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A friend for the afternnon

We had a friend drop by the other day; I was at work as K has Fridays at home. K was dressed in a red wrap around dress and a G-string, when she answered the door. K has always like Martin tall good looking guy, married to a stunning girl, so she has not been too forward or tried to tempt him in anyway. K invited him in for a drink and he asked if we would like to join him and a few friends on a fishing trip. They had organized a 50ft charter boat for a weekend, and they needed two other people to make it economical. K immediately rang and asked would we like to go and after working out the detail we agreed to join them. So now I knew Martin was at our place and what K could get up to my mind racing and penis hardened.

According to K after she hung up the phone, Martin asked if he could raise a very personal question, as he had seen K photos on the internet dating site, looking for guys for casual sex and group sex. K was pretty embarrassed but admitted she was on the site and had met a few guys over some time. Martin was curious and asked what K liked and she explained she loved going out and being touched up, she had let a few guys finger her in public places. She admitted picking up and meeting several married and single guys for sex, and loved having sex with random’s just for fun. She told him about the time she picked up a guy at a pub for a one night stand, fucking a guy on the desk when she worked in a bank. He asked if I knew and K explained I encouraged her, and we had been in several threesomes, and enjoyed having different cock fill her up. The experience left her feeling attractive and gave a sense of power knowing she had been the center of attention, and the feeling of several loads of semen dribble out of her, or the hot wet feeling when someone shoots a load over her skin.

She could tell Martin was aroused by the thought K was willing have casual sex, and she asked him if he would like to see what was under her dress. He stood there in silence as she removed her G-string and walked up to him, taking his hand and placing it between the thighs over her bare wet pussy. You see K said, I love fucking, and taking him by the hand lead him to our bedroom. They stood there at the end of the bed K removing here dress and then helping Martin out of his clothes. She said they kissed and he explored her naked body, while she stroked his cock and slid him between the wet folds. He was long and thick allowing him to slide the tip inside her standing. She eventually climbed onto the bed where he positioned himself between her open thighs, slid his cock into the wet open pussy. She held her legs high and open so she could feel his deep strokes. As they were fucking Martin asked if they should close the blinds, and K said she hoped I would be home soon and I could watch, the thought of that she exploded into her third orgasm. K said she had her first orgasm as soon as Martin entered her and they started fucking. The thought of a new lover, in the middle of the day was enough to get her off, the second when she leant on her elbows and watched his thick cock wet and slippery sliding in and out of her, the third knowing I would love to watch. She came several times until Martin filled her with a load of semen, the hot wet feeling filled her, and she was now wet and open. K said they lay on the bed for a while and she masturbated while he watched and then he fucked her again in several positions.

Martin said there would be four other guys on the fishing trip, and they were all around his age, and reasonably tall, and K said she would love to fuck them all. She told Martin to tell the guys if they wanted some fun just too gently play with her breasts, run a hand over her girl bits, a passionate kiss, and she look forward to spending two nights and a day out fishing and fucking.
When I arrived home K was dressed in her red dress as she met me at the front door, the aroma of sex was everywhere, and I could she was very horny, she kissed me passionately and we were removing each other clothes as I held her against the wall in the entrance with the door still open, I lifted her leg up and slid into her. We fucked loud and passionately her pussy wet open from Martins several loads of semen, and she told me how she was looking forward to the fishing trip. Knowing she may have six different guys to fuck

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