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Shemale Next Door Pt. I

(Note: This is an excerpt from "The Shemale Next Door" on sale on Amazon now)

It was a warm Saturday afternoon, one of the first really hot days near the end of spring and right before the beginning of summer and Ken was waking up late like he always did on the weekends and found the trashcan in their house completely full. He sighed to himself and was going to call to Roger to take care of it until he remembered that Roger had gone away for a week to visit his f****y and that he had left this morning. This one was all on him. He sighed as he cinched the plastic handles up, tied them off and hefted the bag out of the trashcan, sliding open the sliding glass door and walking out into the backyard only to be greeted by a blindingly bright sun beaming directly into his eyes.

“Fucking Roger,” he muttered under his breath as he stumbled with the bag in his hand towards the garbage can, throwing open the lid and slamming the bag in before pulling the lid back and closing it. “Take your own damned garbage out, man,” he said, louder now.

“Oh, is someone there?” He heard a voice call out from over the fence next door. Suddenly he could feel a knot twist up in his stomach and having a hard time responding. “Hello?” The voice called again as Ken takes a second to clear his throat.

“Oh hey,” he said, turning around to see Alex laying face down on a lawn chair wearing her sunglasses a thong bikini bottom and nothing else. She was leaning up with her right hand to look over her shoulder at him while her left arm covered up her ample breasts. “I didn’t see you over there,” he laughed, awkwardly.

“Yeah, hi,” she smiled, laughing. “Could you give me a hand, please? I’d do this myself,” she motioned with her head towards a bottle of suntan lotion on the table next to her. “... but I kind of have my hands full right now.”

“Oh, right,” Ken turned red and looked down at his feet, rubbing his ankle up against his shin after shuffling in place.

“Just come over, it’s fine,” she assured him, still smiling.

“Okay, just give me a few seconds and I’ll come,” he looked back at her, smiling himself as he headed for his gate before stopping short and repeating his last sentence in his head to himself and cursing. “...and I’ll come?” He said under his breath.

As he reached for the latch on her gate he stopped for a second and took a deep breath before pulling the gate open and finding her laying down again, with her head tilted towards the gate. It took all of his self control to keep his eyes off of her ass which looked two perfectly bronzed scoops of perfection under the sun. Her hand came up and pulled her glasses down a bit, revealing her eyes while she motioned again at the suntan lotion.

“Thanks,” she said. “There are just places on my back that I can’t reach and I was worried that I was going to get burned, but I’m out here anyway, right? Ridiculous. You don’t mind, do you?”

“What?” Ken had to snap himself out of his trance and smile. “Oh no, of course not. I just woke up, anyway, just uh, taking the old garbage out.”

“I saw,” she smiled a warm smile again, biting her bottom lip a bit and raising her eyebrows. “I think I’ve seen you around, never talked to you, though.”

“Oh right,” he nodded, quickly. “I’m Alex-err, no wait,” he turns beet red and takes a deep breath. “Sorry, I’m Ken. Ken.”

“Oh I was going to say,” she shook her head. “My name is Alex, too. That would be too much of a coincidence, right?”

“Yeah, too much,” he smiled again before quickly turning away and picking up the bottle of suntan lotion. He can feel the nerves building up inside of him and pretended to read the label on the bottle, inspecting it very closely as he hears her laugh again.

“Just squirt it on me, Ken,” she laughed as he squirmed at the phrase. “That isn’t too hard, is it?”

“Hard?” He looked back at her, still red. “Oh no, nothing is hard, no.”

“I like you,” she laughed. “You are really funny, Ken, you know that?”

“Well, I gotta be something, right?” He flipped the lid open and held out his hand as he squirted out some lotion onto his hand before he awkwardly placed it back on the table with a clang and kneeled down next to her. He could feel his heart still racing and the bl**d rushing to his cock while he found himself looking down her back and seeing her perfect ass just covered up by what looked like a few thin threads.

He gulped hard, his hands trembled a bit as they reached out over her back. Ken’s hand came down gently on the small of her back and he felt her jump a bit.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. “That is cold, Ken.”

