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Mike smiled to himself as he gazed at the bare ass of his Aunt Beth, u*********sly stroking his hard cock straining against the material of his running shorts. Beth was bent over the big oak desk in his grandfather's office, waiting for ten strokes from the switch that lay on the desk next to her. As he stroked at his cock, Mike reflected on the events that had led to this situation.

Mike, now a strapping nineteen year old, had been orphaned fours years earlier when his Mother, Father and Uncle Dean had been killed in a plane crash. Beth was Mike's Aunt by marriage to Uncle Dean.

After losing both sons in the accident, Burt Williams had taken his Grandson in to his home. A wealthy businessman, Burt had spared little expense in giving Mike the best money could buy.

Beth had gone her own way, but had turned up several months ago d***k, penniless and unable to pay her substantial gambling debts. Despite their previously turbulent relationship, Burt had felt an obligation to help out and so had taken her in under strict conditions. There was to be no drinking, gambling or bringing men friends to his home.

Mike had laughed about that last condition. He had heard Beth described many times as a "frigid bitch" and he had not seen anything to change his mind about that. Mike detested her and resented her coming into his life, always interfering and giving him a hard time just for the hell of it.

Finally he had come up with a plan to change the situation to his advantage. He had become aware that Beth was not abiding by his Grandfather's rules, so he had used some of his generous allowance to set up surveillance cameras throughout the house.

Last night he had hit pay dirt. His strategically placed cameras had recorded a d***ken Beth arriving home with Bob Elliott, followed by sex on the couch in the living room. Truth be known, it had been closer to ****, but Beth had been smashed and in no position to say yes or no. It turned out Bob had been collecting interest on Beth's gambling debts.

His confrontation with Beth had worked out just as he had hoped. Still hung over and feeling ill, she had caved into his demands with barely a whimper. The scene from the previous evening played back through his mind...

Calling Beth into the study he held up the ripped remnants of her panties that he had found on the floor by the couch.

"These yours?" Mike asked politely.

"I...I...I..." she stammered, her previously pale face turning bright red as she fell back into the large leather chair.

"Perhaps this will help to jog your memory." Mike hit the play button, and the images started to flicker across the monitor. Beth rose unsteadily from the chair and peered at the screen. She gasped and held her hand over her mouth as she saw herself and Bob Elliot staggering in the door and stumble to the couch in the living room. As she watched, Bob pushed her onto the couch and knelt over her and ripped the front of her dress open. His hands pushed her bra up, exposing both of her breasts clearly for the camera, and then he grasped her delicate nipples and twisted them viciously.

Beth clasped her hands to her breasts as the pain seemed real all over again and tears blurred the horror unfolding on the screen. Now he was leaning back, reaching under her dress, grasping her panties and ripping them from her body. He quickly opened his pants and his cock sprang out, a short stubby steel rod, and he fell on her again pushing her legs wide open, quickly thrusting into her delicate, unready pussy.

She remembered the burst of pain that had accompanied the penetration of her vagina. Beth watched as Bob thrust hard into her, then shuddered violently and fell on top of her. He lay there for a few seconds then rose, cursing loudly as he zipped his fly and stumbled from the house.

Tears streamed down her cheeks and the room started to sway and she fell back into the chair.

"Its not what you think," she sobbed.

Unmoved by the tears, Mike kept a straight face as he struggled to contain his mirth.

"Not what I think," he said incredulously. "This speaks for itself. You were d***k and having sex on the couch with Bob Elliot. I also know that you've been gambling again and you owe Bob money."

"Please Mike, let me explain," she begged, tears streaming down her face now.

"No," he yelled at her.

Beth clutched at her stomach as the fear hit her. When Burt saw this he would kick her out of the house. She had nowhere to go, no money and no friends or relatives who would help her out of this jam.

"I don't need any explanation from you. Nor will Burt when he sees this. Your ass will be out on the street," he barked.

Beth recoiled as if he had struck her.

"You have treated me like shit ever since you came here. I hate you Beth, you miserable bitch and when I show this to my Grandfather you'll be on the street." He paused a moment, then in a softer voice he said, "However I am prepared to offer you a choice."

Beth lifted her head at the words. "What choice? What do you mean?"

