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Wife's Massage Voyeur

Carol and I had first met as babies in an orphanage; we were both adopted by the same couple and brought up like b*****r and s****r. By her teens Carol was a blonde blue-eyed pocket Venus, small waist, tight bum and huge 36EE breasts. We fell in love and married; till our wedding night we were both virgins.

We took out an short term mortgage on a country cottage in order to pay it off in the shortest time in consequence it used up all our spare cash each month. To afford this I'd converted our garage into a massage parlour in one half and a gym in the other and we both took on private clients of the same corresponding sex.

We were blissfully happy until I'd being crippled from the waist down in a cycling accident. However my doctors did tell me not very convincingly there was a possibility I might eventually recover some movement.

I couldn't work anymore and my wife reluctantly agreed to take over some of my male customers in our private parlour. When she had her first male client I felt jealous at the thought of my wife manipulating another mans muscles. To keep a check on what she was doing with the men I drilled a hole in the partition wall between the massage area and the gym section.

The first few sessions of massaging men were uneventful, but inevitably one day a client exposed his hard cock to her and asked for a hand job. My wife was shocked and refused; however our bills were mounting and grudgingly she did it for him the next time.

To my surprise and amazement spying on my wife bringing him off had given me some feeling in my legs and a semi hard on. Because of our dire financial situation, she went further and gave an old man client a blowjob although she'd never done it before even for me!

The more I saw my wife performing sex acts with other men the greater the feeling I got in my lower parts. I'd discovered I was a natural voyeur and the excitement it brought me was making my heart race. The bl**d pressure my voyeurism produced was forcing bl**d round my arteries so strongly it had jump-started my paralysed lower parts.

What worried me was that I'd realized with a start I needed to watch her continuing her slut wife acts to free myself from my paralysis both physically and mentally. I'd become not just a voyeur but also a committed wife watcher. It was an all-invasive d**g, needing her to keep doing sex acts with other men for my fix as well as the money.

The old man she'd sucked off made another appointment saying he wanted to fuck her then! She didn't confirm she would but I knew we were desperate for money so I wondered if she'd really go the whole way with this almost geriatric man?

What had I done to her? In my husbandly protective role I should have been trying to stop her being economically f***ed to cuckold me. On the other hand the buzz from my voyeurism was my only chance of making my paralysis recede and we had to have the money to save our house!

I realized that these were excuses I was giving to my self, in reality I lecherously wanted to see other men shag her and do her in every way possible! Before the sixty five year old guy came for his next appointment Carol cuddled and reassuring me I was the only man she loved. I was disappointed as I assumed this meant she'd decided to say no to his proposition.

However we received two threats of discontinuation of our essential services on the morning of his appointment. After reading the threatening letters Carol hugged me and I could see tears running down her cheeks, so I told her to remember I loved her whatever happened.

When the old man arrived, Carol greeted him apprehensively leading him to the garage massage parlour. Eagerly I took up my position by the spy hole and could see her trembling as she spread oil on his back.

I loved my wife more than anything in the world, but my cock was already stiffening in anticipation of her giving the old boy more intimate attention.

Carol told the man to turn over and watched as he exposed his hard dick once again. His member was noticeably bigger than my six inches, more like nine though a lot thinner with thick grey and blond hair covering his huge balls. The tense situation ensured my own cock was stiff and I could feel tingling in my legs as well.

Because my wife looked frightened, the man said reassuringly, "My name's Jack I've been so lonely since my wife died. I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and you've helped me get over my lovely lady by giving me the best blowjob I've ever had.

I realize you're married and only money problems got you to do even that. But don't you see we're both despondent in our own ways. I've got plenty of money that I will give you if you look after my needs. There is £500 if you let me make love to you properly, you must understand I'm very particular, I've tried going with prostitutes but they're so impersonal, just making me feel dirty and ashamed! I'm desperate for loving sexual release from you, will help me?

I understand you love your husband and I'm not trying to come between you, Please Carol please, look here's my money. With that he took out a bundle of £10 notes, clever I thought, it looks more in smaller denominations.

Carol looked at the cash and I guessed that she was thinking it would stave off the bailiffs for a while. Looking resigned, my wife spoke, "Jack, what do you mean by let you make love to me?" Jack replied, "Of course I want to penetrate your pussy with my cock and come in you, but its more than that.

What I need is for you to treat me like a real boyfriend or husband. I'd love you to French kiss me, to fondle me and let me fondle and lick you. To rub our bodies together and cum when I'm fucking you if you can pretend your enjoying doing it with me.

Oh and I need you to talk to me in a sexy way to tell me you love me and want me to make you pregnant. That's too much to ask Carol for the money I've offered so I'll double the fee, here's another £500 pounds if you'll pretend you love me, what do you say?

Carol was staring at the extra notes in her hand, the man had made a good case. He hadn't treated her like a bit of meat; he'd done his best to verbally seduce my wife. I was trembling myself, had the extra money made the difference, had he persuaded her or would she run away crying?

My wife spoke in little more than a shaky whisper, "If I let you do what you want with me, you'll have to wear a condom, I haven't got any birth control devices and I can't risk getting diseases."

From his triumphal expression Jack knew he'd won, but carried on with his seduction techniques in case she changed her mind. Leaning forward he kissed her cheek tenderly then said, "I'm so relived I need you so badly Carol." Jack pulled her gently to him then started to kiss her lightly on her lips until she responded by kissing him back.

The old man was good, even though he was paying top money for the privilege he was using all his experience to get his way with my wife.

The sexual tension was so stimulating I was now actually standing with my hard cock in my hand wanking slowly; wanting to get the maximum from this voyeuristic obsession. I understood that the old guy had got it right; he was getting more response from her this way. Sex with an uncaring partner is less satisfying than wanking yourself to a climax. All heterosexual men surely have daydreams of seducing a young beautiful woman; he was just living his dream with my wife.

I understood now, I wasn't jealous of this man in his sixties, I was proud he'd picked my wife to fulfil his fantasy. I wanted him to fuck her, to make her cum; after all she had needs that I couldn't fulfil anymore.

I mentally gave her to him, better still I was joining in by spying on them cuckolding me. My voyeurism was sharing their sexual coupling, perhaps all voyeurs are doing this, sharing others bliss.

Jack took Carols blouse and bra off, nuzzled her huge breasts and took down her flimsy shorts and tiny G-string. As he did so he licked her pussy lapping at her hole and clit alternately. Carol was red in the face, quite obviously enjoying his administrations.

She started to squirm and held his head tight against her kitty. Speaking in little more than a strangled whisper she gasped out, "Do it more Jack I love it, I want you to fuck me now and make me pregnant!"

I was sure Jack could have done just that, put his baby making seed into her hole if he wanted as she was so worked up. But he was too much of a gentleman and I expect he wanted many more sessions with Carol and no complications so he rolled a condom on his weapon.

Carol lay on her back spreading her legs wide. I was shocked to see that for the first time in her life she'd shaved her pussy leaving only a small triangle of blond hair on her mound. In addition her inner lips were so swollen they were bright red and protruded over an inch from her outer lips and I could see her hole contracting and releasing with sexual excitement.

Jack despite being sixty-five was in good physical condition. He got onto the bench and placed his condom-covered cock at her pussy entrance, leaving it there without movement for a moment. Unexpectedly to my astonishment my wife grabbed his buttocks and simultaneously lurched towards him and dragged his erection into her engorged sopping cunt.

Carol screamed, "I need all your cock and your spunk in my cunt, pleased fuck me hard Jack, make me pregnant, do meee!" Jack said tenderly, "I love you Carol, I want you to have my babies, I want to marry you! All this time they were rutting against each other, my wife forcing her legs back behind her head.

Carol shrieked in her ecstasy, I'm cumming Jack you're in me so deep lover. She was convulsing so much I thought she'd jump them both off of the bench. Her writhing reduced in intensity but she keep shuddering as small orgasms repeated constantly.

My wife dug her nails into the old man's back scratching him. Soon she was cumming again like a volcano. Screaming loudly, "Knock me up Jack, put a bun in my oven, spew your seed up me, fill me with your baby making spunk!"