“Sorry,” he said as he began spreading it out over her back.

“That’s not your fault, silly,” she spoke into her arm as she shifted her head to the other side. He could feel her muscles tense up a bit as he ran his hand up and down her back, spreading out the lotion. He was being careful as he spread it to make sure that it didn’t seem like he was groping at her and made sure to put his right knee up to help obstruct the raging hardon that he was developing. “Oh, you missed a spot,” she said, turning back towards him and smiling a sly smile. Her arm moved down to touch his wrist, her grip surprisingly firm as she helped guide his hand down and down until he could feel his fingers resting on her ass.

“Well, I didn’t think that I should...” He started before she shushed him.

“Don’t think, Ken,” she turned slightly towards him now, exposing her breast. “Just do what you feel is right.”

“I didn’t want to give you the wrong impression,” he felt his hand glide over her ass. The hardon growing in his pants is now completely beyond his control. Alex’s hand has let go of his wrist now and has snaked its way onto his knee before he can feel it gently gliding up his leg until it is resting on the bulge in his shorts.

“Well, I think that we’ve got some mixed signals going on here, then,” she licked her lips and shook her head before her fingers wrapped around his cock from the outside of his shorts. It is now completely out of his control now as he cocks his head back and moans. “Because this cock is rock hard and I’m not sure what you want me to do with it.”

“Whatever you want,” the words escape from his lips as if they hadn’t been processed in his mind yet, just a natural flow of words. His hand jutted up to his lips, trying to cover up, but it was too late. Her hand lets go of his bulge and reaches up to grab a sheer green sarong off of the table and wraps it around her hips as she rose out of the chair seductively before tucking it in and finding herself on her knees on the chair, eye-to-eye with Ken.

“Whatever I want?” She repeated, whispering it into his ear. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his neck and the goosebumps arise as he nodded vigorously. “Well then,” she reached up with her hands and placed them on his shoulders, pushing him back, his elbows hitting the concrete with a brief sting while he did his best to situate himself before she tugged on his shorts. “I’m going to start by sucking on your cock, Ken.”

Another tug on his shorts and they were down around his ankles, his cock sticking straight up towards the afternoon sun while her legs wrap around his, her straddling right above his knees. Her hand glided up his thigh, sending chills up his spine before finally finding its home at his cock. In an instant she had a tight, firm grip around his cock and was jerking it roughly while her other hand was down near his balls. He could feel her fingernails just gently brushing up against his balls before taking them firmly in her hand and violently jerking his cock in the other. He cocked his head back, thinking how it was rough but it felt too good to tell her to stop.

Suddenly her lips were around his cock and her tongue was pressing against the bottom of it. He reached up to take a hold of her dirty blonde pony tail only for her to slap his hand away and shake her head, then quickly taking his cock back into her mouth while her thumb and forefinger were wrapped around the base of his cock, her other fingers splayed out by his stomach. The idea of the girl next door, the girl of his dreams having her lips wrapped around his cock almost sent him into shock and he could feel that he wasn’t going to last much longer if she kept up the pace.

She was able to sense how close he was getting as she started to ease off, coming up for air and wiping away the spit streaming from her lips with her wrist while gripping his cock nice and tight, giving it a few rough jerks. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes as she took his cock into her mouth again, relaxing her throat and taking it deep down into her throat while still keeping eye contact with him, only to come up again, taking another deep breath.

“I can feel how close you are, Ken,” she said in between breaths. “I can tell that you want to cum so bad right now.”

“Oh yes, please,” he found himself pleading with her to finish him off. “I want to cum so badly.”

“Not until you’ve returned the favor, Ken,” a sly smile appeared on her lips again while she worked herself up to her feet. “You were going to return the favor, right?”

“Oh yes, Alex,” he nodded eagerly. “Anything that you want.”

“Good,” she nodded. “Because I want you to return the favor without even one peep of a complaint from you.”

“Of course not!” He quickly replied, the wind making his wet cock feel cold in the open air. “I’d never complain.”

