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Reina's Story

Reina’s Story
Part I, My First Time

The sliding door swooshed open as I stepped into the airport on nervous feet. With my small duffle bag in hand I survey the airport looking for anyone who might spot me. My plan was to put together a trip to teach a class at another station. As far as work knows though, I am really on vacation. Everything will be cool as long as I make it out of here undetected by anyone who might know me.

My plug feels awkward and I tug at my pants to try and adjust it as I walk along. Mistress said I will regret not wearing it and it was entirely up to me. I took Her advice fearing the worst! I pray no one knows its there. One deep sigh and I head toward the counter.

"May I help you please..." asks the lady behind the counter.

I give Her my name and She types it into the computer. She tells me my one way ticket is still in the system and asks for my ID.

"There must be some mistake I ask, ....uhm did you say one way?".

" have a one way this not correct" She replies.

"No its not, it should be round trip, I....I....I'm just taking a short trip."

"Well, no problem, just give me your credit card and I'll fix it for you" as She holds out Her hand.

There is no way I can use my card! If I do, my wife will surely find out this trip of mine is just a big hoax! This isn't how we planned it!. My first thoughts are how this is such a bad idea in the first place. With my heart pounding I look around still weary I may be spotted.

"One second Ms.....I'll be right back!" I reply as I step away from the counter.

Shit....all this planning and now this! Feeling a sense of relief I think maybe this is the perfect excuse to back out now. I head toward the restroom pulling out my cell phone. There's only one thing to do. Once I reach the stall, I call Her. It rings as my heart beats faster!

That beautiful voice I so love to hear finally answers the phone.


“Uhm....hello Mistress!” I quietly answer as i swallow deep

“Ah, hello there Sweety, I've been expecting you!”

With a look of bewilderment I ask, “You have Mistress?”

“What seems to be the problem dear?” She asks playfully

I don’t think I am gonna be able to make it, Mistress.


Yes, it seems the airport has screwed up my reservations. They have me down with a one way ticket. The only way I can change it is to put in on my credit card, and……

“reina!......” Mistress stops me

“Yes…Mistress” I reply

There is no mistake.

I stop to think for a minute.

“I don’t understand Mistress?.....what do you mean.”

“Your return flight will be determined by your performance my dear.” [CLICK]

Suddenly terror sets in and I'm speechless! I can almost hear Her smile. This is the moment! Its either make or brake! Not only does the idea terrify me though, I am suddenly hard as a rock at just the mere thought of the situation.

"SHIT!" I close my eyes as my breathing is heavy and chills run straight through me. Knowing She has already hung up I still reply…..

“Mistress……Hello!” nothing but a dial tone is left!

Looking around I finally feel what its like to be truly owned! I know what would happen if I don't obey Mistress.....but what if I can't comply with Her demands once I get there! What if She pushes me too far? I wind up being dumped in some alley somewhere left to find my own way home! If I don't go I’ll be all over the internet.....and that shit doesn't ever end! After a few minutes I make my decision....

"Sir.....oh Sir.....Would you like a beverage or some snacks Sir." asks the flight attendant pulling the tray down the aisle.

I open my eyes as she startles me back to the present "No thanks....I'm fine...."
I take anotHer deep sigh knowing there is no return now, as the Boeing 737 carries me off to finally serve my Mistress! I only hope I can please Mistress as much as I said I would......God, I would die to know what She has planned for me.

A couple hours later, I make my way through the jet way. Walking into the huge airport I look around for anyone. I take out my cell and give Her a call.

Again my heart skips as I hear Her voice.


“I’m here Mistress. What is your wish?”

“Good girl….I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Now, catch a cab and go to the Hampton Inn on South highway 2. Give them your name at the front desk. I have your room waiting for you. There you will receive more instruction dear. Tah Tah!” [click]

“Hello…..Mistress?.......” and She’s gone again! I’m puzzled but extremely excited. I have no choice! I quickly flag down a taxi and give him the address. Soon I find myself at the front counter of the hotel. I nearly stammer trying to talk.

"I'm sorry sir, I'm not showing anything under that name...."
I give them Mistress's name.....”no, nothing there either.”
Regretfully I swallow and ask once more......" bout reina?"


