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Rachel moments: memoirs of my cousin s****r Part 1

Rachel moments: memoirs of my cousin s****r Part 1
Rachel – my best friend, my confidante, my cousin s****r. Rachel and I were born 4 months apart, and we grew up together – spending some of our most pivotal moments together. When we were young enough so we were still close, but not so young that I don’t remember those times – Rachel was the first sexual experience I had. We were sitting in the Jacuzzi together when Rachel got out to shower. I continued sitting when to my surprise, Rachel got out of her swimming suit and started showering in front of me. I remember feeling a tent in my shorts when Rachel said “come out and shower soon , we gotta go out”. So I walked up to her, dropped my shorts and faced her. She looked down at my rock hard cock and giggled. “Silly boy” she said and grabbed my cock’s head like a door handle and shook it. Then she put on a towel quickly and left – leaving me standing there with the biggest hardon I had ever experienced.
But that was a long time ago and just one of my amazing Rachel moments. Now its way into the future – we are both in our twenties. Born into a conservative f****y, we both dated only in secret – but we told each other everything. I knew Rachel was still a virgin, she knew I was not. We were extremely comfortable with each other, One day, we were watching TV when we saw a news report. I didn’t agree with what was happening in that report, but Rachel had opposing views. We started arguing with each other and she pushed me gently. I caught her and threw her on the bed and fell on top of her tickling her. She was laughing and kicking and screaming “ stop shawn stop please!!” . Her long skirt had slid up exposing most of her thighs. With one hand, I was pressing down on her thigh to stop her from kicking me and with the other I was tickling her. Before I knew it, my palms were on her panties pressing down. I had what I call a casual erection – when you are involved in something and completely normal, but you have an erection.
She pushed me off and slipped away, getting off the bed. I jumped after her and caught her around the waist and pulled her towards me, now she is only 5’1 whereas I am 5’10 so when she pressed against me – my cock pressed on her lower back. She froze and we both fell on the bed awkwardly, her in my lap. But she was lower down on my lap so her ass wasn’t on my cock, but it was touching her lower back. We stayed still, suddenly the room seemed so quiet. I moved my hands up onto her stomach and pressed her down, until her back was fully pressed against my cock. She rested her hands on my thighs and pushed herself up, so that my cock was lodged firmly in between her round ass cheeks. Rachel had a very nice round large ass. It jiggled when she walked, but the rest of her was quite petite. Now my cock was in between her ass cheeks, and she arched her back – I could smell her hair…mmm. I moved slowly and slid my cock across her ass, she didn’t resist. I started moving regular and faster. She was breathing heavy and now I could see down her blouse. I could see the outline of her nipples pressing against her top. I moved my hands from her stomach to lower , scared to touch her pussy so just moving from her stomach to her thighs. I could feel her legs parting, as we started to move in rhythm – she was so horny. I parted her legs further and traced my hands up her thighs till I was cupping her pussy. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide, moaning silently. I started to slide my hand up her stomach, I wanted to cup her breasts and squeeze them. Suddenly, I heard my dad call. She quickly jumped off me and ran downstairs responding to the call. This moment happened in my room, with my parents downstairs.
Throughout dinner, we were stealing glances at each other. One point our eyes met, and we both smiled. Noone on the table noticed, we had spent the last 20 odd years together after all – having f****y for your neighbours is a good deal. I thought about that afternoon and I grew confident. I extended my leg and touched her foot under the table. She looked up at me wide-eyed. I smiled and grapped her toe with mine. She tried pulling away but I caught her with my other leg. I then traced my foot up her leg, inside her long skirt. She looked at me, and surprise turned to intensity…lust. I had to extend my leg to touch her thighs, I extended some more, but slowly. I didn’t wanna interrupt my parents and uncle’s conversation. I could feel warmth on my toes, I knew I was near. But I couldn’t extend any further. I knew she could feel me stretching. She picked up her napkin and wiped her mouth, she then cleared her throat and moved her chair closer to the table. My toe moved straight up and was pressed against her panties. My toe was soaked, her panties were dripping wet. I moved my toe against her pussy, I could hear her breathe harder. I moved those soft silky panties aside with my toe and thrust my toe half an inch into her. I briefly saw her lips part as she concealed a yelp. I was rubbing my toe into the most sensitive part of her juicy pussy. My aunt suddenly got up and started clearing the table. I felt Rachel’s hand push my toe out and my foot down. She picked up her plate and walked away to the kitchen – the chase is always better than the catch.

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