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Story of Phil – My True Story

First MeetingJanuary 2013

Have I ever mentioned that I hate bugs? Exclusively, but not limited to, cockroaches: cockroaches creep me out. But on this particular occasion it was biting insects, especially mosquitos and other ones that I did not have names for. All I know was they BITE! And it itched. I have red bumps on my arms, legs and ass to prove it. I resisted all temptation to scratch them and did not always succeed. I was so paranoid that it brought out a few laughs from the guy I was with. We were in the back of his ute (for non-Aussies: pick-up truck/utility vehicle), which had a canopy, but it was barely protection against flying biting hovering insects that wanted to suck my bl00d. Apparently they loved me more than they loved him, since I was the only one scratching myself, and swatted the insects away as they hovered annoyingly close to my ears.

The air mattress squeaked as Phil changed his position to grab a sl33ping bag to use as blanket, but it was stiflingly hot by that point, so he tossed a towel over my exposed skin instead, as he wrapped his arm around my sweaty body and cupped my breasts, and played with my pliant nipples. I snuggled against his groin, his semi-hard cock between my legs. I sighed with contentment as I thought: I have never ever done this before.

It was 03:30 I was in my car driving south to a beach-side holiday town in the pouring rain, two and a half hours later I reached my destination. Phil arrived after he took one wrong turn an hour later, and apologised for being late. I hopped into his ute, we kissed, his hand groped my breasts and moist pussy as a teaser before he drove us to a secluded spot set slightly away from the road in the middle of bushland. The rain has eased by this point, but still sprinkled down lightly. After he parked his car, he organised the back cab with his camping gear, and I had to literally climb in at the tailgate.

Phil was tall, slim, with short-cropped blond hair, big calloused hands that felt great when he stroked my skin. My breath quickened when he spread my legs wide apart after I had gotten ride of my dress, positioned his body between my thighs and on his haunches, lowered his face to taste my nectar for the first time. His tongue felt wonderfully feathery, the wetness of his tongue, the way he worked my little stiff bud, the way he slurped my liquid; it had been so long since anyone has tasted me, I was going to relish every second of his mouth on my pussy. I stroked his hair but I avoided pressing his mouth harder against my clit but instead let Phil set the pace. Goodness me, I was in heaven from his mouth, and he told me a bit later on that I tasted good.

Then he lie back on his back and asked me if it was OK for him to go under me. At first it was unclear what he was asking, but when he repeated his question, I have not had to be told again. I crawled over his torso, hovered my pussy over his face, my forehead rested on the glass; my hands stroked his hair, my knees by his head as his soft tongue lapped at my pussy. It seemed as if he could not get enough of drinking nectar that seeped from my vagina. I moved my hips back and forth along his tongue as he flicked and twirled by little bud inside his mouth. My moans loud in my ears as I urged Phil on, I begged him to taste me as I pushed my clit into his mouth.

A few minutes of him being under my pussy, Phil lifted his head away, and teased my clit with his fingers. I turned around and I jerked involuntarily as his cock also rubbed along my slit back and forth. He glided his fingers rapidly over and over my nub and in minutes, my orgasm erupted all over his fingers and hand. I gripped his wrist and pressed his hand against my shuddering pussy, my moans loud in the confines of the back of the vehicle, my legs and free arms tightened as my orgasm radiated from my pussy to my extremities. He watched as I came, two waves crashed as my body spasm. His fingers retained their assault on my clit until I had to beg him to stop as I had become too sensitive.

He laid back on the mattress as my climax flowed away and my breathing returned to normal. It was my turn as I had been waiting to get my mouth around his cock. I curled up in a foetal position as I found his cock with my hand and mouth. My tongue reached out for his mushroom-shaped head first as I tasted him: hot, throbbing and hard. Slowly my lips glided down on his shaft, along his length as I tried to take him as deep as I could. His hand stroked my back up and down as he enjoyed my mouth. Though I did try to deep-throat him, but this time I could not and gagged slightly. But I worked his cock with my mouth with enthusiasm, tasted him and felt his penis throbbed between my lips. My tongue massaged him side to side, pressed him up against the roof of my mouth as I sucked along his erection.

