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First 'lesbian' Experience

I use the term 'lesbian' loosely.

It happened in High School, I think it was year 10 or 11. Around the age people go out at the weekend and drink cider on the park and around the age you start putting willys in your mouth at house parties.

Anyway, at one of these Saturday house parties, I'd d***kenly stumbled into a bedroom to see one of the girls in my year taking part in the act of willy sucking. I laughed and walked out, told a few mates and thought nothing of it.

High School being High School, by Monday morning it had spread all round the school and she wasn't happy. This wasn't good news, she was one of the rough girls, not ugly, but not drop dead and big, but not obese, constantly wearing her own coat, well known for scrapping and even some of the teachers were wary of her, so naturally I was trying to keep my head down for the day/week/year.

Dinnertime rolls round and I'd done a pretty good job of avoiding her so far. Then I made my best mistake, I went to the bathroom alone. So I'm finishing up in there and as I turn to leave, in she comes with a friend of hers and I knew in an instant that this was it.

She didn't even say anything just smacked me straight in the face, I hit the floor and was dizzy. What a punch! Next thing I know she's on top of me, straddling my chest and using her knees to pin my arms down, her friend was holding my legs, so I couldn't kick out. She was pulling my hair and hitting me all over.

Then, the hardest hit she'd given me, the unmistakable smell of her pussy, inches from my nose. It's all I focused on, it helped through the pain and then she stopped, I looked up at her and she finished by spitting right in my face, before getting up and leaving.

I lay there, in a daze, hurting with the musky smell of her still in my nostrils. I managed to compose myself, got up and assessed the damage in the mirror. I had a split lip, my hair was a mess and I had a nice bruise coming on on my cheek, my tights were ripped to shreds. She'd done a fine job.

The worst damage was my knickers though, they were completely soaked. I don't know if she'd got off on beating the shit out of me, but I certainly had. I realised I was going to have to go home, so I got out of there asap, trying to avoid everyone, and set off home my mind buzzing.

I got home to an empty house, stripped off, threw my shredded tights away and ran a shower. I couldn't believe how horny I was, next thing I know I'm bringing myself off so hard. I actually screamed out loud and collapsed into the shower.

So, thank you Meghan, for the best beating I've ever had and the best orgasm too.

Yeah, I'm pretty fucked up...

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