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Hippie Sex Part One

It was at the height of the Hippie marches and movements.

All the hippies were half naked, both male and female walking the streets of San Fransisco

Passing out flowers and the scent of Patchouli was everywhere .

I will never forget those days of utter bliss and serendipity.

It was around 3:00 PM and the park was filled to the brim with folks dancing and listening to music.

I was horny and my friend, sweet Becky, next to me, had a mini skirt on, was topless and long, sexy legs.

I wanted to eat her out right there, but she was not ready for the full course of sex being displayed in public.

Becky's breast were full and taut. I loved looking at her profile when she was half dressed and told her so.

She was not at all bothered by my compliments and knew that I was a full fledged Lesbian.

I think it was her way of wanting to have some Lesbian sex.

I never tried anything on anyone who was uncomfortable with homosexuality.

I never felt a prejudice from her and many times she discussed and asked questions about my sexuality.

Becky was a very educated Radcliffe girl.

I knew all about Radcliffe (Cliffeez) and the hot and heavy Lesbian sex that went on at midnight dorm parties.

I had to make a call to my agent. I was a full time, high fashion, 5'11" model.

I had been on the cover of many high fashion magazines and knew and slept with many rock stars before becoming a Lesbian.

All the rock stars I slept with wanted to marry me, because I gave great blow jobs.

They loved my long and curvacious body, too!

I was off to a great start that day, as I had a great night with my lover Alicia, she went to Paris and then off to Milan, for a photo shoot ..

She would not be back for a month and would meet her in Amsterdam at our favorite Bistro.

Becky was getting a little nervous by all the sex on the grass, as I could see her nipples were getting pretty hard.

She was moving her long and sexy legs all over the place, as if cunnilingus was on her menu.

I wanted to tongue fuck her right there.

I was her lapp dog.

I remember seeing her pussy, all pink, blond and luscious.

It was a delightful sight.

My mouth was ready for a long kiss.

I gently pulled Becky closer to me and she was more than obliging.

Before I could open my mouth, Becky, sweet Becky, was kissing me on the lips.

My jaw wanted to drop, as I was elated and began coming all over my twat.

I began to feel her taut and supple breasts. I then moved my tongue down to her luscious hard and erect nipples.

She was all over the place gently pulling my hair and begging me to eat her.

I was not at all ready to do that there in the park with Becky, I wanted more privacy with her.

Just a few feet away, was an empty, almost secluded telephone booth.

Asked if she wouldn't mind me eating her there. At the boiling point she was at, it didn't matter. she was obliging..

As we walked over to the booth, Becky held my hand and hers was quivering hot.

The booth was clean and our blanket fir nicely on the cold hard floor.

Becky and I were thin enough for the two of us to fit nicely, without feeling cramped.

Becky's legs had spread on my shoulders and the warmth of her pussy was felt a few inches away..

I was eager to eat this beautiful and wet beaver..

Her pussy was deliciously sweet, like a delicate wine.

I was d***k with pleasure and Becky was off on another world..

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