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1. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - Initiation

The author kindly advises that this story and its characters are entirely fictitious. It contains descriptions of exhibitionism, lesbian sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

1. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - Initiation

(Marketing graduates Bebe Lazaro and Natalie Jones join an influential New York secret lesbian circle. Part of their job description is to service its members).

“Good morning New York. Good morning America. This is KM135FM bringing you the latest news from across the nation!”

It was 10am on a cool and cloudy Sunday morning in an outer suburb of New York. An awakening Natalie Jones slowly came to her senses. She lay naked and spread-eagled on her back on top of her messed up, queen-size bed as she slowly raised her head. She squinted her eyes as she looked at her slim tanned muscular body in the large standing mirror at the foot end. Her short chaotic black bed hair, her flat breasts with pointy nipples, her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair around her opening. Her fingers slightly touched her clit and ran alongside the edges of her swollen open vagina. She quickly pulled back. The area between her legs was still red, sensitive and way too sore. While barely opening her eyes she lifted her aching body off the bed and stumbled to the fridge. An ice pack would do wonders right now.

Natalie’s tiny, dilapidated apartment was on the 4th floor of an old brownstone building. The cold ice, pressed between her raw pussy lips, soothed her genitals as she poured herself an instant coffee and pulled a hot slice of bread out of the toaster. She opened up the small white balcony doors right next to her bed and leaned nude in the door opening, enjoying her hot coffee and toast while wrapping her slim tanned legs around the cold ice. Anyone from the street below could see her standing there, stark naked, but she didn’t care. Her hand squeezed her breasts and ran down her hard midriff as she felt the cool morning breeze on her supple lithe body. She was in thoughts as she tried to remember what happened last night.

Why was she so sore, who did she fuck, how did she get home?

Lips, mouths, wet genitals. The images and, oh god, those sounds... She closed her eyes and sighed as her fingers ran through her messed up hair. All those naked writhing bodies. Those hands, fingers, tongues, and probing strapons. Her skin crawled as it all slowly came back to her.

Time had flown by since that memorable day when she and her best friend, Bebe Lazaro, received their certificates from the Manhattan Marketing Institute. As 18-year olds, life seemed so full of promise and possibilities. That was, until the GFC struck. The opportunities dried up and it all became something else then expected.

Her friend Bebe, who rented a tiny flat in a run-down building just two streets away, didn’t fare any better. They kept in touch, went to cafes, enjoyed window-shopping and visited the gym during the week, to kill time and give each other support.

She never told her but she had always admired Bebe. Her short tomboyish, curly, almost white blond hair. Her hard gym-toned body, her tan and small boobs, her slightly muscular jaw line and brooding blue eyes; she was hotness personified.

She sighed as she finished her coffee and went back on the bed in front of the mirror, opening up her legs wide and pushing the soothing ice pack deeper in between her swollen genitals. Thinking about Bebe just made her body writhe and squirm…

The local gym they used was nothing fancy, just a run-down place. Housed in an old industrial building, its high, stained walls were adorned with old faded posters of muscle men. Its rusty roof was crumbling. The gym’s equipment was rough at the edges and had seen better times. The communal shower area was even worse. Yesterday’s plumbing, old yellow tiles, some broken. Dimly lit, there was hardly any ventilation. Water vapor would build up, creating a hot, steamy and sticky atmosphere. The owner of the place was a big burly Mexican; Tony Masales was an ex-bodybuilder turned gym owner.
He was the arch-typical overweight ex-muscle man. Short on manners, eternally unshaven, greasy black hair with a mullet, black shorts and red muscle shirt with plenty of gold rings on his thick hairy fingers.

Natalie took a sip from her coffee as she looked from her bed through the open lounge room doors. Clouds were drifting past as she still remembered that one occasion. It was in the evening, around 8pm. The gym was closing. She and Bebe were the last ones to finish their exercises and headed off to the showers. Just before they took off their shorts and tight white t-shirts in the locker room Tony appeared in the door opening. He stood there for a while watching her and Bebe take their bags out of the grey old dented lockers. They both felt how he was undressing them with his eyes, in a predatory kind of way.

“Hi Tony, eh…anything we can help you with?” Bebe eventually asked. He just smiled and slowly came closer, scratching his chin’s two-day-shade. “Hmmm, depends girls….depends… I’ve heard you girls are still out of work…” He paused, as he moved around them. They could see how he was ogling their curves. “I’m eh, willing to help you girls make some cash if you’re interested... I’ll…eh… I’ll give you girls four hundred if I can watch you in the showers, maybe doing each other…”

Both our faces turned bright red as we stared at him in bewilderment. “I…ehhh…you can’t possibly be serious, Tony…” Bebe stuttered with a trembling voice. She was blushing as I noticed her shocked eyes. Hesitantly, we both however had to admit he was right; we were out of work and money was running dangerously low.