Shit!........with total embarrassment I ask again, "ok then, sissy reina?"

"Ah...there you are" she says as she snickers loudly. For some reason she just wanted to hear me verbally confirm it for Her I believe!

I accept the key as she smiles at my beat red face!

"I hope you enjoy your....stay sissy!"

“Thanks” as I quickly head down the hall. Entering the room I close the door behind me with relief I’m finally somewhere private. Or at least I think so. My eyes suddenly see 3 box’s with numbered notes setting on the bed. My first thought is someone else has a key card. I smile with excitement feeling at last I will finally meet my Mistress! Just knowing I am standing where She has been increases my already rock hard clitty! I read the first note:

reina dear
Here is your attire, sweetie. I am sure you will find it most appropriate being your first time. You will be picked up at eight...ish. Your makeup is by the sink. I expect you in position and ready! All of your belongings will be locked away in the empty suitcase and setting by the bed. After this you may open the next note. Now hurry along ...DO NOT DISAPPOINT M.E.!


Mistress Echo

The hold She has on me is so over powering. I look at the large suitcase by the bed. On top of it rests an open padlock with no key in sight! Opening the box I find the most erotic virgin white BRIDAL lingerie! With a smile on my face, I snicker…Mistress is right again! A silky white lacey boned corset and bright red panties. Silver snaps to attach to a pair of white fishnet stockings with 4 inch red stilettos. Also there is a beautiful long wig and a beautiful white veil along with arm length gloves. Chills run down my spine and my clitty is rock hard! OH GOD.......Here I go! Looking at my watch I see its 5:30. Suddenly it hits me how much time is left to accomplish all I have to do! The last thing I want to happen is to disappoint Mistress! I rush to the sink counter and find the very small cosmetics case, a pair of long fake eye lashes, and shaving cream with razors. Of course I realize what is required of me so I begin to strip placing all my clothes in the suitcase on the bed. With what seems like a very loud click all that I arrived with is locked away! In the shower, I do my best to make sure not to miss a single hair. My clitty and balls, my legs, chest, stomach, underarms. It all must be silky smooth. Stepping from the shower the cool air hits my shaven body and it nearly drives me wild. First I do my press on nails. Next I begin my makeup. Plenty of foundation, eye shadow, liner, lipstick and gloss. All with colors that certainly bring out the little slut in me. Applying the lashes is a little tricky but finally I manage with less than an hour left, I get dressed. After pulling the long silky stockings down my smooth and now very sensuous legs I slide my painted toes into the hot CFM stilettos! They are so sexy! Already sporting a huge erection, I attempt to slide the red silk panties up and over but it will hardly reach. I rap the corset around me and squeeze as much as possible. GOD…I can’t believe people actually wear these things. Finally after tying it in place I take a look in the mirror. I nearly blow my wad at the sight before me! I have never seen such a sexier little sissy slut. I’m sure Mistress will be proud! With the wig and the veil in place I am the perfect vision of matrimonial slut hood! Little dangly earrings both reading “SLUT IN TRAINING” frame my slutty little face perfectly! Looking over everything, I believe I am ready for my next package. I open the note and read the instructions.

Now, every little slut bride must know Her vows! Take the small tape recorder and recite your vows. You must continue to recite them throughout both sides of the tape. Make sure the tape is full! Once your done filling the tape with your new vows to ME You may open the next package. Now hurry!

1. I will always strive to be your slut, your whore, and your bitch.
2. I will always walk as your slut, your whore, and your bitch.
3. I will always talk as your slut, your whore, and your bitch.
4. I will never hesitate as your slut, your whore, and your bitch.
5. I am only for your pleasure! I am your slut, I am your whore, and I am your bitch.

I want so bad to jack off right now, but I know She will know! GOD….I can hardly think straight. Looking at the tape it is 30 minutes long and I must fill it and have time to get to the next package! The clock reads just after 7 PM. Damn it….So I begin……..The words have and effect on me dressed as I am! I feel like I am going to bust just from repeating it over and over. I consider my third vow and begin speaking appropriately! I vary my tone and smack my lips. I do my best to stress key words! The very lust of my situation consumes me fully! Her whore!.......Her Slut!......Her Bitch! What have I gotten into!.....over and over….i repeat….over and over! My stockings caress my legs and look so sexual. I never dreamed they could be so sexy fitting into the red stilettos …I will…..I will……never hesitate…..Her pleasure only! I feel like a street whore getting ready for the holidays! Oh God!!