"Well you could leave right now, or you could wait until Grandpa gets home and I show him this. I mean he might let you stay..." Mike looked intently at Beth for a moment, "But I doubt it, don't you?"

Beth nodded her head slowly in agreement.

"My option would allow you to stay here, but under very strict conditions."

Beth wiped her face and looked at Mike with wide eyes. "I'll do anything Mike. Anything. I know I haven't treated you very well, but I'll change, honestly I will."

Mike leant back against the big oak desk before speaking. "Well you're on the right track Beth. If you stay you will do exactly as I say. If you don't, Grandpa sees the evidence and you're on the street."

"I understand Mike. You will be the boss. I'll do whatever it takes."

"Its much more than that Beth. You will be my personal slut."

Beth gasped. "You can't mean that. It wouldn't be right..."

Mike interrupted her. "Shut up and listen," he said viciously. "This is not a debate. If you stay you will be my slut, my sex toy. You will do anything I want, whether it is sex or something else. If you fuck up you get the switch across your bare ass. If you refuse to obey me, you're on the street."

Tears were streaming down Beth's cheeks again. "What kind of choice is that?" she sobbed.

"It may be a hard choice, but at least you get to decide," said Mike, unmoved by the tears.

Looking at the distraught woman slumped before him, Mike said, "Well, make your choice."

Beth looked at him, defeat showing clearly in her demeanor. "I'll do whatever you want," she mumbled.

"Are you sure?"


"Okay. Just remember, you can change your mind anytime you like. All you have to do is pack your bag and leave. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Beth replied, her defeat total and complete now.

"Good, that's settled. Now bend over the desk."

Beth looked at him sullenly, but moved over to the desk and bent forward, laying her face on the cool timber. She was conscious that her dress had ridden up exposing her panty-clad ass to Mike's gaze.

Mike moved to the mantle and took hold of the switch, the same one his grandfather had used to good effect on his Father and Uncle when they were boys.

Standing behind Beth, he said, "First you need to be punished for all the shit you have done to on me."

He grasped her panties and pulled them down her legs, exposing the soft white globes of her ass. Leaving her panties around her ankles he moved to one side and brought the switch down hard on her ass.

Beth shrieked in pain as the switch bit into the tender flesh. Again the switch cracked against her ass, the searing pain shooting through her body. Again and again, Mike hit her, not stopping until he had struck ten times.

By this time Beth was a howling mess, her convulsing body racked with pain. The cheeks of her ass were criss-crossed with red welts.

Mike smiled to himself. It had been a satisfying experience and he was keen to do more, but he wanted to keep her on edge and uncertain about what to expect.

"Get yourself cleaned up and go to bed, but I want you down here, naked and bent over this desk at 8.00am."

With that he walked from the room leaving Beth wondering why he had not done anything else.


He scowled as the small voice interrupted his musing over last night's events.

"Be quiet you slut," he commanded, and without any warning brought the switch down on her still red raw ass. Beth gritted her teeth as the tears started to stream down her face and grunted in yet more pain as the switch blasted against the burning cheeks once more.

Beth shrieked loudly with each blow. No one had ever punished her in this way before. She was sure her backside must be red raw and bleeding by now. She wondered how anyone could survive a beating as painful as this.

When it was over, Mike sat down and looked intently at the dark shadow sitting under the glowing buttocks, and waited for the crying to subside. His cock was so hard it hurt and it throbbed slightly with every heartbeat. He waited for a short while, before he spoke.

"Get up and turn around."

Beth turned; wiping her face with her hands and saw his cock straining against the thin fabric of his shorts. It seemed larger than others she had seen, not that it mattered to her. Sex meant nothing to Beth. She had never enjoyed sex, and the few men who had availed themselves of her pussy had got it over with quickly enough to make sure she never would.

He sat there silently just looking at her. She saw his cock twitch, as he took in the sight of her tits, snow white against the tan of the rest of her body. His eyes traveled to the untidy patch of hair at the junction of her thighs.

Her eyes followed his and she leaned gingerly back against the desk and opened her legs slightly, exposing the hanging labia and the pink slit for him. She might not be interested in sex, but she had always known how to tease a man with her body.