Carol grasped his big balls tightly and twisted them hard, with this added pain and ecstasy Jack couldn't hold on any longer, I could see his bum clench a dozen times as he shot his sperm into in my wife's swollen very welcoming hole. Then he collapsed on top of her body until he slowly lifted himself off her and the table.

Perhaps it was my imagination but I was certain that when Carol noticed the condom she looked decidedly disappointed he hadn't shot his load into her bare back.

It stuck me she wasn't play acting when she was telling this old man to make her pregnant she really wanted him to impregnate her desperately! That was all I could take, my own sperm shot in strong spurts over my hand. I even realized that I'd forgotten he'd put on a condom and had been actually willing him to impregnate my wife!

I heard Jack leave after making another appointment and then watched my wife put on her clothes and move towards the house for a shower. I desperately wanted her now not later so shouted loudly "Carol can you come here please?"

Carol shouted back, "I've got to go to the loo and get this oil off my hands, I'll be back in a minute." But that wasn't what I wanted so I knocked my wheelchair over and called out again. Carol I need help now, the chairs fallen over! She came to assist me still looking red in the face.

As she did so I kissed her and she responded, immediately I put my hand between her legs and felt her now bald pussy. She jumped a little, looking at me with me with apprehension as if waiting for me to be shocked or angry at what she'd done. But I said, "You've shaved your pussy for me! I love you so much Carol" she smiled self-consciously then said, "I do love you Ken, more than you'll ever know!

While she was amiable I pulled down her shorts and licked her swollen naked labia and wide-open reddened hole, when I licked my tongue over her clit she immediately climaxed hard. God I loved this sexy woman, even more so now I'd seen how far she'd go to save our home.

It struck me as I held her hole open with my tongue that I wanted another man's spunk in there for me to clean out. I wanted her to serve me up cream pies, desperately needing to watch her take men's spunk up her hole and deliver it to my waiting mouth!

I asked her, "When's that last client coming again?" She replied coquettishly, "Oh he's booked for twice a week from now on Darling!"

I can't wait for the next time!

Carol my lovely blond wife and I were masseurs with each of us only massaging clients of our own sex. This was until a terrible cycle accident crippled me from the waist down forcing me to give up work.

We were so short of money the only way I could see to get enough was for Carol to take over some of my male clients. She was reluctant to do this at first, but we were under so much financial pressure she eventually agreed.

Initially her male massage sessions were just that, though I still felt jealous which was why I'd drilled a spy hole without her knowledge. One day the inevitable happened, a client exposed his erection and asked for a hand job, she refused. But our finances were so bad she steeled herself to do it for him the next time for the extra payment he offered.

Amazingly my wife watching had stimulated me so much I regained some feelings in my lower limbs and had an erection for the first time since my accident. It appeared the higher bl**d pressure my voyeurism created had jumpstarted my otherwise paralysed lower half.

Later a sixty five year old man offered a lot of badly needed money for her to be topless and give him a blowjob. Once again she was disinclined to agree but we'd needed the money so badly she did it. When he made another appointment he stated he wanted to fuck her next time.

My wife didn't say she would and it seemed she'd decided against it until we got a final notice that we would lose our house if we didn't immediately pay a large sum of cash.

Even with this hanging over us she was still unsure if she could go through with it, but the old man used all his years of experience to seduce my lovely wife. He got her worked up and offered so much money to let him fuck her she gave in. He used a condom although he could probably have shot his sperm into her bare backed and impregnated her if he'd wanted.

Each sluttish act my wife performed with another man re-ignited my libido. To the point my penis till recently having no sensation at all, improved so much with the voyeurism I'd got most of my lustful feelings back. In fact I'd been able to wank myself to an orgasm watching my wife do the old man and even been able to stand for a moment.

I didn't let on to her that I was watching her sex acts and managed to lick her swollen labia after the old man had fucked her. Every sex act she performed with other men was helping my crippled lower limbs and cock regenerate their function.

Without her realizing I encouraged her need to do sexual things with her male clients. The more of a slut she became the more it helped my disability retreat. Unfortunately we were still many thousands in debt and liable to lose the house unless she could earn more money.

Carol and I had both been virgins when we married so the old man had been only her second lover. My emotions were mixed, I realized I was a natural voyeur and wife watcher and I got the biggest physical boost to my crippled lower half when I imagined another man impregnating my wife.

On the other hand I wanted to protect her and for it to be my sperm making her babies. She wasn't a natural slut; in fact she was mentally very reticent about any extra marital contact. But as the economics of our debt f***ed her into prostituting her body her natural sex drive took over and she was soon enthusiastically orgasmic.

No doubt the fact that I'd been unable to make love to her since becoming paralysed had contributed to her needing other sexual release. After all why should I expect her to go without? Although I could again achieve an erection, without watching her wanton behaviour with other men it just didn't get hard, a catch 22 situation.

Carol had bought us some time by earning the money from the old man with her pussy. As she'd paid off enough of our debt, she felt she could now turn down requests from other clients for sexual favours. Logically I should have been delighted but I was actually disappointed, as I needed my full voyeur fix and to recover my lower body function as quickly possible.

The sixty five year old who'd been the only man to cuckold me to date my wife treated as a different case in her morality entirely. He booked up twice every week now and got sex acts from my wife every time. In fact it was obvious to me that Jack had displaced me as her prime sexual partner. Still he paid well and depending on the time of the month got a hand / blowjob or full enthusiastic intercourse when he insisted on always wearing a condom.

It seemed my wife trusted this big blond/grey haired blue eyed old Viking. Perhaps she was rather in love with him as she always screamed at him to impregnate her, although I realized she was originally doing this at his specific request. However I was convinced by the enthusiasm Carol put into begging him for his sperm that she genuinely wanted him to impregnate her.

In fact on a couple of occasions she'd told him not to wear a condom despite her having no other method of birth control. But the old fellow was a gentleman and insisted on wearing one to her obvious disappointment.

After all, the pensioner was paying her so he'd bought the right to do her anyway he wanted. He now asked Carol in the middle of a furious fucking session "Who's the boss, who's the daddy? Is your husband the daddy or am I? I expected her to say I was, but the old basted had waited till my wife was on the brink of her orgasm before asking. She growled as she came, "You are Jack, you're the daddy!"

He said, "Good," as he came in her, "I expect you to always confirm I'm the daddy as well as begging me to impregnate you every time we shag in future! "Yes Jack," she answered, "you're the 'fucking' daddy anyway cos he can't do me anymore!"

One day he shocked Carol and me listening by saying he wanted to fuck her arse. She said no with a definite unapproachable voice. My lovely wife had never allowed me to do her up the arse because she said it wasn't natural and dirty so I hadn't persisted.

The old man pretended he accepted her decision but kept mentioning it again just at her point of orgasm. One day he asked her as she was cumming the hardest I've ever seen her. Offering a lot of money and saying it was his birthday the next week and he wanted her bum as his present. In her ecstasy she shouted, "Yes, YES you can fuck my arse for your birthday!"

But by the next week she'd had second thoughts and been crying on and off all morning. I consoled her hugging her to me telling her everything would work out in the end if we both love each other. She was shaking and said, "But you don't understand Ken, I --!" But she didn't try to explain more; possibly she was ashamed of what she'd promised to do.

She looked me in my eyes and said, "I'd die for you Ken and I'll do anything that's needed to keep our house and home together, but will never betray you! I suspected that this meant she'd made up her mind to refuse to have anal sex with her old lover.

I said, "I know that Carol, I trust you to do whatever you think you need for us. By the way this came this morning." It was another final notice about our arrears of mortgage threatening imminent foreclosure unless a lot of money was paid in by the end of the week.

Carol read it silently, started crying and shaking again then said, "I love you so much Ken, I'll sort this out someway for our future! My cock immediately sprang to attention at the very thought of the sixty-five year old taking my wife's anal virginity while I watched him do her.

He'd been only the second man to fuck her cunt but it now seemed likely that he'd be the first to shag her arse. My emotions were confused; I was both apprehensive and jealous at the same time. Already she'd sucked him off despite never doing it for me her husband, now this would be the second sexual treat he'd beaten me to.

The day came and she gave him a naked massage, he being the only man she didn't d**** with a towel. She was still nervous with little tears running down her cheeks. Carol drew in a deep breath and started to say, "Jack ? I don't think I," Before she said any more Jack kissed her hard on the lips, cutting short her negative protestations.