The tape starts over on the otHer side and its nearly 7:30. Oh GOD….even if I speak fast….it records at just one speed! Walking around the room as I recite I place each foot across the otHer and sway my hips as best as possible. I close my eyes and imagine Mistress parading me around a bar full of slut hungry men. Teasing…..accentuating……strutting and speaking as whorishly as possible! Then finally it stops at 7:43.

I rush to the next note and read as my heart is beating a thousand miles an hour!

Very good my little slut! I assume you are rightly primed and ready for your final step. Now read carefully! First, be sure everything is packed away and ready to go! Then you will kneel facing the door. Knees together! Next, put on the blindfold. Then, place the earphones firmly on your head and press play! Don’t bother trying to adjust the volume. It’s fixed. Once you have done this you may finally put on the cuffs. BEHIND YOUR BACK! You will recite along with the tape without stopping. If everything is not perfect and your not reciting, I may just leave you for the cleaning lady in the morning! Now….DO AS YOU’RE TOLD!!!!

Fright hit me like a hammer! Oh my God….my heart beating like crazy yet highly aroused I looked around and back at the clock. 7:50 looking back at the otHer notes. She said I would be picked up didn’t She? She didn’t say exactly by who though! Would She? Could She? ……….7:51…..I swallow the lump in my throat! I have no choice…..Her slut….Her whore….the words kept coming back. I feel week. I am owned! I must comply! Slowly a slight smile covers my face……yes! What if She sends someone else? What if She never comes? It doesn’t matter anymore……I am Hers! Wholly…..fully without regard! my clitty straining hard against the silk. My legs incased in the soft sensuous stockings pulling my waist from the garters. OHH….MMmm……my waist squeezed and wrapped tight in the slutty corset. My face made up so sexily and framed with the soft lacey veil. My gloved arms incased in the silk gloves. I feel just like a slutty piece of candy just waiting to be taken…..7:54…..I take my place near the end of the bed. My plug reminding me of its presence stretching me tightly. One last look at the door and I place the blind fold over my eyes. Total darkness surrounds me and now all I can feel is my slutty lingerie. Every piece placed perfectly for my Mistress. God I hope She likes it! Next I reach and place the headphones over my ears. Following the cord I find the tape recorder and press the button. I WILL ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE YOUR SLUT!. It starts. And it starts LOUDLY! I try to turn down the volume but the little wheel on the side won’t budge! I remember Her note and realize this is Her wish. Oh god!!!....I hope She comes soon! Feeling around I find the cuffs! Taking a deep breath I attach them to one wrist. My clitty twitches from the feel of the cold steel clicking tightly! My breathing increases. Here I go……Her faithful little slut! Reaching behind me I grab my otHer wrist and slowly click the cuffs shut!

ATLAST!!!! I am totally vulnerable and at Her disposal!!! Only She can help me! Only She knows! Now I depend on Her to take me! OH GOD my clitty is going crazy and I can’t touch it! I will always talk as your slut, your whore, your bitch!, I will always walk as your slut, your whore, bitch! The words are so loud I can’t hear anything else! I begin to repeat along with the tape! I am for your pleasure only! I will not hesitate, as your …………I pull strongly against the cuffs but tHere is no give! I am a helpless little slut just waiting to be taken!........I will, I Will,,,,,,I WILL!!!!

The tape had started over 3 times now and I am on the verge of a huge ORGASM!!! But I have no way of pushing over the edge! I need release….oh Mistress……please come soon!!!!! I sway from side to side as I speak as slutty as I know how over and over and over… vows are now imprinted in my mind as I know She wishes for them to be! Her slut…..Her whore…..Her bitch! Suddenly I since something in front of me! My heart skips a beat!.....I stammer! But continue to recite…….Still I can not hear a thing….just my vows over and over and over…..God She knows how to prepare me!!!! It must be Her! I imagine Her smile looking down at me……I will always….i will always!!!!