Mike shifted on the seat and adjusted his cock a little, after all his Aunt Beth might be a total bitch, but at thirty two she still had something to offer a red-bl**ded lad. More than once he had spied on her when she was swimming or taken the chance to peer down the front of her dress when the opportunity presented itself.

Beth Williams was average height and nicely pneumatic giving her a generous ass and nice set of tits without too much excess, despite gaining a little weight since she gave up smoking.

"I'm ready if you are," she simpered, fluttering her eyelashes at him, thinking to take control of the situation.

Mike looked up at the fawning face. "Well, it's nice of you to offer Beth, but I'm in charge now. When I'm ready I'm going to fuck your cunt, your mouth, your ass and whatever else I feel like doing."

He watched her face fall and her mouth gape open. "And if you don't do as I say, you'll get more of the switch. Of course you could always just leave."

Blinking away the tears, she just shook her head.

"Good, I'm glad that's settled," he said smugly. "Who knows, maybe you'll get to enjoy it."

Mike thought for a few seconds. Fucking Beth was exactly what he had in mind, but he wanted to have her begging for it before he slammed his cock into her.

Beth sat up on the edge of the desk as Mike stood up and pulled his shorts down and kicked them off. She watched as the hard cock popped into view, pre-cum dripping from the tip. She saw it was longer than Bob Elliot's by a good few inches, but not as thick.

Mike spat in his hand and took hold of his cock, rubbing the wet palm on the bulbous head, smearing the leaking juice along the shaft.

"Open your legs," he commanded, and watched as the pink cleft came back into view.

"Now get some finger action going on that clit. Go on, give it a rub."

Her face flushed bright red as she realized what he was asking her to do. Her stomach churning, Beth knew she had no choice. She couldn't leave, but she was certain Mike would soon grow tired of someone her age when he had all those young sluts chasing after him.

Tentatively she placed her hand between her legs and rubbed her index finger between the soft folds of skin. Her pussy was dry, but she continued to drag her finger up and down.

"Spit on your fingers and get some moisture down there. You really are a frigid bitch aren't you?" Mike sneered at her.

He watched her spit on her finger and put it between the beautiful lips dangling through the thick bush. He increased the stroke rate on his cock. He could feel the bl**d surging into his dick, his heart rate increasing. He knew this would not take long.

"Watch my cock while you work that pussy," Mike huffed. "Push you finger in further. Work that clit. Come on get with it or I'll get the switch to your ass again."

Beth stared at Mike watching his hand smoothly stroking up and down the turgid organ. She sank her finger deep into her pussy and circled her thumb over the pea- sized clit. A warm glow was starting to build up inside her and the love juices were beginning to flow.

She increased the speed of her fingers, gliding through the slick crack from her clit to her anus, her breath becoming ragged. Mikes hand was moving faster now and she tried to pace her own strokes in time with his.

Beth watched as Mike's hand stroked furiously up and down, his face contorted. He was standing now and he moved a few steps closer to her as she sat on the desk feverishly rubbing he clit. She could not believe how turned on she was. It was a long time since she had felt anything close to this.

Suddenly Mike thrust his hips forward, his cock twitching violently, and a stream of cum spat out and spattered on her stomach and legs. Beth stopped, shocked at what was happening, yet awestruck as another rope of cum surged from the tip of Mike's cock, this time hitting her heaving breasts. Three more times the thick white cum landed across her body, then she watch fascinated as the last drops of come oozed out of the mushroom shaped head.

Her fingers resumed the circular motion around her clit.

"Stop that," demanded Mike.

Confused, Beth stopped. "I don't understand."

"There are no orgasms for you. Not until I say; if I say. You don't touch yourself; you don't come unless I give you permission or you'll feel the switch on your ass. Do you understand that?"

"Yes," said Beth confused now by the feeling washing through her body, but moving her hand away from her crotch anyway. She looked down watching as cum slid slowly down her breasts, trickling into her belly button.

Mike picked up his shorts and turned back to Beth. "I'm going out now and I won't be home till late. While I'm gone you get this house cleaned from top to bottom. Do it properly, or you'll get another taste of the switch."

Without waiting for an answer, he walked out. Mike was happy that everything had started well. He knew a few tricks to get a woman turned on courtesy of his lovely next-door neighbor. "I'll have the bitch begging to get off," he thought a smirk creasing his face.