She tried to break away but he was kissing her more passionately now and his hand vigorously rubbed her breasts and kitty. He was quite a psychologist this pensioner, he didn't bug her again about it just laid her on the bench and fingered her anus and clit at the same time.

She was getting extremely worked up but he didn't let her cum. Instead he rubbed massage oil into her anus, trying to penetrate her with his finger while she clenched her sphincter muscles to prevent him doing so. But he persisted slowly entering her puckered hole with one finger then two.

Gradually with Jack manipulating her clit and fingering her anus she weakened, saying in a low voice, "Alright Jack you can try to do me ? there, but you've got to promise to stop if it hurts me too much?" Jack smiled and said softly, "Of course I'll be gentle Carol I love you too much to hurt you."

Jack had again said the right seductive things; by doing so he was going to get his way with my wife again. My cock was painfully hard and not only was I able to stand I was moving from foot to foot.

Wantonly my lovely wife lowered herself off of the table and bent over pulling her buttocks apart to give Jack full access. I could clearly see her soaking swollen labia and puckered anus both twitching with lustful anticipation.

I watched Jack kissing her bottom and licking her brown hole; in fact after a while he managed to push his tongue right into her back entrance. But when we both expected his cock to replace his tongue he didn't do it, Instead he lifted her naked onto the table on her back and spread her legs lewdly wide open.

I'd never seen her labia so swollen, her innerlips protruding several inches and gaping so that her hole was like a cavern glistening with her juices and throbbing in almost orgasmic excitement. Her clitoris was pushing from its hood at least an inch and massively swollen with pressurized bl**d. She was so sexually excited no porn star would look more fuckable!

My cock was so near to exploding without me even touching it just from this super sexual show for another man. I was standing now without holding on, I needed him to fuck her arse and fuck her cunt stupid myself strait afterwards.

But what was Jack up to? It seemed he was going to fuck her vagina again instead of her arse hole. Though she was ultra sexually excided her face betrayed the fact that she was also disappointed as I was, we'd both got used to the idea of her having a completely new sexual adventure so anything else would be an anticlimax.

However we were both wrong, Jack f***ed Carol's legs even further outwards and backwards over her shoulders. Then he placed his condom-covered cockhead on her perineum and dragged it till it was touching her virgin back entrance then pressed slowly in. Her sphincter muscles resisted at first but with all the massage oil and pussy goo covering his member the entrance muscles relaxed and allowed his cockhead to gently penetrate her.

Carol squeaked in pain as it entered her ring and I was afraid she'd demand he removed it because of the agony she was obviously in. But she didn't she clung more tightly to his back and closed her eyes. Slowly but surly Jack pushed his member in another inch. Now she was holding her lips clamped tight and tears of discomfort were trickling from her eyes.

Soon I could see he had his whole length up her back passage and his balls touching her buttocks. He leaned towards her kissing her lips and again rubbed her clit by pushing his hand between them. He left his cock within my wife without movement until she got used to its presence. Then slowly started to move in a fucking motion and she responded.

My wife said, "That's painful Jack, its such a naughty thing to do but your body's rubbing my clit as well so I'm almost ready to cum. With that he speeded up until he was fucking her really hard and fast. Carol's facial expression was a mixture of agony and ecstasy.

Jack threw himself whole-heartedly into his anal assault. Carol was whimpering now, she said, "Fuck my arsehole Jack come up me darling I want it badly, don't you ever stop I want your cock up my bum forever --- I just didn't know! Oh lover I'm cumming Jack do me hard" then she screeched in agony and had an earth shattering orgasm. She wailed so loudly and shrilly I was worried our nearest neighbours two hundred yards away would hear her cries.

I could hear Jacks groans and his buttocks clenching time after time as he shot his cum into her writhing body, into her big bobbling bum, up her arsehole. Eventually Jack dismounted from her as his cock withered, she kissed him as he left, telling him her arse was now owned by him, his cock would be the only one she'd allow to penetrate it and he could do it anytime he wanted.

I was jealous of the old man; he'd got permission to do something she wasn't even going to let me do. On the other hand I was so proud of her because she'd been so adventurous and enduring the pain of her first anal penetration. She'd put aside her earlier revulsion at the idea to get us the money we so desperately needed.

When the old man had left I called Carol to me, she walked into the gym with difficulty her legs held far apart. She also made the mistake of sitting down on the hard wooden chair, yelping in pain she leapt up immediately. I clasped her to me and although I knew what had caused her discomfort I was non-the less worried about her.

Had her paying lover damaged her sphincter, was her large bowl torn or bruised? She'd promised him he could have her bum again whenever he wanted it so I was sure he'd do her there regularly from then on. What a bastard I was, but what a turn on spying on the old man and her rutting at each other is, I'm dedicated to wife watching now I decided.

I put my hand inside her lose shorts and felt her labia immediately realizing she hadn't replaced her G-string. She'd had to go to Soho to get these, as more sensible panties were the norm in those days. I rubbed her fat bum and she moved away from me a bit so I licked her pussy. Then being unable to resist it I licked her anal ring, it was gapping open so much I got most of my tongue in it. She jumped up in pain but grimacing, allowed me to do it.

Perhaps she felt guilty about not letting me do her there and selling her favours instead. The expression on her face was one of questioning, why had I chosen that exact time to lick her arsehole, after all I couldn't know what Jack had just done up her ring could I?

Carol still continued giving strait massages plus the occasional hand job. Though she did allow her original hand relief customer to have a blowjob as thanks for introducing Jack to her. But she resolutely refused to have full sex with him or anyone else but the old man.

Carol explained to Jack she still had morals even if they were her own rules that applied. She explained she was married to me and loved me dearly, but as I couldn't fuck her now she loved him and his cock in a purely carnal way, he was her sensual guru.

Jack was pleased with this explanation and when she said she'd do anything for him except leave me. He smiled and said, "In that case I've a special favour to ask you. She replied that she'd do whatever he wanted. Jack said in that case he'd better explain and would pay her a lot of money for her help.

Jack said, "I've a young son who's coming up to his birthday that will make sex with him legal. But he's had real problems; he's only sexually matured in the last few weeks.

You see when out third c***d was born it wasn't possible to tell what sex it was, our baby was a hermaphrodite. There were both sets of male and female residual genitalia. It appears this isn't as unusual as you might think, but only people in contact with one understands the problems.

Parents give them names and dress them in clothes that don't encourage them to live as either sex. My c***d we called Toni/Tony, dressed in a kilt and patent shoes that could belong to either conventional sex. We bought both boys and girls toys equally and waited to see which the c***d chose.

The only conclusive way to be certain of their real sex is at puberty when one set of genitalia develops markedly. Obviously if the c***d had periods it's a girl and extra female hormones are giving to help her develop.

This didn't happen to my c***d, he began to develop testicles and penis so the specialist injected him with male hormones to bring on full puberty. He now feels more male and is far happier. However he has the problem that he still looks rather feminine. Though I'm not anti gay or bi sexual males I don't want my son f***ed into that way of life unless this is what he chooses.

There have been many gay men hanging around him all his life trying to tempt him. I've been able to protect him till now by having him educated at home but he doesn't know many girls as he wasn't interested until recently.

Carol what I'm asking you is to initiate him into sex; you're wonderful at it as I well know. You see your looks are ideal, as you closely resemble my deceased wife his mother. She was really the only adult female he'd a close relationship with so I'm sure he'll feel at home with you."

"Wow," Carol said, are you k**ding me Jack?" "No," he replied I'm deadly serious, what do you say? "Jack" she said, "You're asking me to have sex with a very young man who I've never met and who not only has never had sex but also doesn't have the first idea what to do!"

"Yes Carol," Jack replied, "That's so, In fact I don't really know if he's capable of an erection or of having sexual relationships with a woman! But if he can't he'll probably end up like a she male just being a receptacle for men's cocks.

That's not what I want for my son, please help me find the truth for love and money of course Carol, I beg you? The old man had tears in his eyes and a pleading expression on his face.

Carol looked shocked, after a few seconds pause she said, "I don't know what to say Jack I can't get my head around what you've just told me. I'd like to help both of you but I must have a few days to consider if I could bring myself to do it morally and physically."