Then all of a sudden something lands against my lips! I stop and open wide as the slut I now am! Her slut!...Her whore…..Her bitch!......I realize its latex and feels like strap on!.....I will not hesitate! I embrace the task before me as I slowly wrap my lips around it and engulf it as much as possible!

[click] the tape stops…

“Very good reina!” Mistress praises me…… last I know She is Here! My little clitty leaps for joy! I stop and begin to rise…..
I feel Her hand on the back of my head……”Did I tell you to stop slut!” As She f***es me down again.

“Do not ruin your good progress so early dear, the night is just starting,……you may impress me now!”

Mistress removes my headphones and I hear Her hands as they glide along soft nylon! The sound is so close to my ears….oh god!!!! I pull against my cuffs! Keeping my suction tight I swoon all over the cock. Twisting my head from side to side! I give Her the best show I can!

“Slowly dear….thats my little girl”, “Now we will remove your blindfold but you will keep your eyes down”

I feel the blind fold drop from my face.

“Oh reina, you’re so pretty….you did a very good job on your make up sweetie” She says

“If you truly want to be my slut, then let me hear those lips darling, good sluts must slurp and moan like it’s the greatest cock on earth dear” She chuckles slightly

I increase my efforts letting my saliva coat the cock as I loosen my lips to allow slurping. I moan as if I am in heaven!.....and actually servicing Mistress in person…..I AM!!

“Very good my little slut. You definitely have potential” She laughs “…..Ahhhh This should be a wonderful week”…..As She smiles taking in the sight of me servicing Her with all my might! She runs Her fingers through my hair.
“I have such great plans for you…..” She sighs……”Yes indeed….”

For what seemed like for ever She allows me to work hard on Her cock while She gives me pointers and instructs me on my slut hood. I revel in the attention…..At last I am wHere I truly belong!!!

“Now, tHere is one small detail we must take care of dear……Do you know what that is?”

I pull my lips from Her cock temporarily with a wet plop….”No Mistress…..i don’t” I respond and continue my work.

“Well……It has to do with your little white veil dear.”

Realizing exactly what Mistress is talking about, I know the time has come.

[PLOP!!] “My virginity Mistress?” I ask nervously and continue worshipping

“Yes dear……there is no such thing as a virgin slut dear …….now is there?”

[PLOP] “No Mistress….”

“Do you have any suggestions?” Mistress asks

[PLOP] “Please…..take me Mistress?” I plead

“Oh no dear….. sluts are not taken…, try again” Mistress says

I think for a few seconds and remember my vows.

“Please fuck me Mistress….please” I start to beg feeling totally released from my manhood

“You do not seem very eager my little slut……” [SWACK!!] “And I do not recall telling you to stop!”

“PLEASE!!.......OH PLEASE MISTESS FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK!!!!” I beg and plead like there is no tomorrow while slurping Her cock! i am a total slut for my Mistress!!

After what seamed like for ever as I learned how to beg, Mistress drops the bomb!

“Oh, reina,……as sweet as it sounds I am very flattered that you are offering me your little cherry dear. However, a true sluts cherry must be rightly popped by a stranger sweetie, and I know you extremely too well!”

I stop and peer up at Mistress with a very blank expression. “But, Mistress……I can’t do that with a man Mistress.......I’m not gay!!”


“One is for stopping and the other was for questioning me…, as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me…….I have made plans and we must be on our way!......Now, without another word….you will get dressed and place everything in my car”

Mistress stood and pulled Her strap-on from my lips with a plop. After removing it, She headed for the door.

“Do not keep me waiting slut” as She exited.

I glance over and see a bright red party dress and a small matching purse laying on the bed. I quickly get dressed and head out to the car. After loading everything in the trunk, I walk to the passenger door.

Its locked! Oh, God….She wouldn’t leave me like this would She.
Then the window lowered and She handed me the tape recorder.

“Now press record and put this in your purse while you go to the checkout counter dear, and be sure to remember your second vow! If anyone identifies you as a sissy, you must correct them. You are my slut now!” and the window rolled up.