We switched places as I relinquished his cock from my mouth, we kissed and tongues meshed and danced. I wrapped my arms around his upper back as he slowly ran his cock up and down my hot slit, over my clit again and again. I trembled at each pass, and wrapped my legs around his hips. I broke our kiss and asked him softly if he had condoms as it might be a good idea to put it on now. He confirmed he had brought them, lifted his torso away and fished around the space, found the box of rubber, tore one out and slipped it on to his cock. With his arms supporting his weight over my body, his cock found the space he was meant for and his hips pushed gently into my body. Phil grunted at the sensation of being inside I wrapped my arms around his back once again, my legs I used to push my hips up from the air mattress to meet his thrusts.

Because of the uncomfortable setting (bed of the ute, air mattress, confined space) the position we were in was not exactly conducive. Phil pulled away from my body quickly, and at a slight angle, pulled my left leg in the air, and pushed his stiff cock into my pussy from an off-centre spoon position. I panted as he entered me from that different spot, pinched my own nipples with my hands as he pumped his cock in and out, his hand still gripped my left ankle in the air.

Meanwhile, the flying biting insects hovered. I cannot go on ignoring them and must swat them away, immediately. That only worked for a few minutes. In the end, I concentrated on Phil instead, bites be damned. All of a sudden, Phil stopped all movement and told me to be quiet. He thought he heard someone or a vehicle drove up to us, his cock remained hard within me as he stopped all movements. All the while, the insects, never forget the biting insects, had free reign with my skin exposed to their mercies, or lack thereof.

Hot as it was, I grabbed the sl33ping back, and covered our sweaty bodies with it just in case. When he determined that it was not someone approaching, he resumed his thrusts, and I my moans as I felt his cock massage my hot velvety womanhood. I threw the pseudo-blanket aside and pushed my ass against his thrusts, and reached down to play with my clit, but he pushed it aside to replace it with his hand instead. I covered his fingers with my own as I felt my liquid liberally coated his hand. With my other hand I pinched and pulled my sensitive nipples, distended them as Phil fucked me with his firm thrusts. His grunts mixed with my moans as our heavy breathing steamed up the small windows around the canopy.

He pulled out and moved to kneel between my spread thighs. He pressed his rubber-covered cock back into my waiting vagina, our bodies slapped loudly as Phil held my legs apart. My body felt full filled with his stiff penis, I squeezed his manhood with my pussy, milked his shaft with my muscle. Phil grunted from the sensation and continued his penetration, and within minutes, his pace increased and he shot his load inside my pussy. His erect rob throbbed inside my love tunnel as he emptied his sac with a satisfied deep breath.

It was now daylight outside the vehicle, and I have never ever done this before: heading out in the middle of the night to meet up with a guy. Careful planning is usually how I like to organise my dates, but this date with Phil was spontaneous, and fun (the biting insects aside, that was not fun). Finally I had had enough of the flying pests and begged Phil, his arm still around wrapped my torso and breasts, to setup the tent he had also brought along with him, at least to get away from the bugs. He chuckled and hopped out of the car after pulling on his shorts and shirt, to quickly setup the tent.

Once the tent was up, I ran inside the spacious interior compared to the cab of the ute. With more room, we fucked once doggy-style, I sucked him some more, gave him a hand-job (which unfortunately I have never been good at), before we both collapsed into a collected knackered heap on the mattress, and slept for a couple of hours. I snuggled in his arms as he kissed and caressed my skin and shoulders. That was what I have been wanting for so long, I relished it with my whole body, I placed his large hand over my breasts and he cupped it willingly. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face as I dozed off.

When I woke up a little later it was oppressively hot in the tent even with the vents open and the rain sprinkled down. With two to three hours to drive home for both of us, we got dressed, Phil dropped me off at my car, we kissed good-bye, and by noon, I was home. All the while on the journey home I thought: would I do it again?

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