Jack said, "I understand Carol, his birthday's next Friday and I'm prepared to pay you a £1000 if you'll help two worried men out! I'll phone you on Monday to get your answer. Then he went, leaving my wife looking perplexed in the extreme.

Even I couldn't tell what she'd do but resolved to try and influence her positively with out letting on I knew of the problem.

My reasoning I'm ashamed to say was purely selfish, my cock was stiff again just at the thought of this possible exotically different liaison. My adoptive father had always said a stiff cock has no conscience, how right he was in my situation.

Now I'd just have to wait to find out what she decided!

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Jack, Carol and I talked through all our sexual hang-ups, I?d admitted my voyeurism and Carol much more. She?d kinky obsessions about being an exhibitionist a voyeur, being impregnated by strangers, being paid for sex and was bi curious.

She?d also developed a fetish about old men, she imagined the older the man the bigger his cock. This opinion she?d formed by having sex with our sixty-year-old uncle and a seventy-year-old black man, who both had exceptional large penises.

Carol asked Jack to tell us about his research into historical sexuality he?d hinted at previously. He said he would gladly, ?Carol you enjoy being paid to have sex with men,? jack started, did you know its only recently doing that has been frowned on?

In many countries like Babylon, it was expected that every woman must once in her life go to the temple of Aphrodite to become a sacred prostitute and fuck strange men for payment, this was how their religion was funded.

In ancient Greece a woman not married and sexually active was by definition available and belonged to all men.

Then there was the custom of ?first nights? for example in the 16th-century the Scottish king Evenus III decreed, "The lord of the manor shall have the maidenhead of all virgins dwelling on his land.? Similarly, ecclesiastical authorities exercised the right of the first night too.?

Carol said in a shocked voice, ?Jack are you saying a Lord or priest had the right to fuck every bride before her husband?

That?s exactly what I?m saying Carol,? Jack replied, ?it was great to be a nobleman or priest. The priest informed the Lord of weddings so he could have the bride! If he didn?t then the priest could do her. It wasn?t just a quickie either one tried his hardest to impregnate her.

Carol said, ?Most woman now wouldn?t like that, but I would cos I?m a dirty cow! But what are you telling us with those stories is there another moral as well as prostitutes weren?t outcasts then??

?Yes I was trying to make a point Carol,? Jack said, ?even today sexual customs vary between religions and countries. I had a really beautiful young Pakistani girlfriend with an insatiable sex drive. She was a Pathan and had inherited her culture's attachment to being fucked in her anus. Her culture used it as their main method of birth control.

Because she was with me a non-Muslim white guy her f****y disapproved and largely disowned her. Though she was still ?very close? to her b*****rs in fact when they visited we all ended up in bed together and took turns to have her arse.

What I?m saying is even now sexual customs vary considerably so the things you describe as your perversions are quite normal in other cultures.

?Well you guys,? Carol said confidently, ?now we?ve all accepted my obsessions are normal, when are you going to find someone to impregnate me? And what about you Ken I?d promised to make you a father but I can?t now, tell me how many women have you had??

I felt inadequate again, Carol looked at my face and said, ?I know you lover and it?s only been me hasn?t it??

I nodded then said, ?Yes only you and I?d thought monogamy was a thing we both shared. When I found out about your experiences with old men I was turned on and sad at the same time! Carol took me tenderly in her arms kissed me, then said softly, ?Ken I love you just as much as I ever did. I think we should find a lady for you to impregnate don?t you? Jack can you help us both out here??

Jack looked pensive then said in a deliberate tone, ?Well to find a man to make you pregnant Carol will be comparatively easy but to find a lady who doesn?t mind Ken knocking her up will be very difficult indeed, still leave the problem with me.

The week after we went to our b*****rs Daren?s wedding. This was a little surprising as he?s a hermaphrodite but since Carol fucked him he knew he was male.

He married the pretty black girl he?d grown up with.

It was just a registry office ceremony and I noticed Carol drooling over the bride?s father. He was the giant black man who my b*****r had told Carol had such a huge ebony dick. The man was in his sixties but looked fit and solidly muscled.

The bride?s mother was also there a big black momma around twenty-five stones but with an attractive face. I remembered my b*****r?s description of her cavernous quim and was curious about how it would look and feel!

However there was no reception and after we arrived home Carol remarked, ?I?ve got a couple of college girl s****rs from the university coming for a massage tonight Ken.?

I replied, ?So will you try to get them in the nude and lust after their bodies?? ?Well I can only try can?t I,? Carol said, ?though I?ve never done anything with a girl except brush their tits and pussies with my hand when I give them a massage, I don?t know how I?d react if any girl touches me!

You can watch from the gym and I?ll try to show you between their legs if you like?? ?Sounds good Carol,? I said having never spied on her female clients, as it wasn?t a professional thing to do.

But now she knew I was watching and was an exhibitionist herself, things had changed. It?s a wonder I hadn?t thought of it before probably most voyeurs were men who wanted to surreptitiously watch women in the nude.

The two girls came for the massage, they were gorgeous I watched and listened with anticipation from the spy hole in the gym. Without Carol asking both took every piece of clothing off, wow what wonderful firm statuesque figures, they were both perfection.

Carol said, ?One of you can wear this till its your turn,? holding out a towelling robe. But both girls laughed and one said no thanks we like to be nude as much as possible.

The other s****r said, ?As were naked we want you to strip completely as well! Carol said, ?I don?t normally do--- that? But the two girls gave her no choice and stripped her clothes off of her.

The first of the s****rs climbed up on the massage table spreading her legs lewdly wide in a way that was ideal for me to see every detail of her neatly trimmed pussy. It was almost as if she knew I was watching! She asked Carol to pour oil on her cunt and massage it for her.

This was too much for me so I dropped my gym shorts and started to wank at the sight of my wife doing what she was asked, massaging the lovely pussy of the young girl student.

With a sight like that I was mesmerized my her wonderfully formed puffy labia and prominent clitoris overlooking her exquisite vulva. With my eyes fixed on her beautiful genitals I hadn?t noticed where her s****r had gone.

That was until her hand grasped my hard cock and squeezed roughly so it hurt. The naked girl said angrily ?Come with me you bl**dy wife watching voyeur!? She dragged me roughly by my still hard penis, my shorts round my ankles making me hobble.

She took me outside and into the massage area and shouted to the two other naked women, ?Look what I?ve caught a pervert getting excited about your open pussy what shall we do with him s*s?? ?Tie him to that chair.? the other naked goddess said.

Carol protested, ?No that?s my husband, let him go please? My captor held on to my now softening member and dug her sharp nails in its tender flesh I was in agony. With her other hand she grabbed my balls in a grip of iron and twisted them unmercifully.

Then she said to Carol, ?We didn?t give him permission to wank over my s****rs pussy did we. We?ve both come here to instruct you about girl on girl lesbian love. We?re going to fuck you the feminine way. But if you don?t want us we?ll go after we?ve reported this pervert to the police.

Carol looked at me as if to say sorry and started to lick the wide-open pussy in front of her, she?d made her decision.

My captor threw me down in a chair and told me she?d report me if I didn?t do what she said. Then she pulled some ropes from her bag and tied each arm and leg together and on to the chair legs. I was unable to move but my shorts were still round my ankles and my by now shrivelled up cock on permanent display, I felt utterly humiliated.

?Look at that pathetic thing between his legs? She sniggered, ?that will be no use to you any more Carol once us bi girls have fucked you!

I sobbed, ?How did you know I was there?? My beautiful captor said we?ve been reading your stories on the Internet and warned you not to keep posting them but you wouldn?t listen would you?

Oh no, you had to keep telling the world about you and Jacks pathetic sex lives. But in chapter six you reported Carol wanted the Bi girls to initiate her and here we are. I shall not tell you how we traced you; we just followed the clues until we realized you were just up the road! Well you can watch us seduce you lovely wife and are unable to wank yourself so watch how real lovers do it.

The bi girl pinched Carol?s nipples, straddled her and bent her head down running her tongue in circular motions over her breasts. Carol's back arched with pleasure. After more teasing as the girl sucked on each nipple, a loud moan escaped my wife?s lips. The Bi girl slowly began to lave one large Brest with her tongue, working around the tit unhurriedly.

