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Total Domination

"start sucking bitch" i demand, shoving you down to your knees. you wrap your mouth around the strapon and begin to suck, causing it to get to get nice and lubed for your ass. i hold onto the back of your head, shoveing the strapon down your throat, slowly fucking in and out, in and out, going faster and harder with each plunge. i then ask "you like being a filthy cum slut, dont you?!" all i can hear in reply is the mumbles and grunts as i shove the strapon deeper into your waiting throat. when i felt you have sucked enough, i stop and release my grip from your head. i walk behind you, sticking the tip of the strapon into your ass, then ask if your ready for me to fuck your ass. i wait for a reply, then with some effort and a small grunt, i slide the strapon in as you flinch in half-surprise. i slide it back out with more ease, then back in again with less effort then previously, then sliding it out with a flick of my hips. i take a step back, giving you a sharp slap on the ass. "stand against the wall, you cock whore!" i exclaim, allowing you just enough time for you to stand up and position yourself against a wall with a "yes ma'am". i hold onto your hips and begin humping again with the same vigor as before, feeling the power of being the dominant one of the situation. "you like that bitch?" i growl. you reply with a "very much, ma'am". as i hear this, i cant help but laugh and say "thats right you little slut! take it deep" as i plunge it back into your tight hole, and thrusting it back out. getting bored of this situation, i say "alright you fucking slut, get on your back and spread your fucking legs." as you move you move to lay down, i watch your ass, which is bright red with my handprint. when i notice your laying down, i move in between your legs and impale you with the colossal strapon, shoving all the way in with the first thrust. you flinch and whimper as i bottom out. slowly, i pull it out and start to thrust back and forth, fucking you with all i've got, feeling my power over you growing with every thrust. i cant help but wonder if you'll do the fucking for me, so i pull it out with a loud pop, leaving you empty on the inside. "stand up bitch!" i bark. as you start to stand, i lay down on my back then say "ride my strapon like the whore you are." i watch you kneel over me and straddle my strapon, i reach up and pinch your nipple, causing you to moan. as you start to grind, moving up and down, going faster, slamming yourself harder and harder, impaling yourself with each blow, moaning with pleasure. as i watch this i say "thats it. your such a good little slut" as i start to laugh again. i then make a comment just as you slam yourself down "your such a good little slut, you seem to be getting addicted to my strapon." so i decided enough is enough, i command you to get off of me and get on your back again, this time hanging your head over the edge. as you lay down, i straddle your face before your even ready, shoving my strapon deep down your throat, face fucking you vigerously, going harder and harder causing you to choke and gag, as i say "thats it you dirty bitch, take it nice and deep." you choke even more and i say "your such a filthy cum guzzling whore." i then look down to see you start to explode, shoothing thick, gooey streams of cum all over yourself. i laugh, saying "you came all over yourself, you dirty little cum slut! go clean yourself up bitch!" then as i stand back with the strapon between my legs, feeling total control over you, i say "god i fucking love you, my little anal slut."

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