“We need the cash, Beeb, four hundred…” I unconvincingly whispered close to her ear. I saw how confused she was. “Eh, I don’t know Nat. I mean, you…us…together…fucking…and him…watching? I’m not a lesbian…I’ve never done anything like that with a girl in my life…” Suddenly she noticed the changing expression on my face. “Oh my god…Nat, you’re not really seriously considering this…are you crazy?” The mere thought started to really turn me on as I gazed deep into her eyes. My fingers ran through her short white curls and caressed her beautiful cheeks; “I know you can do it Bebe, it’ll be easy and natural. Just let him watch. We’ll show him what we’ve got. We’ll both enjoy it, just follow my lead...”

She didn’t know that this was my chance to get close to her, to smell and taste the intimate regions of her slim tanned body and get paid handsomely for it at the same time. My lips touched her earlobe as I whispered: “Why don’t you…eh…go into the shower room, take your clothes off, and turn on the water Beeb… I’ll join you in a few minutes...” Her mind was in disarray as she stared at me in disbelief for a few seconds. The look in her eyes changed as she moved towards the shower area. Tony and I watched as she slowly took off her tight white top and shorts. She turned around, unclipped her bra and slid off her panties. We admired her naked arse as she went into the shower area and turned on the water. She leaned against the cream tiled wall at the far end, looking at us amidst the rising steam, opening her tanned legs, touching herself.

I faced Tony against the background noise of splashing water while squeezing my legs, trying to control that itching feeling. “Hmm, 400… I’ll fuck like a demon for that Tony…,” I hoarsely whispered. He grinned his dodgy teeth bare as I stared at him with horny eyes. I squirmed as I squeezed my breasts through my top. I took my time pulling my white gym top over my head and slipped off my little tight shorts, slipping my hand under my tiny white underwear. I looked at Tony as I turned around. “Could you maybe… help me with this Tony?” I teased. Soon I felt his fat fingers sliding down in between my shoulders, hooking and unclipping my bra. It dawned on me that Tony probably enjoyed touching my soft tanned skin. As I slipped off my lacy bra I felt his fingers slowly sliding down my spine, going behind my flimsy panties and, agonizingly slow, pulling them down. I braced myself with both hands against the lockers, gasped and closed my eyes, as I felt his hand squeezing my small naked arse cheeks and fingers probing in between my slim legs.

“You…ehhh…don’t mind me checking out the merchandise, do you?”

Tony’s voice sounded far away. He could do with me whatever he wanted and he knew it. Silently I turned around, leaned back with my shoulders against the lockers, arched my back and pushed my midriff forward. I invited Tony with horny eyes as I slowly opened my legs.

He didn’t need an answer.

I gasped as I watched him gratuitously groping my tanned meat. I pushed up my chest as his hand squeezed my small hard breasts, moving down my flat stomach straight in between my legs. I closed my eyes and braced myself as he brazenly grabbed me with his full hand in my crotch. My gyrating hips got a life of its own as he roughly pushed into my neatly trimmed dark pubic hair, his thick hairy fingers sliding in between my red swollen pussy lips. I felt his cold rings rubbing against my hot opening as he slid two fingers inside me.

My body writhed rhythmically on his fingers as his other hand caressed my blushing, distorted face. It then moved down my neck onto my chest, groping my rock hard nipples. I so enjoyed him violating and m*****ing me. My body desperately wanted more.

“Stop…, Tony, please stop…”, I moaned unconvincingly as I managed to resist my body and lift my throbbing slit off his fingers. “I will show you everything of me. Come watch me in the shower, fucking Bebe...” I let out a squeal as he playfully slapped my small hard arse while I turned around. He followed me to the door opening as I went naked into the steamy shower area. Bebe was by now horny, wet and barely visible, leaning with her back against the opposite wall, fingering her red slit, waiting for me to join her.

As I came closer I noticed how worked up she was. I grabbed her wet short white hair and stared at her with intent. “He’s watching Beeb,” I whispered. “Let’s fuck our brains out…” Both our lips locked onto each other in a frantic, desperately wild French kiss. Tony watched as we both ate each other’s mouths, lips and tongues. I tasted her flesh, her saliva, her breath. I felt her hands desperately roaming my body, her fingers pushing into my wet burning slit as the hot water and steam from multiple showerheads enveloped us. My lips explored her neck and latched on to her small rock hard nipples before wandering downwards. She was on an erotic high when she spread her legs wide as she leaned against the tiled wall. She breathlessly begged and couldn’t stop moving her hips as I pushed up one of her legs and locked my lips around her red puffy slit, sucking and licking it furiously amidst the cascading water.

