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I fucked my best friends mom

So, me and this k** always hanged out as k**s, and he had this really really hot mom. One day when I was like 14, maybe 15, maybe even 16, she calls me up, tells me to come over. I thought it was wierd because it was like 5 AM. She says my bud wants me for something really really important. Also told me to just walk in through the front door which was left unlocked for me. His mom was pretty skinny, big boobs, decent thighs, and brown eyes.

So I went over, wondering what the fuck he wanted this early. When I walked inside, I saw nobody, but I heard his mom yell "UP HERE!" from the second floor. I walk up there, was kinda curious because I never saw that part of their house before. I started opening all the doors they had because I did not know which room was his. Then I saw the best thing ever.

I opened one of the last couple doors, and I saw his mom. Naked. Rubbing her goregous pussy. I quickly turn away, shy, not knowing what to think. I stay that way until she comes over, and softly says "Don't be shy." Immedietly she shoved her huge tits right into my face. I literally started suffocating and she had to stop. They were so big I couldn't breath. I notice by dick has gotten huge. Remember I was still a virgin so this was all new to me. She slowly starts undressing me, well I was just standing there like an idiot and not saying a word.

For no reason at all, she slaps me like the bitch I am. Suddenly she slips me some kind of drink, probably some achohol. Next she shoved me on her bed, and sat her wide pussy right on my face. She told me to lick it and slapped me again. So I did what she said, an she made the loudest moaning I ever heard. It went on for over thirty minutes until she came, right in my mouth. I started spitting her lady cum out, but she slapped me another time. f***ed me to swallow it.

Next she returned the favor by sucking on my dick, I can't really describe it because it only happened once and I came in under a minute. I just know it felt awesome. When I came in her mouth, I was amazed to see she didn't swallow. Instead she grabbed me by my own neck, and started making out with me. Which is ironic because that was my first kiss. I was licking my own cum out of a woman's mouth, and it tasted great.

After this she sat on my dick, and started slowly going up and down on me. She moaned, and I moaned, it was the best experience ever. Her pussy was the best, warmest place I ever felt. I lasted a bit longer than when she sucked me off. She said "Thanks for the good time." and started getting dressed. I still didn't know what was going on, but she made me leave. As I walked out she added "I'll see you next week" and she gave me the hottest fucking wink ever.

To this day I am still fucking her. Dear Alison, you are the best woman I will ever know. You let me fuck you, fuck other woman, even a couple men, and you don't give a shit. You let me fuck you whenever, and wherever. I hope one day we can be together.

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