Carol was moaning softly now I could see the tension in her body. The bi girl held on tightly as Carol?s body spasmed and then went wild, plunging and thrashing on the bench in a paroxysm of pleasure.

The Bi girl bent down to Carol?s pussy, tracing the lips with her tongue and then entered inside. She licked gently at my wife?s now swollen clit, causing her legs to twitch with pleasure.

The pretty girl began to tongue fuck her, working back up to my wife?s clit and simultaneously inserted two fingers into Carol?s cunt and fucked her with them. The pleasure was far too exquisite for Carol to bear and she began to scream with pleasure. Soon the girl?s lips were glistening with my wife?s cum, she lapped it up then kissed Carol sharing her own cream with her.

My wife pulled the girls face down again tightly to her pussy, she looked on fire as she humped her cunt against the girls face, crying out each time her lover?s nose or tongue made fleeting contact with her straining clit. The experienced girl captured her clit somehow among the wild thrashing and sucked hard, lashing it with her tongue.

Carols pussy convulsed again and she screeched, it was obvious to me that paroxysms of pure bliss were shooting through her whole body. She was now an elemental woman, yelling out her pleasure as her girl lover took her to ever-greater heights. While she was so sexually hot the girl shoved a fast buzzing vibrator deep within my wife?s cunt.

Carol winched momentarily but gave into the pleasure while she did this, her lover?s finger probed deep inside her ass. Being doubly penetrated was too much for Carol to handle and she let out a loud moan as her cum flowed out onto the vibrator as she jerked with pure bliss.

I couldn?t help watch the dominant girl kissing Carols kitty delicately and lightly diddling her clit with her finger then sucking it like a tiny marble. My wife was writhing groaning and grunting in pleasure.

The second girl now straddled Carols face and I could see her suck the pretty girls labia into her mouth. It was so erotic my penis was painfully hard again I wanted to wank but my hands were tightly held. I could see Carols tongue slathering madly on to the young student?s anus then deep into her labia and over her clitoris.

The slim girl lowered herself onto carols mouth until her pussy was f***ed down onto my wife. At the same time her s****r was again licking Carols clitoris softly and gently. Carol bucked as the mother of all orgasms, gripping her legs round her lover?s head holding it to her. There were muffled screams from my wife stifled by the other girl?s now puffy labia.

I couldn?t believe how gorgeous the two bi girls were they could be models; I?d thought they?d be manly looking females. Of course, these weren?t lesbians exclusively but bi girls; they got the best of both worlds didn?t they.

These weren?t crop haired shapeless old women. These were real babes fully made up with delicate eye shadow and lipstick making it obvious they took their femininity seriously. I loved Carol but my god I wanted to fuck both of these girls.

The girls dismounted from Carol and came towards me. I was untied then laid face down on the chair with my backside upward then my bonds were applied again. From this ungainly position I could see directly between Carols legs. Her pussy, puffy and running with her cum juice, still jumping and moving in little orgasms.

I?d never seen her so worked up with any man or me. This was an experience she?d dreamed about for such a long time coming true. One of the s****rs opened her bag and pulled out a strap on cock, it was black and massive. Fully a foot long and nearly as round as a drink can in circumference, surly she didn?t think she could get this in my little wife.

The pretty girl put it on and climbed between Carol?s legs, who looked in awe at the massive plastic weapon. She pulled her legs wide and held them there with her hands. She was flowing with juices some running onto the table.

?Fuck me, with the big cock,? Carol said and pulled its head to her gaping vagina.

The dominant girl thrust into her in one swift movement and Carol brayed with pain and pleasure. More, more she cried as the bi girl thrust it into her with a ferocious rhythm.

I watched Carol who was now in a continuous state of orgasm, screaming fuck me harder lover I love you both. Now the other girl pushed a butt plug vibrator into Carol?s anus and switched it on. Carol squeaked with the double sensation, then the second girl kissed her lips and Carol tongued her furiously.

The girl with the strap on kept at Carol?s pussy continuously for half an hour and when she eventually withdrew Carol slumped down completely exhausted. These fit young girls turned to me. In my position I couldn?t protect myself whatever they were going to do.

I soon found out what they had in mind when one girl showed me a long thin corkscrew vibrator before forcing it into my anus and turned it on full speed. It was a weird feeling not unpleasant except I had the urge to defecate.

Then pain, a switch crashed down on my bare buttocks continually for several minutes. I was in agony and they only stopped when Carol called them over to her and whispered something.

The dominant pretty girl said, ?Your wife says you?ve only ever had sex with her, are you a wimp?

Well as you are you can call us both mistress and we might change all that! The switch crashed down again, I yelped and shouted, ?Yes mistress!

With this I was untied and strapped face up on to the massage table.

I noticed Carol walking with her legs splayed, no doubt with a sore hole from the pounding it had just taken. Now the dominant girl asked me if I wanted them to fuck me. I shouted, ?Yes mistress!?

Within seconds she?d mounted my cock and started to bounce up and down at the same time her s****r lowered her kitty on to my face I was in heaven. I tried to lick the second girl?s cunt but she was frigging herself against me.

I felt the girl?s vagina engulfing my cock?s contract as she was cumming and I shot my sperm into her just as the other girl came on my face. She gushed her own cum into and over my mouth twitching for ages. I gulped it down she tasted fantastic. The first girl dismounted then said sternly, ?You?re in trouble now boy, I didn?t give you permission to come in me did I??

?No mistress.? I said worried about what was going to happen next. Well she said I?ve got no protection, if you?ve made me pregnant I?ll cut off your balls personally you wimp bastard. Then she grabbed my testicles and twisted them hard to make her point.

When the Bi girls had gone Carol untied me and said in a dreamy voice, ?They were fantastic it was my best sexual experience ever, I?m sorry Ken but I may never have hetro sex again, they?re going to shag me again soon!

No I screamed in my head, had I lost my wife completely to those wonderful Bi girls?

was worried, my wife Carol had told me after her lesbian encounter with the two bi girls she may never go back to heterosexual lovemaking. But I needn?t have, by the next morning she?d got all her other urges back. She told me she only wanted sex with females occasionally as it gave her more sexual scope.

She said she was still in love with me as much as she was before we?d received our disconcerting news. In particular she knew we both wanted c***dren, but she wouldn?t go ahead with her own search for pregnancy unless I could be included.

We went to bed intending to make soft tender love as we did before my accident and our world had turned upside down by the news that we couldn?t have c***dren together.

But though I wanted to so much I was unable to get hard enough to penetrate her. It was as if I?d got brewers droop but I hadn?t been drinking. Worse still my legs were not recovering as I would have liked, I could only just stand and walking was only just possible with the help of two sticks. What had happened was it just a physical relapse or was I becoming mentally incapable.

Why while I was wife watching did I seem to becoming even more potent than when I was fully fit! Had my voyeurism taken over as my main sexual outlet and was I being overpowered by my wife?s urges. Before I?d the masculine strength of being sexually in charge. I the male of the species should be the hunter surly and the woman the homemaker.

Now I wasn?t the one who would make Carols babies, another man would get that honour. When I watched her with other men I?d got hard and wanted them to impregnate her! But in the cold light of day I realized this was madness, the basic concept of a male is to be the one to impregnate his mate and so procreate and spread his own genes.

Yes we were trying to find a lady to let me impregnate her, that?s natural for a man to find as many sexual partners as possible especially if c***dren were born that he didn?t have to support.

I remembered mates who had unprotected one-night stands and gave the girl a false name and address just in case she got pregnant. That was socially unacceptable in today?s society but so natural for basic male urges.

Now my wife had admitted sexual activity before our marriage, with old men at that. Then had told me all her hang-ups even bi sexuality none of these things had entered my mind until her revelations; I was the alpha male after all.

Before when I was ?certain? she wouldn?t stray I felt secure, now although she says she loves me, old men and even other women made me feel threatened. This was madness; my illusion of her non-awakened sexuality was always a myth. But I felt I should have known, should have sensed she wasn?t the innocent girl I?d believed in my testosterone-fuelled arrogance!

I?d no right to complain I?d even used our money problems to blackmail Carol into allowing men to take more and more liberties with her sexually! It was my fault she?d got rid of the inbuilt reluctance to stray from the monogamous norm expected by this society.

