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Caught in the act

It was dark. That was good. Dark suited her purpose.

The thin latch gave way easily on the first blow, the sound muffled by rag. Anne slid the window upward and climbed inside. She was in an annex just off the kitchen to the left. It was black in the house, but she'd been there before as a guest. The layout memorised, she inched toward the living room feeling her way along the wall. Round the floor hall table with the lamp, felt carpet underfoot. Not far to go. The case of rare coins was on the far side of the room. Over ten grand's worth in coins just sitting there under glass. Not for long.

Suddenly a noise from behind and she was slammed face first into the wall. The air went from her lungs and drained her strength. She felt her assailant pull her round to face him, grab her arms and heard the metal click of the cuffs as they locked around her wrists. Her legs went from under her as her captor swung his legs knocking her off balance. Once on the ground, he pulled a rag from his pocket and used it to gag her, tying the knot securely behind her head. Helpless and still winded from the collision with the wall she didn't resist as she was frogmarched through the house to a small door built into the back wall. Taking a key from inside a small pot on a shelf nearby, the man unlocked the door revealing a set of wooden stairs descending into a room below. The man pushed her in the back and, afraid she'd tumble in the dark, Anne started walking down lest she be prodded again. Behind her she heard a click as the man found the light switch and the place became bathed in light.

It was a dungeon. The two walls Anne could see were covered with whips and canes of all shapes and sizes, all nearly arranged by size and material. Chains and ropes hung down from the ceiling throughout the whole place, suspended by beams and hooks. On the floor sat more disturbing contraptions: a wooden horse with metal hoops dug into the legs and, further to the right, a set of wooden stockings with a solid metal lock to hold the sections together. A further step revealed the presence of a sturdy metal bed, with plenty of hoops adorning each of the four bedposts. As her eyes took this in, Anne reeled back and whimpered into her gag, but two strong hands on her shoulders f***ed her down the stairs into the room. As she reached the bottom she heard the door above them shut with a loud thud that echoed through the chamber.

Panicked, Anne tried to run again but the man held her easily and slapped her across the face. Pulling one of the ropes from the ceiling toward him, he then reached down and fastened the clasp already tied to the end to the link between Anne's cuffs. It wasn't until her arms were pulled roughly upwards and she found herself on tiptoes to keep the metal bracelets from digging into her flesh did she realise what had happened.

"So, you though you could steal from me?" the man spoke for the first time as he fastened the end of the rope to the wall to keep Anne stretched in front of him. "Not going to happen, sweetheart. But maybe while you're here we could have a different type of fun." Slowly he stepped forward so that he was face to face with his prisoner and gently ran his hands down her sides. Anne shivered as she felt his touch and lashed out with her feet. "Now now, none of that," he admonished, easily sidestepping the kicks. "Now I'm going to have to teach you some manners." Walking out of her vision, he took a knife from a basket under the stairs and slowly walked back round behind her. Reaching around, he lightly moved his hands round her waist until he found the button at the top of her trousers. It came undone easily between forefinger and thumb. Feeling her waistband open, Anne started thrashing again and shouting into her gag. It didn't help. Slowly she felt her jeans slide down her thighs and gather round her ankles, revealing her panties to the man behind her. Unable to shift the weight from her toes, her feet were effectively now tied together as well, as the jeans held her ankles within a foot of each other. Her t-shirt was the next to earn his attention as she felt the material around her neck tighten as he pulled it toward him and then slacken completely as he used the knife to slash downward through the cheap fabric. Once the two sides parted, he threw the blade away and simply ripped the cloth from her shoulders and arms leaving her back completely bare. She wore no bra. Putting his hands on her sides, level with her exposed breasts, he slowly ran his fingers down the girl once again until his fingers hooked into her underwear. Very gently, he continued to drag them down her body until her panties started to slide over her bottom and down her legs to join the jeans in a puddle around her ankles.

As he walked in front of her once again, Anne stared into the face of her captor. "This is going to hurt" he smiled, and went to collect one of the whips from the wall. Taking his time among his selection he eventually rejected all of them and turned back to face the bound girl before him. "This one, I think" he said and slowly undid his belt. Pulling it through the straps of his jeans he wrapped the buckle end around his hand leaving the greater length dangling in front of him. Seeing this, Anne started screaming wildly into her rag and shaking her head as furiously as her restraints would allow. Smiling calmly, he ignored her pleas and walked round behind her, dragging a single finger over her bum as he did so. "Ten to start," he announced, "get ready" and with that he landed the first blow across her smooth buttocks. To Anne the sting was like nothing she'd ever felt and her body involuntarily lurched forward with the shock of it. "One" he announced and struck her again. "Two." The second stroke was worse than the first and again Anne's whole body bucked as the heavy leather ate into her flesh. Already her wrists were painfully sore from the cuffs digging into her wrists as she kicked her legs to the blows. Being unable to kick her clothes away from her feet somehow made the humiliation and pain worse.