Meanwhile, Beth was puzzling over her reaction to the situation. She had really been getting turned on and was frustrated that she had not been allowed to climax. Still that was situation normal for her. Shrugging her shoulders, she headed for the bathroom.

Beth spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and while housekeeping had never been her forte she worked hard to do it right. The soothing cream she had used on her battered behind helped, but she did not need extra punishment. She figured to do whatever it took to keep Mike happy. The novelty would soon wear off and he would forget about her and then she could get back her life.

Finally finished, Beth showered again put on some loose shorts and baggy T-shirt and prepared her dinner. When she had finished eating she washed the few dishes and lay on the couch to watch some television, but soon dozed off to sl**p.

It was just after nine o'clock when Mike returned home. He looked around the house checking that everything had been done and was most impressed. The place had never looked this good since she had moved in.

He went to the couch and shook Beth by the shoulder and she woke with a start.

"I'm sorry Mike, I only slept for a few minutes, but everything has been done just like you wanted."

She looked at him for a sign of approval, anything that meant she would not get another whipping.

"You did fine Beth," he said with a smile. "What a pity it's taken so long to get this sorted."

Beth sighed with relief.

Mike said, "I do however have a problem with what you're wearing."

"What do you mean?" Beth asked nervously. She was on tenterhooks again.

"I mean your lovely body is all covered up. It's certainly not very sexy is it?"

"I suppose not," she whispered head down.

"Get it off. Everything."

Standing quickly Beth removed the t-shirt and shorts, followed just as quickly by her underwear. She stood waiting her hands at her sides, seeing his cock starting to rise in his shorts, knowing he would do something to her. She quivered ever so slightly, and felt a warm tingle in her pussy.

"Now that's a good sign Beth. You are starting to anticipate sex. Your body is getting ready for some action." He grinned at her.

Pulling off his shorts and t-shirt he sat on the couch, his dick now rock hard, bobbing back and forth as he sat.

"Are you ready Beth? Are you ready to be my slut?"

Beth nodded dumbly.

"Sorry Beth," Mike said, a menacing tone to his voice now, "I couldn't hear you."

"Yes," came the plaintive reply, her head down, face flushing.

"Yes what?"

She looked at Mike for a moment and then dropped her chin again.

"Yes...I'll be your...slut," said a small voice her face on fire with shame.

"Kneel in front of me." He scooted forward on the lounge as Beth got into position. Mike reached out with both hands and took a firm hold of her head and f***ed it down towards his throbbing organ.

Beth opened her mouth as she got closer and felt the hard cock push past her lips, deeper into her mouth until she felt it hit the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to throw her head back as Mike held her there for a few seconds before letting her pull back. Feeling the bile rising in her gullet, Beth fought to regain her breath and brushed away the tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

"That's the hard way," said Mike, staring at her, "but I'll give you a chance to do it the easy way."

"I've never done this before," Beth pleaded. "Tell me what to do, I'll do it."

"Wrap a hand around the shaft."

He watched as the delicate fingers extended and grasped his cock just below the head.

"A littler firmer...that's it. Now, slowly move you hand up and down. Yeah, that feels great Beth. Now take your other hand and cup it under my balls."

With her other hand gently playing with his balls, Mike closed his eyes and let the familiar feeling wash over him. Her hand felt cool on his hot shaft. He opened his eyes.

"Now lick the juice from my pee hole."

Extending her tongue, she dipped her head, and delicately licked the gleaming head. "Not great, but bearable," she thought as a shiver rippled through Mike's body. She flicked her tongue around the tip while slowly jacking her hand up and down the rock hard shaft.

She heard a strained voice say, "Suck it little." She pressed her lips against the swollen glans and pushed forward feeling it pop through into her mouth and licked the underside as it lay on the tip of her tongue. Beth clamped her lips tight and sucked softly at first then harder, holding the shaft tight and then pulling back her head, teasing the sensitive flesh with her soft lips as it popped from her mouth.