She was the now dominant one, I?d now had sex with the bi girls but I hadn?t been in charge in that encounter. Not that I was reluctant so much as they had sex with me rather than me having sex with them!

It hit me that I?d never been in charge of my wife?s sexuality either. If she didn?t want sex she was tired or had a headache and if she did but I was reluctant she only had to make the effort to dress sexily and act the vamp and I was there before she even made any physical contact.

What A fool I was, all that time I?d believed it was my own sexual magnetism that drew her into each sexual encounter, but how wrong I was, it was the opposite! She?d always been dominant; I prided myself on not being a wimp but was it all a delusion?

There was good that had come out of all this I supposed. Instead of putting each other on pedestals and not taking our sex play beyond how we ?thought? the other wanted it. Our real but hidden urges had all come out so we could try and arrange to incorporate them when it was feasible.

If we loved each other enough could we live the rest of our lives together or had that gone with the stunning revelations? We talked it over and decided to continue living as man and wife bringing up any c***dren she had as if they?d been between us. After all any c***dren would have some of my shared D.N.A. in anycase.

I phoned Jack and explained our thinking we both wanted c***dren and I?d like to be there when impregnation took place so we could share it. Jack said ?Your not asking much guys you?ve added this to wanting to include all your fetishes in one go!

Well I?ve got a few ideas and will come back to you if I can arrange something to check you agree.?

Jack came up with a mind-blowing proposal. He said, ?I?ve a partner, a multi millionaire who?d not had any c***dren and was desperate for an heir. The point is Mr. Allie wants to make a contract with you as a married couple to bring up his c***d.

The contract would say if the c***d was proved by its D.N.A to be his then his not inconsiderable fortune would be split between you pair and his c***d. He?s come to this decision because he?s been diagnosed as having cancer and has at the most only a year to live. He desperately wants to see a c***d of his own before he loses his fight for life.?

Carol asked, ?Well I want a baby desperately and have this desire to be paid to be impregnated so that sounds ok to me. What do you think Ken?? I said, ?Its what you want as long as the mans got no diseases and will let me be there, remember I?m Voyeur as well as your husband.

Can you tell us more about your partner please Jack?? Jack replied, ?I certainly can he is black and eighty years old but until he became ill was very fit and virile. I?ve shared threesomes with him and I can tell you Carol his cock?s enormous.

However at his age it takes a lot to get him hard and able to perform sexually. He is also a lifelong voyeur and needs to watch others sexual performances to get him worked up. He?s requested that he has help prior to and during his impregnation attempt!?

?His age size and colour doesn?t put me off, they?re all my fetishes in anycase,? Carol said, ?but what will he require as help??

?I was coming to that Carol,? Jack said, ?His bodyguard your b*****rs father in law would be the fluffer for him. He wants him to fuck you first Cheryl the man?s had a vasectomy so can?t knock you up. He?ll keep doing you until his boss is hard enough to take over; I believe you know he?s a sixty-year-old Blackman also with a massive penis.

However he wants even more stimulation and has requested a second couple should be trying for impregnation while he watches them and puts his seed in Carol.

I?ve a possible solution to that; you were both at your b*****rs wedding to his lovely black bride. Well its not surprising that your b*****r?s proved to have no active sperm. So I?ve suggested you Ken should make your s****r in law pregnant at the same time as Carols impregnated.

They?ve agreed if you do, because the c***d would have the same genes but little chance of his problem being passed to the c***d. This would also mean both of your voyeur and Carol?s exhibitionist tendencies would be taken care of at the same time and you would be doing it together as you requested. Well what do you two think??

?Its up to Ken,? Carol said, ?I won?t do anything without your agreement husband and I might just be jealous watching you impregnating another woman!? I replied, ?Well I really wanted a c***d by you Carol, but as that?s not possible this does seem a way out for us.?

?In that case I agree Jack,? Carol said, ?though it all seems a bit clinical talking it through like this. We?d have to find a time when both us females are ovulating at the same time or at least fertile have you thought of that?? Yes Carol, ?Jack answered, ? though you cycles aren?t the same your s****r in law?s on the pill so if she continues taking them after one set finishes she can regulate her fertile time to synchronize with yours.

Jack said, ?When you?re feeling horny Carol you?d let any man who brings you to orgasm impregnate you. That?s silly in reality, this way everybody can have full sexual health checks first.?

I was pleased at the arrangements but worried about my own potency my, legs and penis weren?t fully recovered. Though my voyeurism watching my wife with other men had allowed me to recover considerable stiffness, could I perform when I was being watched by other better-endowed men myself?

I was apprehensive to say the least, it was easy to talk with bravado of wanting another man to cuckold your own wife when you?ve a hard on. But when it comes down to it in the cold light of reality, to plan ahead to book your wife to be impregnated, to cuckold you, was this right?

Jack arranged for us to go the island that Mr Allie owned, he lived in a mansion that Jack said we?d inherit if things went as planed. We were shown into the palatial house and Jack took us round.

There were a dozen bedrooms each with en suite bathrooms. One huge room had two queen-sized beds covered with black satin. Mirrors covered all the walls and the ceiling. Jack said this was where the impregnation would take place if Mr Allie approves of Carol as his brood mare.

No that wasn?t right she wasn?t a brood mare she was my wife. I said we should pull out but Carol wanted to know more. Jack took us to an adjoining space that covered three walls of the big bedroom area and we could see in through the two-way mirrors from all angles. The points not covered the one remaining side and the ceiling was covered by a series of closed circuit video cameras and projected on to large screens as well as being recorded. Comfortable chairs were in several strategic places where control panels allowed the cameras to be zoomed in or out.

?This is a bit upmarket from the hole you drilled Ken,? Jack said, ?but its just the ultimate in voyeurism paraphernalia. Mr Allie invites any of our employees who get married to spend their honeymoons on the island and gives them this room as the honeymoon suite. They nearly all accept and are blissfully unaware that he?s watching every move and videoing them having sex.

Today Mr Allie wishes to examine Carol to see if she?s sexually acceptable to him to be the one who bore his c***d. Then if you both agree we?ll arrange tests for any venereal diseases and each man will be checked for sperm potency!

This seemed too clinical to me I was rapidly going off the whole Idea but Carol was fascinated by it all. As she said this situation would cover so many of her kinky obsessions at once. We?d also be paid millions to take part in her ultimate prostitution as she put it.

Carol was completely naked on one of the big black satin beds and Mr. Allie arrived pushed in his wheel chair by the massive black bodyguard. Jack and I watched from the comfort of the viewing room. It seemed so unreal, could I get hard in front of another man, especially my own father?

By myself in the gym it had been so erotic my imagination ran riot so it was no trouble. But as I knew all the other men?s penises were several inches longer than mine I had this feeling of inferiority.

Jack had already got his long hard prick out and was rubbing it slowly in anticipation. I?d felt no stirrings at all, in fact my cock felt as small as it did after a cold outdoor swim, shrivelled to almost non existent size.

This Eighty year old was very black bald and almost toothless not a pretty sight. But Carol had this fetish about old men and I could see her licking her lips in anticipation. Now the huge sixty year old picked his employer up carried him to the bed and removed his robe. This geriatric looked like a black concentration victim he was so thin and skeletal.

It was obvious the cancer was eating the poor guy away I?d have felt sorry for the old guy except for one thing. His penis lay across his legs and even flaccid reached almost to his knees. It must have been ten inches long soft, what length would it be hard!

By now Mr. Allie was feeling Carol all over with his bony hands. He?d thrust two fingers in her vagina and was mauling her tits. Jack zoomed in on Carol?s pussy that was soaking wet as she stared fascinated at the long fat member between his legs. She lent towards it licking her lips in anticipation and gave the bulbous head a soft kiss as she hefted his balls in their saggy sack.

The old man smiled but his cock stayed soft and he asked his bodyguard for help.

The sixty year old stripped naked and positioned his thirteen-inch, hard cock at my wife?s lips. She grabbed it with both hands and sucked its black purple head she worked like a wild thing mouth and both hands a blur of speed.