Needless to say, I was shocked!! I have never been dressed in public!! I turn around and look across the parking lot at the front entry. Shit!!............I swallow and take a big breath. No one knows me Here…..i say to my self! Straightening my dress and pulling my purse over my shoulder I start walking as best as Mistress would like me too!! My heart is pounding! I can’t believe I am about to do this. I enter the front door with the tape recorder rolling. THere is a female behind the counter as She looks up and Her eyes widen as I approach the counter with as best a smile as I can muster!

“Hello” I say politely smiling “ I need to checkout please.

“OH MY GOD!” she says as she starts laughing. My face now matches my shoes! I try to giggle with Her.

she looks up my room number barely containing Herself. “So when’s the wedding?” she laughs

Knowing the recorder is going, I do my best. “Oh it’s in progress as we speak” I tell Her.

“I am sure he is a lucky man” she giggles ……..OK there sissy, will that remain on your card” she asks

And as Mistress said, Here I go. “Yes please,…..and I’m no longer a sissy though, Mistress is making me Her slut!” I say smiling.

She cracks up laughing covering Her mouth. “You don’t say?” she laughs as she rings up the bill “Well, you mustn’t disappoint Mistress now!” as she continues laughing.

I smile and try to join Her in Her fun. “Oh, I will never do that!” I respond giggling

She hands me the receipt as I sign and she gives me a copy. “Here you go… wishes slut reina” she replies laughing

I smile and give Her a wink. “Thank you so much!” ……damn bitch!

Walking out I strut even more like a slutty whore. This isn’t so bad I don’t guess. I find Mistress pulled up in front of the entrance. I reach for the door.

Locked! I begin to panic looking around! She rolls down the window and holds out Her hand. “The recorder dear.”

“Oh, yes Mistress!” I reach for it hurriedly and hand it through the window. Still the door remains locked as She replays my scene. I look around smoothing my dress and try to look as casual as I can while Mistress laughs inside Her car. God, I hope She hurries before some one comes.
Finally the door unlocks and I jump inside as fast as I can.

“Very good reina…..very good…..Now put these back on” as She hands me the blindfold and cuffs.

After a long drive the car stops. In the distance I hear the sound of loud thumping music.

She opens the door “Ok slut, get out!” I feel a collar surround my neck and hear the click of what sounds like a chain. Then a sudden jerk as the click of my heels echo behind Hers and the music gets louder.

I realize She is taking me to a club of some sort. I dare not ask but I am nervous as hell.

“Your better fix that walk slut!” She reminds me

I stride as best I can without falling and sway my hips licking my lips.

[She laughs] I guess that will do.

I can hear some people talking in the distance but they are not near us as we stop and She knocks on a door. She gives someone a greeting as we enter. Still the music is not very near, but it is extremely louder. Eventually She leads me to what seems like a very small room.

“Stand Here and spread your legs slut” She orders me

As I do I feel Her locking my ankles.

“Mistress, may a please speak?” I ask as humbly as possible

“Yes reina, what is it?”

“Please….don’t give my cherry to anyone please Mistress” I beg

“Relax reina, that is totally up to you dear….now bend forward” She says

I do so having to now bend at the waste as if I am standing at an opening in the wall. What did She mean? I hear the click of my leash and find my upper body parallel with the floor but nothing under me. Its almost as if it was a second smaller room and I could hear the music playing loudly on the other side of the wall.

“Now reina, Here is your task” removing the blindfold from my eyes She continues to speak as I see a small covered hole in front of me with what looks like a digital clock mounted just above it.

“As soon as a costumer slides through that hole you will begin servicing. You will have 6 minutes to bring it to climax. And as much as you may want too dear, you will not swallow! [She snickers] You will simply deposit your reward into the small opening in the floor which leads to a bottle which measures your progress. Once it is full, your done for the night and we can go home. Now, if for any reason you fail to achieve the desired results in the allotted time, your customer will receive entrance in to this room behind you and well… get the picture… of luck dear!... I will return when you are done….good luck with that cherry!” She laughs and smacks my ass. A door slides over the top of my waist locking me in this tiny compartment.

“But Mistress!!!.....please I can’t do this for real Mistress!!!” I plead and beg but the only thing that can be heard is the fading clicks of Her heels and the door being slammed.