"Again," Mike rasped, "Do that again."
Deciding that this was not nearly as horrible as she had expected, Beth inhaled the head of the twitching cock once more, alternately sucking at it and swirling her tongue around and around. All the while her hand steadily jacked up and down the shaft, using the other hand to roll his balls gently back and forth like marbles, massaging them lightly.

Mike's breath was becoming ragged now, the hot boiling sensation growing stronger as Beth's hand and mouth worked faster along his raging cock. Thrusting his hips forward, he began to feed more and more of his cock into her mouth, moving back and forth. Beth responded, her lips sliding further down his shaft, feeling it starting to twitch more and more vigorously.

Reaching behind her head, Mike took a firm grip causing Beth to jump, panic on her face.

Mike said, "Don't stop. I'm not going to hurt you. Keep going. Keep going."

Watching his face, she started over, becoming more reassured that he was not going to suddenly ram his cock down her throat. Mike watched back, seeing his cock gliding back and forth through full lips. Those pouting lips were just made for sucking cock.

His balls were really starting to boil now. It would not be long before the thick white juice exploded from his cock.

"I'm going to come soon. I'm going to come in your mouth. Don't...Oh fuck... don't you dare pull away."

He could feel the pressure starting to rise from his balls and start its journey along the shaft, now sawing more and more vigorously over those soft lips, holding her head in place with both hands now.

"Here it it comes."

Cum surged into Beth's mouth, hitting the back of her throat, making her cough and gag, making her squirm to shake loose the vice like grip on her head. Still it came, filling her mouth, seeping across her lips, forcing her to finally swallow some of the thick seed. The cock had stopped pushing into her mouth now, but still it shuddered, pumping more cum into her mouth, making her swallow faster, until finally it lay still.

She watched Mike, her chest heaving as she regained her breath, waiting for the moment when he would allow her to remove the organ, now beginning to soften. Finally her pulled his hips began, and the almost flaccid cock slipped from her mouth.

Beth stared at him, waiting for a sign of approval, any sort of acknowledgement that she had done it right. Mike smiled at her.

"That was awesome Beth. You sure you've never done that before?'

She shook her head.

"Well you must be a natural born cock sucker. That was fucking great," he enthused. "In fact I think you deserve a reward."

Mike held out his hands and pulled her up onto his lap, so that she sat straddling his thighs. With one hand behind her head and the other holding her hip, he leant forward and kissed the soft red lips of his Aunt for the first time.

"Do I need to remind you that your enthusiastic participation is required, even if it is all an act?" Mike glared at her

He leant forward and kissed her again. Tentatively, Beth kissed him back. He pressed forward harder and darted his tongue into her mouth, dueling with her tongue, tasting his own cum.

Her hands on his shoulders Beth returned the kiss greater intensity, surprised at the way she was reacting to this callow youth, this spoilt brat who had done so much to make her life miserable from the very start. She felt a hand on her breast, holding it and then a thumb flicking gently at her nipple, sending a warm ripple of pleasure washing through her.

Mike held Beth in closer kissing her neck, sucking, biting gently on her ear lobe. He could feel his cock rising again, nestling into the wild tangle of hair between her thighs. He could feel the slick moisture dripping onto his balls as her pussy readied for penetration.

Beth was kissing his neck now, nibbling on his ears, her hot breath coming in short gasps. Mike pushed her away a little, making room as he lowered his mouth to a pointing nipple and gripped it between his lips, flicking it with his tongue, rolling it around. He kissed and sucked at the soft tit flesh, licked from on side to the other straight across the sensitive nipple.

He swapped to the other breast and gave it the same treatment. At the same time he dropped a hand between her legs and gently rubbed the hard bud, then trailed his fingers though the soaked cleft of her cunt.

Beth was really starting to get worked up now. She moaned softly as Mike continued to work his fingers over the slippery folds, circling the hard bud, then plunging his fingers deep into her cunt.

Her whole body was afire, every nerve tingling, every touch from Mike sending waves of pleasure crashing though her. She had never felt like this. She was moaning loudly now, her breathing ragged, eyes screwed shut, working her hips back and forth against Mike's hand.

Mike was working her pussy and tits hard now, relentless, as he felt the pressure building in her groin, making her tremble from head to toe. She was close now, really close.

He stopped.

Beth was startled. Her eyes snapped open, dismay showing at the interruption.

