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Fantasy outside

Being single for sometime found pleasure in more kinky ways to stimulate sexual highs a favourite is to crossdress mainly in lingerie, stockings, suspenders and high heels. I find the feeling of soft silken Ladies underwear so erotic it regularly features in my kinky sessions. Todays assignment I have chosen a black lace set of suspenders, seamed silk stockings and a see through black lacey thong, hidden underneath a red pvc macintosh so only my seamed calves and black patent stiletto heels are on show. The task is to visit a known dogging spot and let them see whats under the coat,, after that I have no clue whats going to take place this evening. Heading out in the warm summers evening feeling very naughty about being out in public wearing such provocative lingerie even though I was in the car. Risking it I now unbuttoned the pvc coat opening it wide which gave passing traffic the chance of viewing my near naked state on the way down,this was acknowledged by a few horns sounding, giving me a real kick I can tell you. Pulling in and parking up could see a good crowd in the mood for sexy fun, windows down to signal availability sat patiently heart pounding, breath heavy thinking of the prospects when I jumped as two faces appeared at my window looking me over with interest, inviting their friends over I now had five men surrounding the car all staring in silence. Entertaining more attention slipped off the plastic coat and reclined the seat opening up their viewing of my lingerie clad body,i felt so dirty exposing myself this fully for the first time to strangers, very aware they could see my shaven crotch in these panties. The intense staring somehow bored into my skin letting senses know exactly which part of my body was being scanned every erotic second. Relatively relaxed about exhibiting my virgin flesh by now felt the sexuality of my audience grow, one guy put his head inside the car so close I felt his breath brush on my skin giving me goose bumps all over. Still in silence his hand reached in lightly caressing my stocking tops and pale smooth inner thigh, not resisting this encouraged Other hands to join in and soon I was enjoyably receiving a sea of fingers roaming everywhere without limitation sampling my most intimate delights in delicate lace underwear. Teasingly pinching dark nipple buds until they ache as others expertly made my cock hard distorting the lace gusset horrendously with my throbbingly hard shaft. So many hands on me overload the brain with sexually charged emotions evey touch felt electric as I writhed, moaning low guttural tones as they manipulate me into their passive sex toy. Glance up saw exposed cocks being pushed through the window beside me and push myself up on elbows to meet them even closer,pointing directly at my person they wank furiously over my quivering figure, I stare fixated at this lurid spectacle until one convulsive shaft sends milky white fluid shooting across my stomach leaving a shiney wet trail of thick cum then another man took station. A second stranger now emptied his balls on my stockinged thighs making them sticky as it soaked into the material. One after another unloaded onto me in this glorious spunk feast even havin seconds until they were utterly spent before disappearing without a word. I laid drenched in their accumulative cum juices saviouring this initiation into being used as a cumslut and couldn't wait for my next soaking.

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