Mr Allie said to stop and his bodyguard laid him on his back and Carol got into the sixty-nine position on top of him. She lowered her streaming open shaved cunt onto the bony black eighty year olds mouth. His old tongue lapped at her labia and clit as she shuddered in orgasm shooting her cum into the octogenarian?s mouth.

Now Carol took the old mans penis into her mouth, it was still flaccid but far bigger than my puny five inch hard on. Mr Allie gave another order and the bodyguard got on the bed behind my wife. The octogenarian reached for his servants? hard ebony rod and placed it at my wife?s pussy entrance.

I was terrified the thirteen inch weapon would split her in two, surly this massive rod almost as round as a coke can wouldn?t go in her without doing permanent damage to my wife?s vagina!

The sixty year old eased the bulbous tip into her in the doggie position, I could see a frightened look on her face, shouldn?t I rush in and save her being split apart? But it was too late the huge weapon slammed into her all thirteen inches in one thrust. Carols eyes were filled with tears of pain she gave out a sigh then said Oh, God shag me hard with your massive cock you gorgeous old black fucker.

The man did just that, drawing it out and trusting back into her at lightning speed, Carols lips were curling with lust by now as the very old guy licked her clitoris at the same time!

Mr Allie was getting harder watching this and my own cock was semi erect by now. Noticing the old mans penis was hardening Carol got hold of it and licked its full length, now at least f******n inches.

She worshiped the big cock gently suckling the head of the old guys monster. Soon she had both hands on his shaft and was double wanking him as she bobbed her mouth up and down on its purple head.

My wife released the older guys cock from her mouth for a moment. Then screamed to the massive man impaling her continuously orgasming cunt. ?Fuck me, cum in me, impregnate me, give me your black baby, cuckold that tiny cocked husband of mine!? Soon she got to work again sucking on the even older black snake as the sixty year old gave her pussy no mercy.

The big black man ramming his cock in her from the doggie position roared a cry of triumph and shot load after load into my wife?s shaking vagina. This triggered the old fellow who came with unbelievable ferocity for an octogenarian.

Streams of spunk shot from his ebony cock into my wife mouth. All three grunted as two lots of ejaculation?s shot into Carol?s body. She looked like she was on a long black cock spit, the way she was thrashing in orgasmic bliss made me wonder if my small cock would ever be able to satisfy her again.

I felt both humiliated and turned on at the same time Jack had shot his load over the wall. I did ejaculate but had turned away from him with the shame of having the smallest prick around.

Eventually I went to see if my wife was ok, she pulled me to her and kissed me, dropping sperm into my mouth. She said see I?ve saved it all for you husband; now there?s a cream pie for you as well. I sucked greedily on her hole as she opened her vagina and let the old black mans spunk drip into my mouth.

It was so erotic as she took my five-inch cock put on a condom and pulled me into her gapping hole. I couldn?t even feel the walls as her tube was so distended from the massive black weapon it had just engulfed.

I had to look to see if I?d actually penetrated her and she smiled and closed her legs until I got enough friction. I came in her feeling elation from being the second man in a few minutes to do it. But the humiliation was hard to bear when I remembered I was only allowed to fuck my wife with a condom while he rode her bare back and she was screaming for him to give her his black baby!

We lay together heads between each other?s legs. She soon slept with the exhaustion of a woman that had just found her full potential as a randy female.

I couldn?t sl**p however I was too worried; with my mouth still licking her cunt I still had misgivings. I was a pimp after all selling my wife?s pussy to an old black man so that he could impregnate her instead of me!

Was I really a willing cuckold and could I get hard and do my own impregnation task with so many superior shafts on display?

After Carol had showered we all had to get our tests done by Mary the big bodyguards wife, a trained nurse as well as being my b*****r's tutor. She was a big black momma around twenty stone. She took a bl**d sample from my finger then told me to drop my trousers and underpants.

I was rather shy but did so and she held my prick and took a scrapping off of the cockhead. Now she said, as I'll be expected to make her equally black daughter my new s****r in law pregnant she wanted a sample off my sperm to check for abnormalities.

I was ashamed as my prick was at its smallest in front of this woman. Mary came to see how I was getting on and said, "Let momma help you boy." She started to manipulate my cock but it didn't help so she put her lips around it and sucked and licked at the same time.

Naturally this helped but I was still only semi hard I felt so humiliated, what was wrong with me lately? Before my accident I'd only needed to think about a sexy woman to get a hard on. Now even with this oral stimulation I couldn't manage it.

She said softly, "Youse gonna need more help baby!" Then the big older black lady stripped. Her huge pendulous tits hung down to her waist with nipples at least an inch long. This fascinated me I had to suckle them, they elongated and amazingly I felt milk squirt out.

I used both hands to lift one massive black breast at a time and sucked from it. She said, "Old Mary gets someone to milk them every day or I do it myself you like it boy?"

"Yes Mary" I said, I love your big titties!" My cock was hardening but still not fully erect, what was wrong with me?

She felt my cock and rolled a condom onto it but this had a negative effect and my penis deflated so the rubber started to slip off. "Man youse got a real problem there," she said, "I'll have to take drastic action."

She put a videotape in the player; it was of my wife sucking her husband's big black cock. Immediately I became hard and she rolled another condom on to it. Now where would you like to put it to make sure you cum good I wonder? How about fucking old Mary, you can fuck my tits, mouth arse hole or cunt white boy, which will it be?

I was gob smacked never having fucked a black woman or someone as fat as Mary. I stuttered, "I----don't know"

"Well then I'll decide for you babe" She said, "I need your little white prick in my fat black cunt!

I looked down but her belly covered her genitals completely. I couldn't imagine how I'd achieve it but I was iron hard now and my cock wanted to penetrate this massive black woman.

Mary laughed seeing my confusion and said, "You do me this way babe." With that she stood with one foot on the floor and lifted one onto a chair then bent over. Her pussy was huge her outer jet-black labia hung down at least five inches. I felt then parted them to find her treasure within.

Her inner labia were lighter and massively swollen pumped up by bl**d from her desire. Inside them her massive pink vagina swum with oily lubricant. I was fascinated and pushed my entire fist inside and fucked her with it.

With the video of my wife sucking the big black mans cock and this new stimulation my cock was ready by now. Mary said, "That's good man but don't forget what you're here for to give a sperm sample, stick it in!"

Considering the size of her hole I thought I'd not feel a thing but despite the condom, it felt like I was fucking a tube of warm treacle. My whole body felt absolutely fantastic, her massive buttocks quivered as I rammed my cock into her. Still see my wife's image on the video, by now she was sucking off the eighty year old black man.

Though I'd been rutting into Mary's massive gash I wasn't getting near to cumming being restricted by the condom. I told Mary and she said, "Well young man the idea is to collect your sperm, still I suppose I can recover it if you don't cum in my hole. Hearing this I ripped the condom from my cock and mounted her bare back.

God this huge black woman was sexy. She said, "Ken, I know I look old because of my weight but I'm only forty two and still have periods. My husband had the snip years ago because he could pass on a genetic disorder. If you come in me you could impregnate me because I am very fertile at the moment, so you'll have to pullout and shoot into this glass!

"Yes I agree," I said and pushed it in her vagina again as hard as I could. She squealed and got right into it immediately. Her pussy was spasming and squirting her cum as she had her organism. She never stopped twitching coming again and again.

She started shouting breathlessly, "Fuck me Ken, put your sperm up me and impregnate me. Give me your baby; knock me up with your white baby! Old fat Mary wants your spunk in her big cunt!

There was no way I could hold back or pull out in time and thrust forward to get as near to her uterus as possible. Then shot my birthing liquid strongly several times into her cavernous unprotected cunt. We lay together in the afterglow till my cock shrank down and I dismounted from her huge body.

Mary kissed me on my lips and said, "If I can't get a sample from my hole we'll just have to get you to give me some more spunk won't we babe!" I replied breathlessly, "You bet Mary anytime!"

I felt wonderful but was still worried what would happen when I had to perform in front of other men with longer cocks.

What had we got ourselves into; I couldn't believe how our married life had changed. Before my accident we were happy and in love now what would happen?

Could I really go through with it, letting my wife prostitute herself to an octogenarian black man?

What if she didn't get pregnant the first time and he had to do her over and over again? His old scrawny body doing whatever he wanted with my only true love!