“Good boy,” she laughed, standing with her legs apart over him. “Sit up, Ken,” she motioned at him as he pulled himself up to his knees in front of her. “Good boy,” she nodded taking his hand and placing it on her thigh underneath her sarong. Ken felt his heart almost skipping a beat at the thought of feeling how wet her pussy was for him, knowing that he was going to get to taste it and hopefully fuck it. His cock was twitching in the warm spring air while he slid his hand up.

Suddenly his hand stopped and his heart skipped that beat; he felt something that he wasn’t expecting. He was expecting to feel the lips of her pussy through that thong, but instead felt a rather large lump. He thought to himself how it felt odd, but then tried to shake it off while he moved his hand up more, this time finding something else, another lump but this one extending up and up through the bathing suit.

Alex laughed again, reaching down and undoing her sarong and letting it drop to the ground, Ken finding himself eye level with what was a huge hard cock inside of her bathing suit. His world went black for a second while he felt himself reel back, almost falling over. Alex was laughing again before he could feel her firm grip on the back of his head, not letting him fall back. With her other hand she reached down and pulled her bathing suit bottom down, letting what was a huge -- possibly nine inch -- hard cock flop out and dangle right in front of Ken’s face.

“What?” He finally slipped out. “I didn’t, I...”

“You aren’t a liar, are you, Ken?” She asked while she worked the bottom down past her knees and let it fall to her feet, stepping out of it ever so gently and now standing legs at either side of him with her cock almost touching his face. “Because you were going to return the favor and told me that you wouldn’t let me down.”

“But I didn’t...” He began before things started to become clearer to him in an instant. Things that he either didn’t notice or chose not to notice like how her feet and hands were a little bit larger than he thought a woman her size’s would be or how tight her grip was. The tiny instance of a 5 o’clock shadow that he noticed or even the adam’s apple in her throat that he somehow never got a good look at until now, appearing in between the two perfectly-formed breasts that dangled above him. When she got up she had covered up her midsection before going down on him. Ken felt like such a fool and even worse -- his erection was only getting harder and he wasn’t sure why.

“This is what it takes to fuck the hottest girl on the block,” she said, taking her cock in her hand and stroking it gently before his eyes. It seemed to glisten in the sun before him and a part of him wanted to reach up and take a hold of it, to seize the situation and make this goddess happy. It had been almost a year since he’d slept with a woman and the prospects were drying out daily for him, it seemed. Alex would be, without a doubt, the hottest woman that he’d ever slept with, even if she wasn’t quite a woman in the traditional sense of the word.

“Well, I guess I could...” Before he could finish his sentence he felt the head of her cock press up against his lips, her grip on the back of his head tighten and her cock thrusting into his mouth. He tried to speak but found himself unable to at the girth of her cock that was filling up his mouth. Both of her hands were on his head now and her hips were thrusting towards his face back and forth, her cock gliding along his lips.

He tried to resist at first, squirming, but after about a minute he found himself not resisting anymore and actively swaying his head back and forth to maximize each thrust. She began to moan while she thrust and Ken’s hands were firmly on her hips helping to guide it. Alex finally loosened her grip a bit and Ken let her massive cock fall out of his lips, taking a deep breath.

“You aren’t done, are you?” She asked, running her fingers through his hair.

“No, I’m...” She pressed her finger on his lips and shook her head.

“Actions speak louder than words,” she moved her finger down to part his lips again, with his hand reaching up and taking her big cock into his hand, taking a firm grip on it before sticking his tongue out and running it along the head of it. “Mmm, yes,” she nodded. “That is a good boy, see, you like sucking the girl next door’s cock, don’t you?”

Ken nodded as he worked her cock with his hand, his hand moving up and down the shaft, back and forth while feeling every vein and bump and almost trying to smooth it out. Her cock was wet from his lips and made a smacking noise as he quickened his pace. His mouth was watering and he wasn’t quite sure what had come over him, but she had some sort of power over him that he was at a loss to explain, so he simply obeyed and wrapped his lips around her cock once more, closing his eyes and finally letting go of his inhibitions and enjoying it.

