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Oil Massage Maid

Hi, every one I am Ajay working professional from Bangalore. I am 27, moderately built 5.8 in ht, N having great thirst and appetite for sex.I like to share one among many sex flings had. As I am staying alone in Bglore,I had engaged an Maid who cooks and cleans the house.

Let me describe the Maid she is Kavya.She is in her early 30s and on a slightly darker note, with the tanned skin. Key noticeable features are her boobs. She has a pair of voluptuous boobs. She Seldom wears any bra. She is delight to watch for any feminine admirer.

Bet u guys just by her looks she can hard on …..And one more key feature is the way she d****s her sari….she always prefers to wear her sari below her navel, there by exposing her beautiful navel. It really gives a treat to the eyes when ever she bends.

I always fantasize of fucking her,I seldom knew that my long awaited dream would turn into reality, On that day I haven’t gone to the office as I was not feeling well, As usual was alone in my house when my maid came to do her daily chores.

She knocked at the door,as soon as I opened the door I was awestricken by her beauty,she was looking more beautiful in that blue colour sari she was wearing v necked blouse, through which her beautiful cleavage is visible.

The moment I saw her I decided that I am going to nail her no matter what. She did not show any keen interest in me other than lot of respect. I decided to test the water straight away I went in to the kitchen while she was cooking lunch

and I looked around and was telling her how good she looked and all, that she is so physically strong and said she can do very good massage with those hands and I immediately added that I can pay her 500 rupees for every massage. She said her husband will kill her if he finds out.

I knew I had her in the bag and said, he is not going to know at all. She smiled and said fine. I went and stood behind her, over her shoulder looked at what she is cooking and started to rub my cock against her buttocks.

She was acting as if nothing happened and I put my hand around her waist and inserted my fingers into her saree fold and touched her mound. It was puffy and hairy. Before I left the kitchen I also managed to squeeze her buttocks, saying it is so hard and nice to touch.

I said your husband is lucky, he can play with all these every day. She smiled and said, he has no more interests in me. We fixed up a massage session at 6 P.M since she said her man would be going out around that time and he would come home d***k late at night.

After serving me lunch, she went home promising me she will be back at 6pm. She arrived sharp at 6 and I talked to her for sometime and said there is a change of plan, I don’t need a massage, what I need is an oil bath, she said ok to that too and I asked her to bring oil from the kitchen.

I stripped to my shorts and sat on a chair facing the mirror and she started to apply oil on my body, half way through, I suggested to her that why not she remove her saree or else it would get oily and her husband would suspicious,

this made sense to her and she also stripped and wore a towel, hardly covering her breasts and it only reached her thighs. Seeing her comfort level, I removed my shorts too and as she was applying on my body, I started to apply on her neck and breasts.

With in few minutes, both were stark naked, covered in oil. She had very hairy pussy and I could see the oil dripping from her pussy hairs. Rubbing each others body. I could hear her breathing getting heavier. I was playing with her nipples and pussy lips

and she was stroking my cock and balls which was covered in oil by now. I turned her around, her back to me and made her sit on my erect cock and held her shoulder blade and pressed her down. She got the cock in effortlessly thanks to the oil and cunt juice.

She bobbed up and down. The smell of oil and her hair on my face was driving me wild. I could see her reflection in the mirror in front of us. Dark, oily boobs bouncing and I saw my cock disappearing into her pussy and coming out again.

I put my arm around her waist and started to rub her clit fast. With the other hand I pressed her tits and nipples hard, squeezing it hard. She had her eyes shut now, lips tightly clenched and her face showed that she was having good fun,

her hair was thrown back and now she was bouncing up and down like a mad woman. I stopped it and made her to stand up on the floor and bend forward, holding the chair, with her ass to me. I held her curvy waists with both my hands and rammed my cock into her.

As I was pumping her, she was pushing her buttocks back towards me, trying to get my entire cock into her hungry pussy. I swooped oil and sweat from her buttocks and waist and poured a handful of oil into her anus area and also inserted my finger into her asshole,

I kept her anal hole open with my fingers, allowing all the dripping oil to enter into her ass. Oiling the entrance at the same time, all with out stopping my strokes. She squealed when I finger fucked her ass and dick fucked her pussy at the same time.

Suddenly due to a sudden urge, looking at her oily asshole, which was inviting me, I removed my cock out of her pussy and pushed it deep into her ass. It went in easily with a loud plop sound, thanks to her huge size, oil and sweat that I had applied on it.

I continued fucking her, no stopping for change of hole. Just fucked her on and on, ripping her ass apart with all my f***e. I knew she was taking it anally for the first time but was loving the sensation, moaning and shaking her head from side to side.

Asking me to fuck her faster. Soon I could sense an eruption building inside me, I started to slap her buttocks hard with my palm, every time I pumped in, I slapped her hard, She yelled like a puppy and after a few slaps and strokes,

I came, pumping my juice into her ass. I held waist tightly and pumped my last ounce of juice into her ass, her ass clinched, sucking all out of my cock.

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