I knew she didn't care, she loved old men with big cocks it was her fetish as was selling her body.

The fateful day arrived and Mary told me I was clear of any disease and my sperm count was high. She told me some other news I'd made her pregnant; she was over the moon as was her f****y including her husband. As he was twice my size I was glad of that. "Now," Mary said you've just got to impregnate my daughter and your duties are done stud.

I felt good about fathering a c***d with cuckold Mary, but this time my cuckolding would be in public. Carol was an exhibitionist and loved people watching her have sex. But I was a voyeur I liked to watch my wife being fucked, not people watching me fucking.

Carol and I both stripped naked and were taken into the fateful bedroom with the mirrors videos and observation rooms all around it. I'd rather have been watching than taking part but Carol my wife was insistent I watched her being impregnated. She also wanted to watch me impregnating my black s****r in law.

The old man was brought in his wheel chair and lifted onto the bed with the velvet sheets. He was even skinnier the cancer was really taking hold now. His giant black bodyguard lifted the frail old man onto the bed naked.

The old black guy was no more than skin and bone toothless and decrepit that was with the exception of his long black cock that seemed immune to the ravages of time. The long shaft although flaccid nonetheless extended almost to his knees. One bony hand reached out and felt my wife's pussy she opened her legs and he pushed a skinny digit into her.

The black octogenarian smiled a toothless gummy grin and ordered his servant to warm Carol up for him. The massive sixty five year old black man stripped off his clothes his fifteen-inch cock at the ready. As his huge muscular frame moved near my wife I reflected that I was the one who'd not only fucked Mary his wife but impregnated her as well!

Not only that but I was about to fuck his only daughter in an attempt to knock her up to. If this giant decided to he could break me in to at any time. The thought of this and the sight of his long and massively thick cock had made me scared of the dangerous situation I was in.

My own cock had shrunk to its smallest as if I'd been swimming in ice cold water. I felt so inadequate with these two black men's massive cocks on display. Carol on the other hand was obviously sexually excited she spread her swollen labia and I could see her hole glistening with dampness.

She was a real exhibitionist knowing there were three men looking up her vagina and who knows how many watching from the gallery. She also knew every move was being videoed from every angle. She'd told me she'd like these videos to be sold on the Internet and sex shops and her to be paid a commission on sales.

When I asked why she told me that then she could calculate how many men and women had bought a copy and wanked off to her body being ravaged by the two old black men. She said if she were paid for each copy she'd feel she was prostituting herself to each randy buyer out there.

God my wife is so decadent but bl**dy sexy with it. Was it only recently we were a couple who only had sex together as man and wife? This was before she'd told me of all her many depraved kinks and dreams.

She was now holding her legs wide open parting her swollen labia for the head of the black mans massive cock to enter. His bell end pressed into her entrance then he plunged it home to the hilt. Carol squealed like a stuck pig and pulled at the big black buttocks trying to pull him even more deeply inside her.

Carol was already orgasming constantly shooting her own cum over the big black cock that was pistoning inside her. The huge muscular man lifted her small body off of the bed on his impaling black knob and rutted at her. Her face was a picture and she looked at me and mouthed she loved it and me between screams of absolute joy.

Despite the situation this proved that I'm a true wife-watching voyeur, I loved to watch other men fuck my wife. My cock was now hard, as I wanted this black man to continue ravishing my bride. This was having the same effect on Mr Allie the ancient skeletal black man. His knob was now semi hard.

At this point my black s****r in law climbed on the bed with me. She kissed me and told me she'd waited till her father was fucking my wife so this got me randy for her.

She scooted down the bed and lowered her hairy black pussy onto my face. Its musky smell and rubbery kitties lips felt wonderful. I pushed my tongue inside her pink vagina and licked out her sticky juices.

By now my wife was mewing with sexual excitement and orgasming constantly under the old black giant. She was red in the face and sweating profusely as she thrust her own genitals towards the big man each time he plunged into her.

She looked in my eyes and mouthed thank you at me as she received the fucking of her life. She was swooning, almost losing consciousness as she shot her own cum to lubricate her vagina. This was essential while she was accepting the battering from his fifteen-inch monster cock.

By now the octogenarian was hard and ready to fuck so gave his servant the signal he wanted to take over. His sixty-year-old black servant had been waiting for this with amazing control. Now he released his own spermless ejaculations I saw his balls throb a dozen times as he shot his load into my wife.

I watched as he withdrew his huge ebony prick from my wife's cunt, there was a definite plop as the suction released itself. I could see the cream pie that was my wife's worn pussy, impotent spunk, running like a stream from her open vagina.

Carol looked disappointed to lose the old black mans penis then she saw the hard cock of the even older man. I remembered her fetish about having sex with very old men with big cocks. She didn't discriminate between races either she'd got this old man big cock fetish in the first place from her white huge cocked stepfather.

My wife was drooling now at the very thought of fucking this geriatric guy, her eyes never leaving his massive penis. The big bodyguard told her to lie on her stomach and open her legs wide. He then lifted the toothless virtual skeleton on to her back.

When he was on her the servant located the old boys cock at my wife's cunt hole, as a farmer would do with his prize stallion mounting a mare. Then pushed the ancient mans bony buttocks until most of his cock entered her soaking vagina.

Now my s****r in law the bodyguard's daughter lay on her back and pulled me into her own hole. Watching my wife fucking other men had made my cock as stiff as iron by now. I'd forgotten the other superior sized cocks on display and thrust brutally into this lovely young black girl beneath me.

She lay back and scooted more onto the bed until she could get her head under the other shagging couple. With my wife on her front and my black lover on her back she was able to get her face under Carols genitals. My wife lowered her pussy onto my currant lover's mouth and she started to nuzzle and lick Carol's labia and clit.

The four of us were now joined in one writhing act of wanton sexuality, my wife's lesbian fetish turning her on even more.

Now two different sexed lovers were pleasuring my lovely wife. My voyeur tendency had as much to do with my excitement as the wonderfully soft kitty that my cock was enclosed in. Then I got more stimulation as my s****rs in law's inner muscles started contracting and releasing, milking my throbbing member.

It would have been easy to shoot my load into her dark lipped pink vagina but the enormity of what we were doing hit me. She wanted me to impregnate her, wanted me to make a baby in her. Her own mother was already carrying my c***d yet she wanted it to happen as well.

I looked at my wife's bl**d swollen genitalia as the black girl licked it and the skinny old man thrust his massive cock with his bodyguards help into the depths of her being.

This old man was going to impregnate my wife; he'd paid to make her pregnant. I was her pimp; I'd sold the use my own wife's cunt and womb to this skeletal black man. What sort of husband would do such a thing? Surly I was the lowest dregs of society it should be me impregnating my own wife!

But I'd anticipated this because I knew the reasons I couldn't do the deed! I also understood the urges that my wife had that demanded she conceived a baby by a very old man. But before I could agonize more I saw the old fart's sagging balls bounce and clench as he started to cum up my wife's sweating cunt hole.

He gave a cackle of triumph and Carol screamed, "Give it all to me you big cocked old lover, I want your baby. Then she came again herself violently, I could plainly see his potent cum and her own excretions running from her hole and being licked up by my black lover.

My emotions overflowed and I let my own sperm loose into the black girls vagina beneath me as she in turn came almost shaking me off of her. All four of us shook for ages as we came down from the high orgasmic plateau we'd reached.

As we separated my b*****r was there licking his wife's cream pie from her vagina so we left them to it. Carol and me showering together then slept in each other's arms.

Eighteen months later Carol was suckling the black twins the ancient old man had put in her belly in this very bed. My two sons by the black mother and daughter lay on the bed waiting impatiently for their turn at my wife's nipples. The three women took it in turns feeding the four baby boys, leaving the others more time for fucking.

Jack and I were watching and listening to this domestic bliss from what was our home now as Mr. Allie had succumbed to his cancer. At least he died happy knowing that the D.N.A. had proved my wife's twins were indeed fathered by him.

Carol my wife was cooing to the four male babies then we heard her say to them, "I give all of you four a promise, on your eighteenth birthdays I'll let you all fuck me and if I'm still capable let you make a babies in me!"

My god she'd now got yet another sexual fetish, what a sexy woman my wife is and what a lucky fucker I am!

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