“Hello……Mistress……Please Mistress!!!”

I pull from my bindings but my feet are spread wide and shackled in place to the floor! My stilettos keep my feet arched and on my toes as it displays my ass as if on a pedestal ready to be taken. Vulnerable, open! My knees can not be bent do to the portion of the wall below me. The cuffs are tight and my leash keeps me bent and in place before the glory hole. I struggle as much as possible but its no use. I am dressed as a slut and now I must be a slut! Looking down I see the tiny hole in the floor which must lead to the bottle She talked about. My first concerns are how big is it! I have no idea how long I must be Here. I try to peer through the hole in front of me, but the cover keeps it sealed shut! I am nothing but a receptacle now. A total slut. Ready for any stranger who wants a fix! I can simply refuse to comply if someone shows up but then I can not refuse my ass if they win and gain access to the room behind me. Shit! What have I gotten into? I must comply! This is what Mistress meant when She said it is up to me. Every task gives me some sort of choice but the only choices I have brings me further to Her will! My choices are for Her! Not only must I blow each one I must do it well enough to bring to orgasm in under 6 minutes!! I’ve never even been brought to orgasm when my wife blows me!!

Then suddenly the clock lights up showing 6 minutes. My heart leaps as I struggle. Oh God…Here it goes! The hole slides open and a rock hard cock slides in before my face. I arch back my neck just to keep it from hitting me. This is disgusting I think. I can’t do it. I jerk from my chain attached to the collar. But, it will not give.


The clock starts! If I don’t its my ASS!!! Literally!!!!

I look all around as if someone might see me knowing good and well I am enclosed! We’ll at least know one will know. I stare at the cock. Lick my lips. And move forward. The first touch is on my bottom lip as I continue to take it in. My lips close and I take him fully in my mouth. Applying suction I start! I think of earlier and just imagine its Mistress………yea……. That’s right! ITS MISTRESS!! If only to ease my tensions I try to mimic my earlier performance. I feel every stitch of my lingerie. My Corset. My stockings, Wig, Makeup. I let it all take over me and I get my self into the act! As Mistress said earlier all sluts must slurp and moan. So I do. Soon his cock is even harder.


I now know I can do this and I increase my performance…..I must beat 6 minutes!!!!!!!!

I am totally into my slutty performance! I must make Mistress happy!!


Suddely I feel it twitch…..and then I feel it hit the back of my throat and fill my mouth. I continue to get as much as I can. As he unloads it starts to run down my chin. But, I must keep as much as possible for my deposit. Soon he is done and is with drawn. I am left with a mouthful. The clock reads 2:10. I am actually happy and joyful I was able to make it. I think this is not too bad. I made it with plenty of time left. At this rate, I just service as many as it takes and my ass is safe! Looking down I realize my next problem. The whole in the bottom is only about 2 inches in diameter and I am about 2 feet from it. I aim and let it drop.

BINGO!!! Straight down!.....Yes….successful!!

Suddenly another one enters. The clock resets and starts counting down! I eagerly get to work.

3 minutes and 16 seconds later, another success. I deposit as before. It almost becomes a game getting it in the hole.

Then another, and another.

After my 5th one my chin is dripping and I am sure I make a sight with all my makeup coated in juice! But I am a slut! I will always strive to be Her slut, Her whore, and Her bitch!

Then one enters again but is soft! I try it and its slow to become erect. With 4 minutes left its finally hard as I increase my efforts. I know my humming and moaning vibrations can be felt so I do it more and more just like the whore I am. Turning my head rolling it around massaging as best my tongue can!!


I start to worry!


OH SHIT!......This can’t be happening! I go faster and suck for all its worth!


Almost screaming I am sucking with wild abandon……


I feel it explode! It comes so hard it spurts out the side of my lips but I try to keep as much as possible. The cock withdrawals and I am releaved!....Oh my God!.....that one nearly cost me my ASS!!!!

After the deposit I try to catch my breath but anotHer one enters.


I can’t rest so I quickly get to work. My muscles are starting to hurt and my tongue is tired. But I must keep goin! The cum on my face is starting to mix with my sweat!