"Sorry," Mike said, a nasty smirk across his face. "Times up. I've got stuff to do. I can't be diddling your clit all day."

", please. You can't," stuttered Beth.

"Yes I can," said Mike sternly. "You'll have your pleasure when I decide. And no finishing the job by yourself, or I'll thrash you with that switch until you ass is raw. Even if I don't catch you on a security camera, I'll still know. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mike," sighed Beth, her body collapsing now falling away from him onto the couch. A curious mixture of frustration and anger filled her, her eyes glistening with tears. She had never felt so alive, every nerve sparking with pleasure. To deny her like that was cruel.

As if reading her mind, Mike said, "Don't fret Beth. You must learn to trust me. You're learning how good sex can feel, but you must give yourself to me before I give you that final release."

He stood and looked down at her. "Look at me."

He leant and tucked a hand under her chin, holding her eyes on his.

"You are going to be my personal slut Beth, depending on me for your gratification.

Doubt showed in her eyes.

"You've tasted pleasure now Beth. You've started to enjoy sex with a man. It's addictive. You'll want more and more, but you can only have it if and when I say so. You'll love being my slut, my whore. I know you will."

Mike held her gaze for a few seconds, and then stepped back, his hard cock bouncing against his stomach. He saw Beth's eyes drop to look at it.

"Don't you worry about this one," he said, grabbing his cock and waving it at her, "I'm saving this for a friend." He smiled and chuckled at that, then went up to his room. He thought he might visit the young housewife next door. She was a close friend and he had not brought her a present like this for some time.

The next morning Mike sauntered into the kitchen smiling at the sight of Beth scurrying about getting his breakfast ready. He sat at the table as she placed the food in front of him.

As she moved away he stopped her and motioned for her to stand next to him. He grabbed a fork and shoveled some scrambled egg into his mouth. As he slowly chewed he reached under the hem of Beth's short dress and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh. He felt her tremble at his touch.

He ran the tip of his finger across the thin material of her knickers, pushing gently into the folds of her pussy. Forking more food into his mouth, he continued his exploration of her cunt, feeling the material starting to get damp.

Beth her pussy beginning to moisten and her face burned with shame.

"Why am I getting turned on like this?" She wondered to herself. "I don't even like the spoiled brat."

Continuing to eat, Mike ran a finger under the leg of her panties and pulled them to one side. He ran his fingers into the damp pussy and gently pushed two fingers deep into her, causing her to gasp and squirm around on his hand.

He withdrew the fingers, then slowly dragged his fingers across the pink silky lips, circled around the stubby clit and just as slowly eased two fingers back into the now dripping canal.

"Well, what do we have here?" he asked as he began to push his fingers in and out, "It seems my frigid Aunt is turning into a slut."

Beth bit at her lip and said nothing as the delicious feeling started to radiate through her body. Her pussy was awash with her juices now and she squirmed at Mike's touch.

Suddenly the fingers were gone as Mike pulled his hand out from beneath her dress. He held the wet fingers up to her.

"Have a taste Beth. Suck my fingers clean."

Beth hesitated, bewildered as to why he would want her to taste herself.

"Don't make me wait Beth," Mike said with a steely voice.

She bent forward slightly and took the fingers into her mouth, tasting the musky juices, not sure whether she liked the taste or not. She sucked on the fingers for a few seconds before pulling away.

"The next time you make me wait, you get ten of the best with the switch," he growled.

Mike quickly finished the last of the eggs and gulped down the orange juice. He stood and took Beth's hand and led her up the stairs to his bedroom.

Beth was not sure what to think. She wondered if he was finally going to fuck her, but couldn't decide if she wanted it to happen or not. Things were becoming very confused. She had gone this far just to survive until she could come up with a way out. The beatings had been terrible and she desperately wanted to avoid any more, but the way her body had reacted to his touch, the delicious feelings that had coursed through her. All of this was new and exciting, but he was her nephew and she hated him. Or did she?

Beth removed her dress as and underwear as Mike quickly stripped out of his clothes. Mike pushed Beth onto the bed and flipped her onto her back. Quickly, he straddled her moving up so that his tumescent cock nudged against her breasts, taking her hands with his and pinning her arms above her head.