Through the water vapor Bebe made eye contact with Tony on the other side of the room. “Look at us,” she breathed; “watch how we grope and fuck each other. Is this what you want to see, Tony?” She slowly slid down the wet tiled wall and spread out on the floor. I squatted down and mounted her between her legs; my body shook and twisted as I pressed my pussy onto hers. I gasped with open mouth and arched my back as my midriff just kept on moving, stimulating my genitals. It felt so good feeling her sensitive clit rubbing against mine. I slightly changed position, facing Tony in the door opening, showing every detail of my naked, fucking body. He was staring at me as he touched himself. The water from the showerheads splashed down on us as we rolled in a sixty-nine on our sides and buried our faces deep in between each other’s legs. I felt her breath and tongue on my slit as I pulled open Bebe’s small hard arse cheeks and buried my face as deep as I could into her wet blond pubic hair. With water splashing all around us I delved into her slit with my nose and lips while pushing my fingers deep into her anus. I couldn’t get enough of the smell of her hot tanned meat as I heard Tony’s breathing become more incessant. He had come closer and stood right next to us, stroking his cock, fully clothed but dripping wet in the splashing water.

We were both lying on the shower floor at his feet, an orgy of wild writhing meat, frantically delving into each other, as we heard a loud grunt and felt his hot sperm strands splashing on our twisting, naked, entangled bodies. Soon after Bebe clamped her lips around my bright red clit and held on tight as I pleaded, screamed and bucked around on the wet tiles. I trembled with rolling eyes as I stiffened up in a raging orgasm that wildly ravaged my body.

Sporadic sunlight broke through the clouds as Natalie pressed the ice pack tighter in between her legs. “Hmmm, $400, just like that. That’s what you get. Too much time doing nothing, too much sex on the brain…”

The cool pack did the trick as she slowly got up from the bed, pulled on her jeans, a white shirt and trainers, grabbed her bag and left her apartment. She was in thoughts as she opened and closed the metal mesh of the old craggy elevator. As it slowly traveled down towards the ground floor she thought about the incredible turn their lives had taken since Bebe found a job three months ago.

She still remembered how she failed to turn up to their regular gym appointment. She called her on her cell to see where she was. Remarkably, she had found work as a Marketing Assistant at a cosmetics company in downtown Manhattan. It wasn’t until a week later when Natalie caught up with Bebe at a local cafe, anxious to hear how she pulled off that feat of scoring her first job. She had arrived early and was already enjoying her latte as Bebe came through the door. After the obligatory hugs and kisses the attention quickly turned to Beeb’s career move.

“You know Nat…,” Bebe said; “it was pure coincidence. I was having coffee at Giorgio’s Café in Manhattan when this middle-aged business lady came in, placed her order, looked at me and came over to say ‘hello’. We chatted, she told me about her cosmetics business and I mentioned I was looking for a position. After a while she asked if I would be interested in working for her as a Marketing Assistant. Just like that. So I’ve been working for about a week now. Is that amazing or what?”

“Gosh,” Natalie sighed. “Such luck. Who needs endless applications when you can sit in a café and end up with a job offer...”

“But…eh…” She hesitated to ask but risked it anyway; “Are you sure there isn’t anything fishy going on? I mean…, what is it you are doing exactly for this woman, Beeb?”

“Well…” Bebe said, while moving closer to Natalie; “I’m part of her product marketing team of course, and…, well, I’m eh… maintaining customer contacts. I’ll keep her, mainly female, important clients happy. So I go to parties, events, lunches and meetings. It’s an exclusive network of some sort that I’ve fallen into.”

Bebe noticed the puzzled look on Natalie’s face. “Look…” she said tentatively; “I’m going to a Manhattan club, ‘The Scarlett Room’, with some of her clients on Friday night. It’s an exclusive place. I’ll try to organize a ticket for you. Just give the doorwoman your name and she’ll find you on her list. When you see me, come over to say ‘hello’. It’s a classy joint, the dress code is evening attire.” Natalie nodded. It would be interesting to meet Bebe’s colleagues and she wouldn’t say no to free drinks and finger food…

Friday evening around 8pm Natalie presented herself at the door of ‘The Scarlett Room’, an unassuming entrance down an alley on the side of an old building in downtown Manhattan. A small illuminated sign in red hung above the door. She wore an elegant one–piece black and silver short straight dress with matching jewelry. The doorwoman was a stern looking person with an earpiece. “Hmm, Natalie Jones… ahhh… yes, there’s your name. Here’s your VIP pass.” She noticed the surprised look on Natalie’s face after she mentioned ‘VIP’. “You must know people in high places lovey, these passes are rare as hen’s teeth,” the female guard said.

