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Eve and the garden ( A Fantasy)

Eve loved her walks through the garden. Not that Eve of Adam and Eve or that garden, the garden of eden. But, where Eve walked was a beautiful place almost magical. It was more a forest than a garden, but, she called it her garden. one part of it anyway the open space by the stream where the birds sang and the a****ls gathered to drink.
Eve was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair that went all the way down her back, deep blue eyes like pools of water, long legs and a striking figure. Small but, perfect pointy breasts. As she walked through the woods toward the stream, she could hear the birds singing and the a****ls playing. Oh how she loved the a****ls and they loved her. The birds would land on her finger and sing to her and she would smile and they fly off. The other a****ls including her favorite a mare she named Princess, that she would ride sometimes would walk to her she would kiss them and they lick the sweat her naked body.
"Where is your stallion Princess she would ask in a loving voice every mare should have a stallion" she would say smiling. Pricess would just make a horse grunt and wander off, Eve smiling as she did.
Eves' favorite a****l was her pet deer a doe she named "Sophie". Sophie walked up to her and Eve petted and then kissed Sophie on top of her head. Sophie stuck her tongue out and licked Eves' belly, Eve laughed a loud grabbing her belly, that tickled Sophie she said smiling. Sophie then innocently stuck her tongue down between Eves' legs and licked that forbidden place. Eve screamed with excitement scaring the a****l. Sophie then turned in fear and ran toward the woods. Eve ran a few steps after the deer and shouted "Sophie I'm sorry come back I didn't mean to scare you, you tickled me come back. Sophie was gone in the woods but, would come back.
Eve continued on her trip toward the stream the area she could hear the birds singing inthe trees, the wind over her named body cooling her, making her nipples erect as she walked through the brush toward the open area of grass by the stream she called "The Garden". She thought again of "Princess" her mare and wondered if she was out looking for her Stallion.
She came to the prt in trees just before the open area that had stream. She looked toward the stream and saw a figure, a man. He was by the stream faced away from Eve. "Nice butt" she thought as she looked at this chisteled almost godlike figure this naked perfect human. Muscled bulging from his arms, his powerful legs and that tight naked ass.
Then he turned around and Eve gasped at walk she saw between his legs. "Stallion" she gasped as she looked at the horse size member between his legs. She wanted to run but it was too late, the man b**st looked straight at her with his dark almost black eyes and she started to tremble. "What was this she thought a man, an a****l, a god, a mix of all three? Eve shook with a combination of fear and desire as she wondered what this man, if you could call him that would.
Her eyes went back and forth from his dark scary eyes to his chisled chest to that enourmous horselike thing between his legs. Then, her pool like blue eyes locked on his black eyes and she could not look away. He raised his right arm and pointed straight at her, neither making a sound. Then with his finger, he motioned for her to come to him.
Trembling with fear but, not able to stop herself, Eve walked toward this Man b**st god. When she was close enough he grabbed her by both arms. He held her with one strong hand while running his other enourmous hand over her breasts and through her hair. He said nothing but, made only grunting a****l sounds. Eve wondered what her fate was and what he would do to her but, could not pull herself away.
He then motioned for her to get on her knees in front of him which she did, he then placed his huge horselike cock on her lips and motioned for her her to suck him. She could barely fit the huge huge head in her mouth and tears filled her eyes yet she had never been so aroused and she feel the wetness between her legs. She ran her tongue up and down the huge shaft and made it good and hard, her cunt was now dripping despite her fear.
The manb**st then grunted and motioned for Eve to lie down on the grass, which did she could taste his cock goo as she lie down. He snorted like a horse as he lie down on top of her, her legs spread wide "Oh God, he's not going to put that huge thing in me is he it'll never fit" She thought. Her legs spread wide
as they could go, the manb**st slowly eased his tree sized member inside of her. Once inside he began to pump his huge cock inside she was squealing a mix of pain and pleasure like she had never felt. as he pumped harder and faster Eve felt as though she split apart with this grossly oversize manhood inside her. "But what a way to go" she thought.
As their two bodies rocked together, the manb**st grunted and Eve Squealed. The bodies rocking rocking fucking there bodies sweating rocking together as one, Eve wondered could this really be happening She wrapped her arms and legs around him for dear life wodnering when the ride would end, his huge cock shove deep inside of her, Eve was now crying tears ran down her face, part fear and part ecxtasy like she never knew exhisted.
Then with one last massive thrust, the b**st let out a yell like roar of a lion that echoes throughout the forest, Eve screamed like she never had thinking she might split but screamed so loud CUUMMMMIIINGGG. Her yell also echoeing throughout the forest. Then it stopped at once, he looked at her with his black eyes and said nothing, just pulled out of her and stood up. He looked around then looked down at her then turned and ran into the woods. Eve stood her body weak, shaking, trembling, she tried to run after him but her body buckled and she fell to the ground to weak to run or even stand. "Stallion come back" She said lying on the ground. "Stallion" her eyes filled with tears. "Stallion comeback" she repeaed weakly. Then her eyes closed and she fell asl**p on the grass. There was no sound but, the rush of the stream. The birds had all flown off the other a****ls had fled in fear.
Sometime later Eve opened her eyes. How long was she asl**p she wondered a few minutes a few hours. Days maybe? The sound of the woods had returned to normal
the birds singing in the trees, Her friends Sophie the deer and Princess the mare were staring at her. Eve slowly climbed to her feet and stood shaking. She looked around for her "Stallion" but he was no where to be seen. She petted her friends Sophie and Princess and wondered was it all a dream, did it really happen? Eve returned to the stream again and again hoping to see her stallion but he never showed, maybe it was a dream. Dream or not not ve cherished the memory her whole life.

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