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Petra's sexy secret about Alex

Let me introduce my granddaughter to you, Petra is a pervy hot-shot. That is mostly my fault.
Not only my genes but also my sexual education of her in practise. Perhaps I will tell later.
She is still a teen, but has a very strong head. A body slender and muscular as an athlete.
Her hot love is Alex. She stole her friendship from me. Petra always gets what she wants.

In fact, I introduced Alex to Petra on picture. Again, it is all my fault. Mea Maximá Culpa!
I showed Petra once the only photo Alex once had sent me. Alex is a bewildering blonde beauty.
I saw immediately in her eyes that I had lost at that very moment my Alex to my pervy Petra.
I saw the desire in her eyes. The lust to possess pretty awesome Alex as soon as possible.

Petra has her own strong opinions. For one she hates media. She finds out everything herself.
Petra wanted to get her story out and so she seduced me - she is good at that - to host it.
Petra always gets what she desires. For sure with me, as she knows all my weak points best.
Petra loves to handle those soft spots to make me hard from feeling lust rising in my loins.

Petra had her way with me as she always had since moment she discovered her power over me.
Petra sometimes wants something from me. She knows too well how to get it. Her hot story out.
Petra always decides herself which Prize she wants to pay for whatever she will desire of me.
Petra wanted this time I publish her story here on my page. Her Prize for me is her privacy.

Petra's sexy secret about Alex
I tug you in tonight and give you your night kisses: I start with a small one on your mouth
like a ch1Ld with pursed lips, your cheeks, kiss-close your eye-lids, last one at your temple.
I pretend I withdraw, but wait unnoticed at the door which I open and close without leaving.
I sneak closer after a quarter, you are deep adream. Slowly I roll up the cover to unveil you.

I see your feet, slender ankles, with every inch your legs round out more after your knees.
I can see you belly finally. On elbows and knees I quietly crawl closer. Till I am so close
I can feel the warmth of your bald pussy at the skin around my mouth. Give you little kisses.
I hear you moan in your dirty dream and you spread your legs a bit. Very well, I'll lick you!

Your pussy is so soft and smooth after you freshly shaved under the shower just before bed.
Your love lips swell a bit and quickly you get wet, so wet that my tongue slides in by itself.
You suck me inside in your naughty nightly involuntary thought. You taste so good, makes me hot.
Your slit up and down licks my long tongue, while my upperlip massages you around your clitty.

Your clitty now also starts to grow and glow. With the tip of my nose I tease her: grow on!
Your clit is very obedient tonight and immediately does as I whisper in her little hole below.
Your peehole opens indeed a bit. I try to penetrate your tightest holy with the tip of my tongue.
Your clit fully erect now, like a tiny little pulsing prick. Unexpectedly, I suck hard at her.

You sexplode so sweetly in your wet dream orgasm and pee-wee a bit along my long licking tongue.
Your sweet sexy slit, its full bl00d love lips and beautiful bums are all wet. I lick you dry.
You dream even deeper now. I roll back the blankets after a last little kiss on your big clit.
You got taken by me secretly tonight in your dirty daring dreams dear. Took me only a quarter.

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