sat down on the couch his hard cock throbbing as he stroked it . he had to be over 7 inches cut and thick . he told me to crawl over to him and suck his cock. i did and he held it toward me the precum dripping off the head . i took my tongue and swirled it around the head of his cock loving the taste ,i licked up and down the shaft to his big low hanging balls and began to lick and suck on them . i worked my way up his shaft and engulfed this big cock with my mouth sliding as much to the back of my throat , working my mouth up and down on his delicious cock . "you like sucking that cock ?" mmm i moaned with my mouth around his cock . he grabbed my long hair and began to fuck my mouth driving in and out of my throat " take it you cock sucking slut " as he fucked my mouth harder . he leaned forward pulled my panties aside then spit on his fingers . i felt his wet fingers against my asshole as he drove 2 into me working my hole as i continued to suck his cock.

i began to push back on his fingers as he worked them in and out ." you really are a cock hungry little whore , so do you want to get fucked?" he asked i took my mouth off his cock "fuck me please " i begged " i want your big cock in me so bad" " so what is your favourite way to get fucked ?" he asked " on my back with my legs spread wide" i moaned as he continued working his fingers in me. he told me to lay down and spread my legs . i took off my panties and lay back as i opened my legs i reached down and pulled my cheeks apart giving him a better view. he took his cock and started rubbing the head against my asshole his precum wetting it more "is this what you want you dirty fucking slut? you want me to make you my bitch?" he didn't need to ask twice " fuck me please i want your fucking cock pounding my ass please " i begged . with that he plunged his cock deep into me and began pounding my asshole hard ,his balls slapping against me , his hip hitting my cheeks with every thrust . my legs were on his shoulders there was something sexy about looking up and seeing my red painted toes and stalking covered legs against him . i reached down and i could feel his stalking under my hands . my cock throbbed and leaked precum with every thrust .i had never been fucked like this , his big cock stretching me hitting my prostate with every thrust . "is this what you like you fucking slut?" " a big cock ?" he moaned " yes give it to me fuck me like a dirty whore " then he asked "are you my bitch?" "yes " i moaned . he drove his cock into me harder pushing my legs back to my chest " i am goanna breed your ass like a fucking faggot whore " he drove his cock into me hard and something happened that i had never experienced as he fucked me i started to grind i felt like i was going to cum . my cock exploded and my cum shot out across the silk camisole i had on as i yelled "i am fucking cumming" " you are a dirty fucking whore cumming from just getting fucked up you faggot asshole" you want my cum up that dirty shit hole cock slut? are you ready for it" " yes fill me with your cum i want to feel you exploded in my dirty faggot asshole " i moaned" give it to me you fucking bastard fill my ass do it now" with that he picked up pace then drove his cock in and held it as spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled my asshole.

he pulled out and sat back breathless i got up and wrapped my mouth around his cock tasting his cum and my ass . i pushed my fingers in my asshole and covered them in his cum the wiped it on his cock and licked it off . he hadn't gone soft and told me to keep sucking and make him cum again. " fuck you are a good little cock sucking slut " he moaned as my mouth worked up and down his dick in unison with my hand till i felt the familiar throb and he exploded in my mouth. i swallowed every drop and wouldn't let his cock out of my mouth till he was limp . we sat for a bit recovering . it was quite late and he insisted that i walk him to his car so i slid my panties back on and was going to grab some cloths but he told me like a good whore i would walk him to the car dressed as i was. i was terrified yet it was a rush at the same time

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