Eight more times the belt landed on her ass. Each time she screamed louder and swung harder on the rope that held her so cruelly on her toes, unable to escape the stinging belt. Eventually she heard her captor say "ten" and the blows subsided leaving her shaking and sobbing into her gag. She felt the man come up behind her and she tensed her body again but instead of continuing the abuse he kissed her between the shoulder blades and softly rubbed his hands down the side of her hips and around the sides of her bum. After the pain of the belt the sensation felt somehow comforting as he continued to caress her before suddenly grabbing her hips and pulling her roughly backwards into him. Moaning lightly as he ground his erection through his jeans into her ass, he worked his right hand between her thighs and upward toward her groin. He held her there for a few seconds, keeping her pressed tightly against him, enjoying the feel of her, as she stood helpless and shaking in his grasp. Still exploring the mound between her legs with one hand, his other hand travelled round to her stomach and felt her there before running up her body and over her breasts. He cupped one tightly, savouring the tender flesh and using both hands to pull her backwards again onto his erection. As he did so, he craned his neck forwards and gently bit her on the neck causing her to buck violently again with surprise.

Suddenly he let her go completely, stood back and slapped her hard on her belt-whipped ass. She shrieked again but stopped moving when she saw him walk back into her line of vision, cross the room and loosen the length of rope from the wall. As the rope slacken above her, Anne sunk gratefully to her knees but was pulled up again almost instantly and dragged across the basement to the wooden horse she'd seen on the way down the stairs. Made of wood, the horse had a padded surface but was bent in the middle in the shape of an inverted V. With the jeans and underwear still locking her legs together, Anne couldn't prevent herself being thrown over the top. Holding her cuffed hands down, the man walked round the wooden contraption and secured them to a metal link at the base of the horse with a thin piece of chain seemingly made for the purpose. Returning to the back end, he grabbed the remains of Anne's clothing and slid them off her ankles leaving the girl completely naked. Taking a couple of sets of handcuffs from the shelf nearby, he easily kicked his hostage's legs apart and secured each ankle to the legs of the horse. Anne was now completely immobilised, d****d over the horse with her ass sticking provocatively up in the air and her legs wide open. Satisfied, the man stepped between her legs, leaned forward – again resting his cock on her ass so as to enjoy the feel of him powerless beneath him – reached down and ripped the gag from Anne's mouth.

"Please, please let me go" she begged immediately, tears running down her face. I'm so sorry, it'll never happen again, just please let me go."

Behind her, her captor ran his fingers over her back, admiring her hips and the red welts left on her cheeks by his belt. "Perhaps, sweetheart, but not yet" he said. "I need to make sure that you've learnt your lesson first." With that he took a paddle down from the wall. "A few taps with this should help, I think."

"No, please," Anne sobbed, "please." Then screamed as he swung the paddle into her bum. Her ass already sore, the paddle felt like fire as it slammed her body into the horse time and time again. Immediately the red lines on her backside started disappearing, merging instead into single angry red balls. The man took his time between the deliveries, allowing the helpless girl beneath him time to anticipate the next stroke. As the paddle landed, he felt mesmerised by the way her ass responded, skin rippling up and down from her buttocks to the top of her thighs and the way the impact jerked her body forwards into the padding beneath her. After twenty or so, Anne had stopped begging for him to stop and was quietly weeping when he could take no more. He had to have her. Keeping hold of the paddle, he quickly undid his jeans and freed his penis. It was as hard and ready as he'd even known. At the sound of the zipper, Anne realised what was coming and tried to brace herself, but the restraints holding her wrists and ankles made any resistance impossible. From his stance between her legs, the man bent down, laid his hand on the small of her back and without further warning buried himself into his victim.

Locked onto the horse, Anne gasped as she felt his dick slide into her and heard him moan with pleasure as he moved in and out of her. Already desperate with desire, the man was far from gentle and Anne was pounded roughly into the horse, her breasts rubbing up and down against the uneven fabric. Her ass stung like nothing she'd experienced as his hips continually crashed into her abused buttocks, allowing her no respite from the pain. Grabbing her hips with his free hand, the man began using the paddle on her again with the other, establishing a rhythm for himself that the girl was helpless to break. Each forward thrust meant another blow with the paddle, and Anne cried out with each one through clenched teeth. Beside himself with need, the girl's noises added to the r****ts overwhelming pleasure and finally, he threw the paddle away and, grabbing her hips, f***efully lifted her off the ground with each thrust before climaxing into her with the greatest orgasm of his life.

Staying inside her for a while after, he enjoyed the sounds of the would-be-thief weeping beneath him before sliding out and pulling his jeans back up. From his storage shelf he took a metal-studded dog collar, reached down and fastened it to her neck. From a tap in the corner, he poured some water into a dog bowl and laid it on the floor under the nose of the bent-double woman. "In case you get thirsty," he told her. Then he walked toward the stairs, trailing his hand from her neck to the small of her back as he went, lightly smacking her bum as he left. "See you soon," he announced as he opened the door and stepped back into the house leaving Anne naked, bound, and alone.

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