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The Night She Found My Interracial Cuckold Porn...

My girlfriend Monica was everything I ever wanted and more. I loved her, plus her body was simply amazing. Her breasts were huge and her ass was thick. Very thick. She was a big dick girl, but regardless she enjoyed and was very satisfied with mine. We were always very happy. But on the side my dark fetish, I kept a complete secret from her our 12 months together in our relationship. One night though, everything would change.

She was staying at my place one night, waiting for me to get off work. I clocked out and heading home expecting sex. But I was in for a big surprise. Upon arriving home, Monica laid in my bed, with my laptop. I imagined she was on Facebook or some kind of social website. Instead, she asks me to come join her when I go to go get a drink. I come over, she hides the computer from me. Me, knowing what's on my computer and her not letting me see the screen was making me worried. I asked her if something was wrong, she immediately said there's something she needs to talk to me about, and I thought it was something completely different but she had come across my porn history.

In my history, she found three years worth of porn. Uncleaned. All of which being nothing but small penis humiliation, cuckold, femdom, interracial cuckold, bdsm, etc. She observed and studied this the entire day I was at work and now that I was home she had already had some thing planned out. She explained to me, that she had found my porn. And that she was dissapointed in my lying to her. She tells me to hold on a moment and she leaves the room, leaving me now able to see the computer screen and google chrome has over thirty tabs of interrcil cuckolding porn on it.. Joy for me! .... Anyways, she returned to the bedroom with a watch. I didn't know what for but she said it was a surprise for me. Next was a total astonishment.

She demands me strip butt naked at her feet and raise my butt into the air twards her. I ask her "Monica, what's the matter? is something wrong" she doesnt reply to my question, instead she demands me "get down now and face your ass up towards me cucky!".. I am speechless... I listen to my love and I strip down butt naked, get on mmy knees and raise my as towards her. She quickly takes my balls and cock at the same time, grabbing from behind my nutsack and all the way around, and opens the watch all the way, places the watch behind my nutsack and ties the watch snug tight shut around me tiny penis. She then begins to explain my future as her cuckold to me. She said she was okay with my penis size but sense I hid this fantasy from her now she will own me. She has already ordered a chastity device she says, and will be locking me up upon it's arrival.

I thought it was all done, but she told me to lay in bed and that she'd again be right back, I listen to her, my new dominant girlfriend.. And she returns a few moments later. Something's up though.. I head other voices. Deep voices.. Oh no.. Could it be? To my astonishment, in the blink of an eye without any of my knowldge, my normal every day reality and what i fantasized for years about was finally about to become a complete reality for the rest of my life. Monica entered the room, this time she was returning with company. She had invited a few of her friend's friends over, plus a few of my friends and her's. All black men, from our local city, that all know our mutual friends and know us. There were about six black men there, in the room. I lay on the bed with my cock and balls bound tightly in a wrist watch. Monica proceeds to pickup my penis and mock it to the black men telling them to look at how tiny it is and that it's equal to a baby's penis. They start chuckling and giggling at my size and more was said but I'll skip some parts. Shortly Monica began asking the black men to remove their clothes, so she could begin comparing sizes with my penis and their's. As they undressed, I was f***ed to watch them undress, then watch them undress my Monica, touching her breasts, butt cheeks, pussy, asshole and all over her body.

She picks up my lil' guy and holds it in a few fingers and looks over to one black man, the biggest, with roughly about 12inch of big black cock infront of me and Monica. She tells me that tonight she's going to fulfill my fantasy for me, and her's for herself. She said she loves me a=but she can never stop loving big black dick and that my 6inch white penis would never be able to pleasure her pussy or butt again. After telling me this, I came all over the place. Then my raging hard on turned to about a 2 inch flaccid baby penis.

Monica laughed at my little penis, as did all the black men even the ones I used to chill with. She bent over and told me to watch and observe. The bla ks surrounded Monica and her fat latin butt. One shoved his dick up in her face, she began sucking it. Two of the black men got on each side and she grabbed each of their 7-8in cocks with each free hand. A black man laid underneith her and entered her pussy, this bbc was roughly around 9in. And the ultimate 12 inch big black cock, he came from behind, and slid his massive cock into Monica's brown butthole. I loved Monica's ass, although she never had let me fuck it I was so jealous.

I continued watching these black men pound my wife from every hole for about nan hour, switching off constantly. Then Monica called me over from watching and told me I was about to join in for my role. I got so excited, thinking and imagining I was about to get sloppy seconds whic h I found hot due to the bbc's. Instead, she had taken notice to a specific fetish of mine. I am a cum eating cuckold. But a specific one. I had writings of my fetish for Monica getting fucked in the ass by black men, and them cumming in her ass, then her feeding me the real black man's cum from her butthole. Monica told me this was about to happen, and threw me back. She instructs the black men and tells them to all stop and get ready to pound and cum in her asshole. One by one they enter her butt, and are engulfed by her huge jiggly buttcheeks. They howl in pleasure, deep in her ass, and thrust their bbc cum all inside her anus. The 12in black cock enters her butthole last, and blows a huge load, when he pulls out it is still squirting all over her brown butthole. Her butthole is so stretched, my penis won't ever fit in it, not even completely hard, ever again. She then yells at me to get my face up in her butt cheeks anc begin licking and sucking it clean, as the black men watch and laugh. she farts her bbc lover's cum into my face and they all laugh at me. Next thing I know, Monica ties the watch around my balls and penis on a leash, and ties me to the ceiling, bound, unable to leave the spot. I lay on the floor dangling by my balls and dick and six black men cuddle with my girlfriend in my bed, and use my house as their own as her butthole which I lust for drips loads of black men cum. I am a cuckold, for life.

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