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On the Edge

He laid there on the bed moaning, cock throbbing, dripping precum. He was desperate for release, had been begging for it, but she wouldn’t let it happen. She kept taking him to the edge, so close to pushing him over, but then she would stop. She had done it three, four, five times - he had lost count. He just wanted to cum, it was all his mind could focus on at the moment.

She had left the room, saying she would be back shortly. To ensure he stayed on edge, she had turned up the vibrator in his ass before she left. It would have been a perfect time to take matters into his own hands, but he couldn’t. She was his Mistress and there was no way he was going to disobey her and cum without permission. Plus, his wrists were cuffed and attached to the bedframe.

So he waited for her, taking deep breaths, concentrating on not giving in to the pleasure of the vibrations. Not only was he on the edge of cumming, he was also on the edge of slipping into space. But he needed to stay fully alert until she returned and took him beyond that line. And it was with relief that he heard her footsteps in the hall and she returned to the room.

“What a slut you are. Look at the mess you’re making; just dripping all over the place.” And she rubbed the palm of her hand over the tip of his wet cock, sending a shiver through him.

“Please, Mistress. Please make your slut cum for you,” he begged, raising his hips, wanting more of her hand around him.

“That’s right, my little slut. Beg for it, beg for release. Of course, you’re not going to get it, but keep begging.”

“Mistress, please. I need to cum for you. If I cum… I… I can focus completely on satisfying you. Please.” He was hoping she would not see his attempt at negotiation would as disobedience.

She removed her hand completely. “You think this isn’t satisfying to me? Oh my slut, you have no idea how much pleasure it gives me to keep you trembling, dripping and begging to cum.”

Her hand moved to the vibrator in his ass and she slowly pulled it out, but not all the way. She moved it back into his tight hole as he groaned loudly. His Mistress slowly pumped his ass with the vibrator and he felt himself slipping. He was completely in her control, unable to do anything but moan and await her command. His cock throbbed and was almost painfully hard. His balls were full and tight, ready to explode. His focus was his Mistress, her movements, her words.

“Mmm… that’s my good slut. You like when I fuck your ass, don’t you? You like staying on edge for me, don’t you?” He moaned in reply, unable to form words as the pleasure of the toy in his ass and her complete control coursed through him.

She started pumping faster, her other hand now stroking his cock in rhythm with the thrusts. He tried to remain still, but his hips jerked involuntarily as she stroked. He wanted to beg, to plead to be allowed to cum, but he could not get the words out. His head was swimming with the sensations flooding his body as his Mistress pushed him further and further.

And then finally he heard the words he was waiting for.

“Cum for me, slut. Cum hard for your Mistress. Cum for me now!” And he did. As she kept pumping and stroking, he exploded, letting loose everything that had been building up for the past hour. His body bucked and jerked as the pleasure overwhelmed him. She stroked until every last drop was out, and slowly let the toy slip out of his ass.

Rubbing the cum into his chest where it landed, she soothed him as he came down. “That’s my good slut, you did such a good job. You rest for a little bit and then you can get back to work.”

“Mmmm, yes Mistress. Anything for you.”

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