"Today's lesson will be on the tit fuck," he said "Have you ever had a tit fuck before?"

"No," whimpered Beth

"Well first we need a nice wet cock." Mike moved further up her body until his prick was tapping at her lips. Beth opened her mouth and licked at the swollen glans, tasting the pre-cum already oozing out. Mike eased the head of his cock into her mouth and felt the suction as Beth clamped her lips tight.

Slowly he began to side his cock back and forth as Beth sucked and licked at the rigid cock. Each time he fed more and more of his cock into her mouth, all the while Beth licked and sucked furiously.

Feeling his cum starting to boil in his balls, Mike pulled out and moved back down Beth's body. Still straddling Beth, he bent over and pulled at her nipples, sending little shivers of delight through her. He worked his tongue over her breasts and into the valley between them, making her soft skin slick, while her nerve endings sparked with anticipation of the next touch.

Moving up Mike slid his cock over a soft breast, flicking the nipple back and forth with the end of his cock, and then dropped it into the slick valley.

"Push them together," he muttered, beginning to work his cock back and forth.

Beth pushed her breasts together and felt the friction as the hard cock moved steadily back and forth. She could hear Mike grunting as he pushed and pulled his cock, the pre-cum oozing from the tip making her breasts slicker still.

She felt the head of his cock bump against her lips and opened her mouth as it came sliding back, sucking quickly as the head popped briefly into her mouth. The next time Mike paused with a few inches of cock in her mouth and let her suck and lick at it for a moment, then pulled back, only to repeat the same thing again.

"Oh shit. Hold 'em tighter," he cried as he began to saw his cock faster and faster between the soft flesh of her tits.

Beth could feel the heat building between her breasts, as Mike moved his cock faster and faster, grunting loudly with each stroke.

A stream of white cum shot from Mike's cock hitting Beth under the chin. Mike pulled back and quickly took his cock in hand and stroked it, working another rope of cum across Beth's face, followed by another. He moved back slightly continuing to jack his cock and laid a spurt of cum across her tits, followed by two more, before it slowed to a dribble.

"Oh God," moaned Mike, "That was great."

He rolled off and lay on the bed breathing heavily. Beth could feel cum trickling down the side of her face and from her breasts onto her stomach, but she did not move. She could also feel the heat burning in her slick pussy; her muscles were tense waiting for release.

"Clean my cock," said the still panting Mike.

Beth got up from the bed and moved towards the bathroom.

Mike propped up on one elbow. "Where are you going? Clean it with your tongue."

"Oh," Beth exhaled, feeling her face color a little. She knelt back on the bed and lifted the now soft cock, greasy with cum. She flicked at it with her tongue, tasting the salty cum that was now starting to form into little globules.

"Hurry up."

Beth slid the cock into her mouth and worked it around with her tongue, feeling it starting to harden slightly as she gave it a bath.

"Okay. That's enough," she heard. "Go and clean up the kitchen while I have a shower. You can shower later."

Beth went down to the kitchen and started cleaning up the mess from breakfast. She felt dirty, cum drying on her face and breasts, yet she could also feel the tension that gripped her body radiating out from her groin.

Twenty minutes later when Mike came down the stairs, she was just putting the last of the dishes in the cupboard.

"I've got to go out for a while. When you get the place cleaned you can have a shower and get dressed. Put on that little red skirt with the matching halter top, but don't worry about underwear," he leered at her. "It only gets in the way."

Beth went about her chores, still naked and covered in dried cum. It did not occur to her to shower and dress first, even though Mike would be away for some time. She was also quite distracted by the feelings ebbing through her, the craving for release growing stronger.

Mike arrived back home in the early afternoon and made his way to the back of the house. He sidled up to the window of the study and peered in. He could see Beth sitting in his grandfather's big leather armchair, her beautiful pale legs crossed over with the skirt hiked well up her thigh. The halter-top was a snug fit for her firm tits and he could see the dark nipples poking hard against the material.

Mike smiled to himself. He could see that Beth was now fully wound up and ready for him to give her a good fucking. "This is going to be fun," he thought. He adjusted his already stiff cock and slid open the door. Beth jumped, startled at the sudden noise.

"Oh, Mike, its you."

