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My Desire

I lived with my boyfriend, and a couple who were my friends. in a 4 bedroom house. I would hear my friend and her boyfriend going at it and within a few minutes it was over and she would go to the restroom and shower. After several times of this, I thought m poor friend she needs to be sexed up, if he's cumming so fast.

But it wasn't until one day she and I were talking and she confessed, David, her boyfriend, was having trouble getting hard and staying hard. She said she tried EVERYTHING imaginable. and still no deal. She didn't understand and needed to get fucked. I listed to her and felt bad. I even thought I should offer to eat her out and ease some of her frustrations, but I didn't.

About two days later, I was at home and so was David, I was watching television in the living room and he came and sat next to me and asked if he could talk to me. I was a little bit shocked and had no idea what he wanted to talk about. I said sure and sat up. He began to tell me he was afraid his girl was going to go look else where for sex because he wasn't able to get it up and fuck her. I asked if she gave him head, yes. I thought to myself, why not I am going to go for it and see where this conversation and his answer to my next question would take us.

I asked. " Do you think I could try to and get you hard and see if it's just maybe that your girlfriend needs to learn how to suck you or get you hard?" Without holding back he said yes and was taking off his pants and boxers. Prior to this problem they were having, my friend would brag about how David was so big and I always wanted to see for myself just how big and I was determined to get him hard. I began kissing him, telling him not to worry, no one would be interrupting us and to just relax and enjoy it all. I did what I could and sucked him so good, I was happy to see his huge dick for my self as his girl would always brag about. When he was about to cum. he said ok thank you for this, now I will go jsck off to bring this bad boy down. ( had used every part of my body but no penetration was made. I was so horny, and wet, I was hoping that as my reward he would fuck me. So I told him, no strings attached, I would be honored and willing to fuck him so he wouldn't have to jack off.
Immediately he agreed, and I st rattled him and he pushed me down onto his big thick dick and we started fucking. We didn't even notice the time when the phone rang. It was his girlfriend and I didn't want to answer because his dick was still hard and we were still fucking. He told me to answer, just in case she was coming home " she can't see through the phone anyways, and I we don't have to stop while you talk to her right?"

As her boyfriend was fucking me, she was on the phone telling me she was coming home in about an hour and if I was alone. I said I was alone and I would be there when she came home. And Hung up, David got me off of him and layed me on the floor and I spread my legs and he ate me, then got up and fucked me until he came all in my pussy. It was the best sex he had in a long time, he said and thanked me. I told him, as long as we didn't get caught, and we could keep it between us two, I was willing if he was to do this as often as possible. He agreed and left to his friends.

It was 20 minutes later that Joan walked in and I was just about to get in the shower when I heard her call my name. I told her I was getting in shower and she asked if I could come out she wanted to talk to me. I thought she knew and I put on my nightie and went to living room where she was sitting on the floor.

She asked if I would giver her a message and I sat behind her and began to message her neck. She was going on and on about how sexually frustrated she was and how badly she needed sex. I told her I would get her a dildo and she said she had plenty of those, she wanted a real one. She said even a pussy would do. I instantly began letting my mind go and thought what if!

She then, as if reading my mind, turned around and her face was right in front of my bare pussy, dripping with her boyfriends cumming he had just left. She was so desperate she didn't even notice. She began to lift my nightie and her fingers were slipping inside my already used and wet pussy. I was turned on, and I spread my legs so she could do what I was hoping she was going to do next, lick me.

She did and I was willing to let her eat me until I came and I then told her it was my turn, She took off her clothes and I repaid her for what she just made me feel. I was licking and tongue fucking her so good, I made her cum 3 times and each time she screamed, I am turning into a lesbian after this.

We had sex about an hour longer, she brought out her dildos and even a strap on she had wanted to use and never was able to until that day with me. I fucked her so go, and then she fucked me. I was so amazed, in one day I had fucked my boyfriend, before he went to work, fucked David our roommate, and also fucked Joan. I was loving that day and had many more like them for months.

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