That damn clock keeps goin! Forcing me to do my best the closer it gets! I hate it….it really pisses me off!
I have no control!


I try as best as I can but I am tired and hot and now very sweaty!


I know I am wearing down! But I can’t stop….Mistress please!.....She must be Here soon! Surely Mistress will save me!


I must concentrate! I must concentrate! I suck with all I have!


OH SHIT! Harder…..faster!


More…OH GOD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It suddenly withdraws making a very loud and wet PLOP! From my hard suction! I am left with an empty whole in front of me as I stare in disbelief! NO….NO……I beg…please more…..knowing its to late! I tighten my ass around the plug. Knowing all too well….I lost and soon my cherry will be no more! It’s now owned by the very cock which defeated me. I can do nothing but wait until he wants me. The same feeling I get from Mistress comes back over me. HELPLESS!!

I hear the door open and close in the room behind me! My legs grow weak and I struggle and beg!! Please..Please…..NO mister Please!! I feel my dress as its raised over my waist! I continue to struggle!
My panties are pulled down as far as my garter clips attached to my stockings will allow. My plug is withdrawn. After a hard slap on my ass I feel something cold and wet smeared on my hole. I realize its about to happen. I once heard that porn stars must never contract their hole while being fucked. Or it hurts worst. I try to keep it in mind as a new cock slides into the hole in front of me. I feel the head press against me as he slowly drives it in. Tilting my head all the way back my mouth opens wide as my face feels like its on fire. I scream loud as he goes in! Then he pulls back as he starts a slow rhythm. The feeling begins to take shape and I submissively open up for him to have his way! Back and forth, back and forth….I am Her slut…..Her whore….Her bitch! Those words now have new meaning to me. Mistress owns me!!!! I open my eyes…..


OH SHIT!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

I reach for the now half hard cock and work with everything I got! How could I have forgot! Now I am being fucked while sucking off another cock as vigorously as possible!! COULD I GO ANY FURTHER!!! I AM NOW A TOTAL SLUT FOR MY MISTRESS!!!!! I suck as best as I can fast and hard! My arms now weak as they are still cuffed behind my back!


With my eyes closed the rhythm behind me pushes me on the cock before me!!! I just concentrate on massaging it as best as possible!!!!! My moans are coming naturally now as he thrusts faster behind me!


I try harder and moan loudly. Please…..give it to me….please….MMMmmm….


OH GOD!……faster!……harder!....

3…..2……1……and its GONE!!!!!......OH SHIT!!!!!....another one!

Still being pounded by the first I close my eyes and feel his rhythm….i open my mouth and take in the full effect. My little moans and squeaks are as feminine as can be. What could be taking Mistress so long!! I guess I will serve as long as She sees fit!

AnotHer cock slides in in front of me………I start immediately as not to make the same mistake twice! My slut hood now complete I service him with every thought of total pleasure as my ass is pounded faster. My bindings keep me in place! Suddenly I feel the rush as he explodes behind me and thrusts all the way in holding me tight. I feel every spurt as he fills my ass. Then suddenly he withdraws. The cock before me is now rock hard and I work it with wild abandon!


He twitches and begins to fill my mouth… I feel another one resting against my ass and he starts to drive in! His rhythm starts as I aim for the little hole in the bottom…..

And my night goes on…….

Soon I have no more costumers….and I am there just waiting……

Finally I hear the wonderful click of those heels come up behind me followed by giggles…..

“Great Job reina!...... I see we don’t have to worry about that awful cherry any more do we dear…hmmm?”
“Let me fix this for my little whore!” as She pulls up my panties over my cum filled hole and lowers my dress.

She opens the door and loosens my leash and my ankle shackles.

Laughing “Just look at you… little sissy is all grown up!” She laughs more…..

“Thank you Mistress…..” I say trying to smile with my ass now sore as hell…..

“Now stand there and give me a great big smile reina!” as She take out Her digital camera. I pose as slutty as I can to make Her happy.