"You seem a bit tense there Beth. Is there anything I can do to help?" Mike asked with a wolfish grin.

"No, no... I don't think so." Beth's small voice trailed off.

Mike sat on the arm of the chair, and gazed steadily down at the lovely cleavage that was on show. "You don't seem too certain Beth. In fact you seem very tense to me."

"Well the past couple of days have been a bit different to normal," she sniffed.

"Yes, I'm sure its been rather trying for you, but you have been very well behaved. Perhaps you deserve a little reward. Would you like that?"

"What sort of reward?" she asked warily.

"Well, perhaps I could eat your pussy. I'm sure you would enjoy that," said Mike as he gently stroked her hair

At first Beth was somewhat horrified at the idea. No one had ever done that to her before, but she was also intrigued. "That might be okay," she said quietly.

"Trust me. It will be sensational. Lay on the couch."

Moving to the couch, Beth lay down and watched as Mike stripped off his clothes. She felt the warm glow start in her pussy as she watched his rigid cock snap out of his jocks. She watched him move to the couch and kneel down. Gently he started to push the short skirt up her thighs and she lifted her hips a little so he could slide the skirt up to her waist, leaving her now leaking cunt fully exposed; again.

Mike looked at the wild bushy pubic hair for a moment.

"Before we get started I think you need a bit of a trim. Get up to you bedroom and strip off. I'll get the gear."

Mike quickly went to his bathroom and got scissors and shaving equipment, while Beth stripped off and lay on the bed, uncertain as to what was going to happen next. Mike came in and threw a towel onto the bed.

"Lay on this."

Beth lifted her ass and pulled the towel beneath her. Mike picked up the scissors and went to work trimming the long pubic hair ready to be shaved. He was enjoying this, his cock so hard it almost hurt. He could smell the musky odor of her pussy, which was dripping with its slick secretions.

Working quickly, he lathered Beth's groin and went to work with the razor and in a short time had her pussy as bare as the day she was born. The hard stub of her clit really stood out and the labia looked even larger than now that the hair was gone.

Throughout the entire operation Beth had remained still, afraid of being cut, yet also turned on by the activity between her legs. She could feel fluid dripping from her pussy at a steady rate. She had given up trying to understand what was happening to her, she just hoped it would not stop.

Mike climbed onto the bed and moved between Beth's legs. He reached between her legs and delicately trailed his index finger along the wet cleft until he reached the hard nub of her clitoris. Beth gasped loudly as his finger touched the electric button.

Mike leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on the fleshy lips, then another, harder this time. Beth trembled with each touch, her eyes closed tightly, as the delicious sensation surged up and down the length of her body.

Mike stuck the tip of his tongue into the wet slit and dragged it up to the protruding clit, savoring the taste of the sweet nectar. He flicked his tongue at he clit a few times and then resumed stroking it up and down in the sweet pink valley, first soft, then harder, feeling her writhing at this touch.

He lapped his tongue back and forth several times with a steady stroke from her puckered anus to the delicate nub of her clit. Beth was breathing heavily now, hips squirming, the lubricating juices flowing freely from her hot cunt.

Mike reached up and stroked his fingers back and forth across both breasts, then tweaked a hard nipple, holding it firmly, pulling it causing Beth to cry out in that curious mix of pain and pleasure.

Although he had only been working her pussy over for a few minutes, Mike knew Beth was so wound up it would not take long to make her come. In fact she was just about there.

Mike stopped and lifted his dripping face from her crotch and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"No, please no. Don't stop." The strangled cry escaped from the surprised Beth.

Beth reached out with her hands, trying to hold him in place her eyes pleading with him.

"Sorry Beth, but my tongue is a little sore," he said with a malicious glint in his eye.

"But Mike, I'm so close. Please, I can't stand it."

"Hmmm, so now you want to be my slut. Is that it Beth? Do you need me to touch you, to suck on your clit and make you cum?" He leant over close to her face and softly said, "Do you want me to fuck you Beth? Feel my hard cock slide into your tight cunt, feel hot cum splashing inside you. Tell me Beth, what do you want?"

Beth returned Mike's gaze. She could not believe what she was about to say. He could have fucked her at anytime, but he was making her ask to be fucked.

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