This meant moving his hand and and down the shaft of her cock while his tongue flicked at her head inside of his mouth, moving his head from side to side so his lips were twisting around that big shaft. He looked up and saw her eyes closed and could feel her thighs twitching slightly, sending a shiver throughout his whole body knowing that he had finally met Alex and now was making her feel this good. He didn’t care that she had a cock or that she was forcing him to suck on it out in the open, where prying eyes could see. He wanted her more than ever now and was willing to do anything to keep this from stopping.

“That’s nice,” she said, stroking his chin with her finger before removing his hand from around her cock and then gripping onto his hair again. “I want you to take this all the way down your throat,” she said in a soothing voice, with her cock pushing deeper into his throat taking him off guard. Her hands were firmly on the back of his head and holding it in place, her cock past his tonsils and partially down his throat now. He felt like he was choking and wanted to cough, but his mouth was too full for anything to come out, his eyes were watering. “Good boy,” she said, relinquishing her hold over him.

Ken coiled back, a few long trails of spit dripping between them and landing on his lap while he coughed, reaching up and wiping his eyes. He caught a glimpse of his own cock, still rock hard with no end in sight before he turned back to face Alex who was gently stroking her own cock in front of him. Out of reflex he reached up with his hand again only for her to seize his wrist in a tight grip and tug him to his feet. Ken quickly obliged, getting up to his feet and stumbling his shorts off the rest of the way, past his ankles, leading it behind him as she pulled him onto the chair. He landed on his knees on the chair, catching himself before he fell as she moved behind him.

“Such a good boy,” she muttered. “You already know what position I want you in, too,” suddenly he felt a sharp pain and heard a smack, feeling her hand come down across his ass.

“Oh no,” he shook his head, trying to turn back towards her only to feel her strong hands pressing on his shoulder. “I don’t think that...”

“You liked sucking my cock,” she leaned in and whispered into his ear. “Didn’t you?” She paused, waiting for him to respond. “Didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he said, feeling her breath on his ear, shaking his head quickly.

“Then I want you to trust me, Ken,” he felt her hand taking a grip of his hip while the other moved slowly down his back. “You want to cum, don’t you?” He quickly shook his head again. “See, good boy, and I wouldn’t yell out if I were you, that is,” she laughed while she took her cock in her hand and rubbed it in between his cheeks. “... unless you want everyone to hear? I think you actually might want that, huh?”

She gave him no time to respond before he felt the head of her cock pushing against his asshole. He thought to himself that there was simply no way that this would work, no way that a cock her size could fit into such a small hole. Both of her hands were on his hips like a vice grip now and he could feel her cock pushing, harder now, trying to enter his asshole. He began to yell out, but caught himself, remembering where they were. Ken lowered his head and braced himself, feeling her continue to push inside of him until suddenly he could feel her huge cock push through, now inside of his ass. His head shot back and he cried out.

“Oh my fucking god!” He shouted, Alex snickering behind him while she began to sway back and forth, gently pumping away at his ass. Only about an inch or two was moving inside of him and Ken was shocked at how amazing it felt. His cock was twitching and he could feel the adrenaline pumping through his system before, all of a sudden, he could feel her begin to violently thrust inside of him. No longer was it just an inch or two, now it was most of the length of her huge cock moving in and out, in and out, stretching out his ass unlike he has ever felt before.

The pumping continued and the more that she did it, the more that he liked it. He could feel himself moving into it, doing everything that he could to take as much of her cock while he could inside of his ass and more. He tried to reach back to grab his own cock but felt her slap the back of his head and simply say “No” while she continued to fuck his ass. He forgot where he was, who he was or what he was doing, but was just focusing on how good it felt to have Alex fucking him raw in her backyard.

Suddenly he felt a quick breeze across his asshole and the warmth was gone before he felt her strong hands grasping onto him and trying to push him onto his back. Wordless, he obliged and flipped over onto his back on the chair, feeling the small plastic slats on his back while she took a hold of his legs, splitting them apart and lifting them up. He held his legs up while she adjusted herself, moving her cock into position carefully with her hand and guiding it back into his asshole.