Natalie smiled, moved past the red rope and walked down a narrow hallway towards the main area. In contrast to the grubby outside, the interior was a picture of minimalist elegance. The dark grey concrete floor worked well with the red upholstered furniture, mainly large sofas, ottomans and dark timber coffee tables. Soft wall lights complemented the modern but intimate look. When she entered the main room she noticed the long bar at the back of the space. She spotted Bebe on one of the large red lounges in a private area at the back with her colleagues and clients. Bebe introduced her to the all female gathering and organised champagne. During the introduction Natalie noticed that the younger girls were mostly staff and the older ladies clients and executives.

Bebe’s boss, the lady who offered her the job at the café, was Sandra Curtis. She was the CEO of Curtis Cosmetics. Dressed in a sharp dark blue business suit, slim and of average height with shoulder length brown hair in a conservative hairstyle, this forty-year old was the arch-typical alpha female. Natalie noticed her piercing eyes, strikingly muscular jaw line and her determined manner.

Upon introduction she was offered a seat on the lounge next to her. “So Natalie, Bebe told me about you.” Sandra started. “I’ve heard you also studied marketing. You were classmates I guess…?” Natalie smiled and nodded but before she could say anything Sandra turned her attention to one of the older ladies; “Margaret, did you know that Natalie here was a classmate of Bebe?” The woman on the far end of the lounge came over and introduced herself. Margaret Murchison, a slim tall woman in a black skirt, white shirt and with very short black hair, ran MurchisonMedia, a renowned public image consultancy. Sandra Curtis was one of her clients.

“Margaret,” Sandra continued; “weren’t you looking for a personal assistant with marketing expertise?” Natalie missed the wink between Sandra and Margaret. Both ladies smiled mysteriously. “Ahh…yesss…now that you mention it, Sandra...” Margaret composed herself and turned to Natalie; “Hmmm…how do you feel about working for me as a personal assistant? You’ll take care of my appointments, entertain clients, fly across the US for meetings…” Natalie was shocked and speechless. She’d been looking for employment for almost a year. She met these people ten minutes ago in a cocktail lounge over champagne and now she was offered a job. She didn’t have to think it over; “I would be delighted Ms Murchison.” “Oh, call me Margaret dear,” she replied. “You’ll start Monday. This is my card. Report to my office security for a pass.” Margaret and Sandra exchanged smiles and pleasantries before she returned to her seat and joined the women on the other end of the lounge.

The rest of the evening Natalie enjoyed herself. There was interesting conversation, laughter, banter and plenty of champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Around eleven most ladies and office staff said their goodbyes. Bebe left with two older women while Natalie was in conversation with Sandra.

About fifteen minutes later Sandra was preparing to leave. “Natalie, would you like to see my penthouse apartment across the road?” She offered. “It’s a big place and I would like to show you the décor…” Natalie was curious about how the other half lived and couldn’t resist the invitation. “Yes, sure Sandra. I wouldn’t mind.”

Sandra handed over her credit card to the waiter, put away the receipt and minutes later the two walked across the road. They entered the building’s luxurious lobby and waited for the elevator to arrive. “You know Natalie,” Sandra began; “part of Bebe’s job is client relations. We mainly have female clients and we need their business and cooperation to thrive. The same goes for suppliers.” The silent elevator arrived, both got in and Sandra pressed the button for the top floor. “Bebe liaises with Margaret’s PR-company and helps our marketing people. She also keeps our clients happy and onside.” The elevator stopped, the doors opened and they slowly walked down a marble corridor. Sandra opened a small side door next to the main entrance to her penthouse and invited Natalie in. Behind the door was a narrow long dark space with a black curtain covering one wall. Sandra slowly pulled a cord and the curtain opened. Natalie looked into one of Sandra’s large penthouse bedrooms. The room was dimly lit. A few red lights on the walls and a small spotlight slightly illuminated a large queen-size bed with red sheets in the centre. She saw a lounge, small tables and seats positioned around it.

“What is this about Sandra? Is this your apartment? Why are we here?” The situation puzzled Natalie. Her eyes needed time to adjust to the soft light conditions. “Patience Natalie,” Sandra whispered. “This is a large one-way mirror. Just watch this.” Natalie suddenly made out Bebe and the two ladies she left with. They were standing on one side of the room, smiling, talking and sipping champagne. She noticed how the women slightly touched her. Their hands and fingers ran down her arms and touched her breasts, her thighs, her arse cheeks… Bebe didn’t seem to mind at all.