“Now dear, I am tired and ready to leave…… you have 5 minutes to get cleaned up and come and find me in the bar…….don’t be late” and She walks off

“Mistress….” I call, but She keeps goin. I don’t know where the rest room is. I walk out to the hallway and begin searching. I can see into the bar at the end of the hall. I know what She expects. But I can’t go out there. NOT YET!!! I dare not wipe anything on Mistress’s dress! Walking to the entrance of the bar heads begin to turn and yells and whistles start.

“Excuse me wHere can I get cleaned up” I ask shyly

Suddenly the whole bar erupts in applause and yells turning straight towards me! As I step back I see the big screen on the wall showing an empty stall with a small clock above a hole! OH MY GOD!! I was on video!
Chills run down my spine and my legs grow weak! There is nothing I can do now though. At least no one knows me Here! With that I play my part! The restroom is on the other side some one points out. I take a breath and begin walking over and I see Mistress sitting and talking with friends. She gives me a harsh look. And I correct me walk and strut like a true slut all the way tHere. Hoops and hollers follow me all the way. An approving smile crosses Her face. I feel proud to make Her happy. Its all I think about now!

A few minutes later I strut back out to Her and quietly set on my knees next to Her. As She is talking to Her friends. I have finally found my true place.

Soon we arrive at Her home. Still Cuffed and blindfolded I am led downstairs to a room and placed on my knees. Next Mistress attached a chastity device to my little clitty. The blindfold and cuffs are removed and I find myself in the middle of Her dungeon. Looking down I see my new device. Its like a metal tube which locks around my clitty with a leatHer strap around the base of my balls. The leather strap contains a small box which I am curious to find out its purpose.

“Now dear, be sure and not to tamper with your new device. It automatically senses any tampering and will administer punishment at will.”

Mistress notices my puzzlement and demonstrates by pointing a small remote at me and pressing the button.


An electric shock pierces my testicles and I double over on the floor in pain. With a smile upon Her face, She reaches down and lifts my chin with Her finger.

“Although that does give me much enjoyment, lets just hope that will not be necessary again dear” She says smiling brightly. “Now, back in position!”

Getting back to my knees I stare at Mistress with great fear. I have never felt so much pain in my life and it is at Her very finger tips! I know I must please Her with each and every thing I do or else!! My little clitty is now trying to become rock hard against its constraint. Its every thing I dreamed and more. Directly before me is a piece of paper with very small font writing directly in front of a large luxurious plush chair. As Mistress takes a seat She continues.

“These are your duties while you are Here. You may memorize them or simply use this for reference as needed. They are in order of importance and I expect them done correctly! Any time I do not have a use for you this will fill your time. If you happen to complete them, which of course is highly unlikely, you will start back at the top. You will NEVER touch or move this list while you are Here. Your uniform is in the closet and you will be dressed and ready for inspection at all times. When I call you, you will not hesitate, do you understand?

“Yes Mistress” I reply

“Now sweetie, I accept your vows to me as my slut because you have successfully serviced an entire bar room of cocks.” As She runs Her fingers through my hair caringly.

“I accept your vows as my whore because you have made me over $200 dollars in the process.” She giggles humorously”

“And now……...”

She points the remote at the screen and presses play. Before me plays all of the nights events IN DETAIL!! At the bottom of the screen is printed my real name and home address with my work information and other things too numerous to describe. While staring with disbelief, Mistress leans down and whispers very seductively in my ear…


I swallow deep as I am fixated on the screen.

“Yess Mistress” I reply

“Very good” as She stands and turns off the screen.

“Now change into your nightie and get some rest sweetie, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.” She turns and walks back up stairs locking the door behind Her.

I swallow deeply and look around. I have to bend down on my knees to read the small font on the paper. Of course Mistress would have me this way before Her beautiful throne. It is very detailed and consists of numerous cleaning instructions and so forth. My next thought is the uniform She mentioned. I go to the closet and find one pink see through nighty and a very erotic black and white French maid uniform! Its simply beautiful and sexy! I can’t wait! I will be Her French maid!..............OH, WEE!!!

Yawning I quickly change into my frilly nighty and bow down on my knees to study and memorize my duties.

I must never disappoint Mistress!

Tomorrow I finally begin to serve Her as Her loyal and obedient SLUT, HER WHORE, AND HER BITCH!

At last! …………AHH…………Sweet Dreams!

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