He was yearning for it now and when she stopped to spit on her own cock and rub it a few times he almost yelped, but held back. She could see his restraint and just laughed before pressing it quickly into his asshole and taking a firm grip on his legs, pushing them back towards his shoulders and began to violently pump into him. Ken was staring up at her as she was looking down, admiring her own work, her tits bouncing rhythmically while she pumped away at him. His own cock was slapping against his stomach, staring him back in the face while her stomach was moving back and forth between slapping across his balls and summoning the power to fuck him.

“So you want to cum, don’t you?” She said, catching her breath in between thrusts. He simply nodded with an eager, lost puppy look on his face. She leaned back, allowing his hips to dip down and touch the chair while her cock was still moving in and out of his ass. She lowered one of his legs, tucking it under her arm before reaching out and taking a firm grip on his cock, starting to jack away at it while she still kept her cock moving in and out of his asshole. “So fucking cum, Ken, I want you to cum all over yourself,” she gritted her teeth and keep jacking away at his cock.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, looking up at her as she worked on his cock while her own moved in and out of him. “I’m so close,” he heard himself moan. “Just keep fucking me.”

“Yeah?” She groaned. “I’m not going to stop fucking you until I’m done, but I want you to cum right the fuck right now,” she snarled. “Cum!”

Her grip was so tight around his cock but he could feel the cum welling up inside of him, moving past his balls and gathering up in the shaft of his cock just ready to burst. Her grip somehow tightened and he squealed before she finally loosened her grip just a tiny bit and like a flood he felt himself cum, his cock exploding in one swift motion. His cum shot all over him in three big spurts, the first one squirting up and hitting him on the jaw while the other two shot all over his stomach. She laughed while he grimaced but had a look of relief before she gave a few more big thrusts and his relief quickly disappeared.

“That’s a good fucking boy,” she laughed. “Now I want you to take my hot load and I don’t want you making a mess like you did on yourself,” she said, pulling her cock out of his ass before moving over towards the side of his head, taking his hair in her hands again and moving his head towards her cock. He without thinking shifted, reaching over and taking her cock into his hand and wrapping his lips around it. He moved his head back and forth, quickly now, while he kept a grip on her cock, feeling her begin to shake a little bit and knowing what was coming, but keeping his eyes closed and focused.

“Oh my god,” she shouted. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She panted and then he felt her leg stop shaking, her balls contracted and her cock convulsed inside of his mouth with a sudden burst of hot, wet cum filling him up. It was overwhelming, filling up his mouth quicker than he had ever imagined and him having to work to keep his lips shut, quickly, without thinking, swallowing some to make sure that he didn’t spill a drop.

Alex pulled her cock out and let it flop over onto Ken’s face while he stuck his tongue out and kept reaching for it before she took a soft grip on his chin and held him in place while she bent over and planted a delicate kiss on his lips. His stomach became all aflutter while he found himself watching her picking up her s**ttering bathing suit off of the ground and striding towards the back door to her house. She pulled the screen door open with a creak and began walking inside as Ken felt his mind racing.

“Wait,” he finally squeaked out, Alex turning around to look back at Ken who was still on the chair with cum streaking around his lips.

“Yes?” She asked, holding the door open with her knee, her cock still half-erect in between her legs.

“I,” he started before pausing, not able to find the words. “I’ve never really...”

“I know,” Alex laughed, shaking her head.

“No, I know that you know, but,” he paused again, searching for the words. “When can I see you again?”

“Oh,” she pursed her lips while staring off. “Well you do live next door, I’m sure that I’ll see you around some time.”

The door slapped shut and her image disappeared into the house while Ken found himself sitting in a lawn chair in her backyard completely naked with cum dripping out of his mouth. A pang of shame washed over him, with him quickly scooping up his clothes off of the ground, slipping his shorts on and slinking back to his house.

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