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Made to fuck

We were out having dinner on Father's Day. It was Jess’s 14th birthday, too. It was a special father/daughter day for us. Jess was so cute, my baby girl, my only c***d. We lost her mother way too young. But of course, with just us, we were very close. She was the center of my world. I’d like to think that I was the center of hers, too. But She was getting to that age. I knew I’d lose her soon. The boys would come. The shopping with her friends. I dreaded the day she decided I was the stupidest person on the planet. Until that day, I cherished every day with my Jess.

Someone must have d**gged our food. One moment we were laughing and giggling together. The next, I was waking up, gradually becoming aware. I was tied up, tied to someone else. Blindfolded.
The person I was tied to was stirring. "Who is that?" I asked.
Gradually I also became aware I was nude.
The person I was tied to was nude too.
The person's legs were wrapped around me.
Our arms were tied around each other.
“Daddy?” Oh my gawd, the person I was tied to was Jess! NO!!!!
“Oh, baby,” I whispered in her ear. “Try to be quiet. I don’t know what’s happened. Someone must have d**gged us. I don’t know what they want.”
I also was becoming aware of a painful erection. Very painful. And….
“Daddy,” Jess whispered. “Something is . . . in me. Down there. Oh Daddy it hurts.”
I began to weep quietly.
"Daddy why are you crying?"
"Oh sweet baby. I'm so sorry. I don't know what they've done to us. Baby, that's my. ..... Oh baby girl. My sweet little girl......"
Without doubt I knew it was my erect penis in her I tried but couldn’t will my erection away. I'd taken my baby's virginity! And my dick felt. . . strange. I suspect while I was out someone slipped me a Viagra
I have no idea how we were suspended. But I began trying to get my cock free. Trying to withdraw. And every time I did, the bindings f***ed me back in. And each time Jess grunted in pain. I kept trying, and each time it was the same result And each time Jess grunted. I didn’t notice when her grunts changed. I did notice when her arms and legs tightened around me. I felt her warm breath on my neck
"Daddy," she whispered. Her voice husky
Her legs bound around my ass, gripping me. I try again to withdraw, and then felt her legs tighten, pulling me back. And she moaned in my ear.
"Baby," I whispered.
"Oh, Daddy," she moaned in my ear. I felt her lips on my earlobe. "Daddy don't stop."
"Baby, no"
"Please, Daddy". Her legs were now pumping at me. Her lips sucking my earlobe.
I withdrew again, to be pulled back. And again. Over and over. Desparately trying to free myself, but each attempt only another thrust in her virginity.
Jess was moaning nonstop in my ear. Her legs were urging me. I felt her pussy tightening. Gripping. Her breathing ragged. Moaning faster and faster.
"Oh, Daddy! Something is happening!"
I felt a flood of wetness. "Oh, Daddy!" Jess was screaming now
Against my will, I felt my ejaculation approaching. And I finally admited to myself how much I wanted this. To be my baby's first lover.
"Oh Baby," I moaned. I moved my head, leaning back, lips brushing along her cheeks. Seeking her lips. Finding them. Kissing her like a lover. Her moaning as we kiss. My tongue entering her mouth in time with my cock.
And then I exploded in her. Breaking our kiss, moaning loudly. Jess moaning. Both of us. Screaming. Passionate. Filling my baby's womb with my seed.
My ejaculation slowed and petered out. But my cock was still hard That's the Viagra I thought.
And then we heard clapping. Applause. Cheering! A big crowd.
"Encore! Fuck her again!"

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