Natalie’s breath stopped.

From the darkness a slim black girl with short hair appeared. She was of average height, stark naked and wore a long black strapon. She slowly mounted the bed and gestured Bebe to join her. Both women kissed Bebe’s neck, grabbed her short blond hair and planted lingering kisses on her mouth. At the same time fingers slowly pulled down the back zip of her dress. It was clear to see that Bebe enjoyed the attention. Her black dress slipped off her shoulders. Fingers carefully unclipped her bra and slowly pushed down her tiny black panties, exposing her blond pubic hair and small pussy lips. Bebe arched her back and closed her eyes as one of the women’s hands slid in between her legs from behind.

Natalie watched as Bebe slowly turned around and mounted the bed. She slid in between the black girl’s inviting wide-open legs. They frantically French kissed, their mouths dueling, their hands, bodies and genitals rubbing all over each other. The difference in skin color between the two girls was startling and made for great viewing. Bebe went on all fours, spreading her knees and arching her back as the black girl lifted one of her legs. The ladies stood around the bed sipping champagne as they watched how the black girl pointed her long dark strapon dildo towards Bebe’s red open slit and slowly pushed it in between her light pubes, into her pink fleshy opening. Natalie heard Bebe’s moaning and watched her trembling, writhing body. The naked black girl was panting as she held on to Bebe’s raised leg and frantically fucked her. She shoved the long glistening dildo deeper and deeper into her. Her small hard black arse squeezed and moved at high pace, fucking Bebe’s bright red frothy slit.

The women put down their glasses and slowly took off their clothes while watching Bebe’s body being violated. They were naked when they joined them on the bed. They virtually assaulted the two girls, forcing themselves in between their legs. They licked, fingered and fucked Bebe’s wriggling tanned hard meat from all directions. Natalie watched the mass of writhing bodies in the semi-darkness from a distance. The sounds of wild sex filled the room. She heard how Bebe panted, screamed. She looked at her red distorted face, her trembling sweat covered body. To her it looked like a swinger orgy or something from a hot porno film…

Natalie glanced at Sandra, confused, aroused, breathless. Her unfulfilled desire made her skin crawl. “You know Natalie,” Sandra whispered; “by accepting Margaret’s job offer you’ve become a member of a secret lesbian circle. All the young girls that work in our respective companies are available to us CEO’s and business contacts. We have different locations where we organize parties and getaways. Bebe accepted that arrangement last week after I broke her in myself.”

“Broke her in?” Natalie repeated.

“Yes,” Sandra said. “I trained your naked friend all night and showed her what’s needed to satisfy these women. I know you will also be a great fuck Natalie. Many women will enjoy licking and eating you. Together you will make an excellent team. It will open doors for both me and Margaret.”

She looked in Natalie aroused eyes. There was no doubt. She would be willing to do this and be good at it. Sandra came closer to Natalie, caressed her face and whispered: “Watch how Bebe enjoys it, it’s easy and fun. You take your clothes off, spread your legs and enjoy the wild fucking.” Natalie was still speechless and only slowly recovered from the shock of seeing her friend in an orgy. She never thought Bebe was willing to do this. They both had been unemployed for too long. She would also do almost anything to keep her job.

“I’ll…ehhh…I’ll do you want Sandra… she shyly whispered… “anything.., oh my god, look at her…”

Sandra smiled. Her hand ran through Natalie’s hair as she kissed her softly on her lips; “I can’t wait to watch you spread your legs baby… I’m planning to meet State Senator Johnson-Smyth next weekend, she continued; I’ll introduce you both to her…”

Natalie didn’t even hear Sandra’s last words. Her eyes were fixated on the sounds and images of the tangled bodies on the bed as she watched the ongoing lesbian orgy in front of her. Bebe was upright on one knee, squeezing her breasts, squatting over the face of one of the women who was frantically eating her wet red opening while sliding two fingers up her anus. She watched Bebe’s open mouth and closed eyes as she rode the woman’s face. She gasped and trembled as the mouth and tongue menacing her hot slit drove her insane. The other woman went deep in between the black girl’s wide spread legs, burying her face into the girl’s black pubic hair. Her body was thrashing about as she was trying in vain to escape the woman’s onslaught on her genitals.

Sandra slowly closed the curtain.

Natalie’s brain was numb from the visual overload. There was silence in the elevator on the way down.
Natalie Jones, just like Bebe Lazaro, became part of a lesbian circle as she started work at MurchisonMedia the following Monday.

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