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The Thruway

I was driving home alone in a massive snowstorm on the New York Thruway. It was 3:00 am, the roads were impassable. I had the same idea as everybody else: pull into the rest area until the roads are better. The building was typical with a fast-food anchor and a couple of deli and coffee-type stands in a food court style.

The driver of the car next to mine got out as I did. She was bundled up in a white parka. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, pink pouty lips, skin that said she was about 19 and delicious. I offered her my hand, “Wouldn’t want you to slip.”

Instead of taking my hand in hers, she grabbed hold of my entire arm and held it to her body. A very clear sign. Every inch of my 26 year old body firmed up at the sound of her voice.

“Your arm is so strong.”

Everyone was quiet inside. Some piped in muzak drowned out the sound of the storm and the snores. One sl**per was in a maintenance jumpsuit, the yellow ringer rolling bucket and mop propped up to the wall next to him.

A couple was playing cards on the floor. One guy was reading a newspaper. He looked up, looked her over. He gave me the nod of approval and went back to his paper.

“Warmer in here.” She unzippered her coat revealing the most mouthwatering cleavage. She watched me drool for a moment and then she said, “So where can we go?”

I eyed the janitorial close and lead her down the hall. I knew it had to be empty. We slid in unnoticed.

I pulled her jacket down and put my face into those luscious C Cup tits grabbing her ass cheeks in my hands. Then she stopped me.

“One condition. Stop, I mean it. I’ll only do this if it’s something special.”

“It’ll be special.” I began opening my jeans.

She placed her hands over mine to stop me, but continued undressing herself. I was salivating. “I want a threesome.”

I was drooling by this point, “Huh?”

“Go get another guy. I’ve never done it, always wanted to. 2 guys at once.” She was naked. And perfect. Limber little hard body.

I stood there dumbfounded for a split second. This was always something I said no to.

“I’m serious. I’ll only do this if it’s special. Go get another guy, and I promise I’ll let you do anything you want to me.”

I closed the door behind me and walked back up the hall. No one was paying any attention. I leaned down to the guy with the newspaper that had noticed her. “Hey, buddy. Can you give me a hand with something?

“Sure. Are you stuck?”

“In a sense. Follow me.” He was tall and skinny, maybe my age. His hair was longer than mine, he seemed like the obvious choice since he’d noticed her.

I closed the door behind us. She was naked, leaning back over the painter’s ladder she’d set up. She spread her legs a little bit and smiled at him. He pulled his eye glasses off as if he didn’t believe what he was seeing.

I began to kick off my boots and unzip my jeans. He could stay or go, one way or the other I was boarding her. “She’ll only fuck me if it’s a threesome. You in?”

He put his glasses in his pocket and unbuttoned his shirt. “I’m not into guys,” was all he said, fixated on her as he shed his clothes.

“Well me neither, ya dick.” I finished undressing.

When I stood up he was naked and had her sitting on the platform shelf in the center of the ladder. He was fingering her, and he began to get on his knees like he was going to eat her pussy.

I moved around to the back of the ladder. I took hold of her by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her head back, through the ladder. I held her head carefully in my hands, letting her settle into arching her back, bending her backwards over the inside of the ladder. I stroked her throat with my hand and opened her mouth with my fingers, checking the angle. I replaced my fingers with my cock, pushing it through those pouty pink lips, into the heat of her mouth, her head hanging upside down.

I watched her fingers gripping the ladder to steady herself as I pulled my hips back and then pushed forward again, fucking her upside down face. Looking down I could see her chin and her lovely stretched neck. I could feel her long blonde hair down my legs, and I could feel the heat of her wet mouth and soft tongue taking my cock in very deeply. She pulled air in through her nostrils, I could feel the breeze on my balls as they slapped her nose. The deeper I went, I swear I could feel her eyelashes fluttering into the bottom of my sack.

I fucked her face slowly, deeply. Deliberately. Feeling her breath on my balls and watching her tits jostle, presented high on the shelf of the ladder.

The other guy was done eating her pussy and stood up. He had a hold of the ladder in one hand and his cock in the other. He was going to fuck her. Well, he had his mouth there, it seemed only right to let him finish with that hole.

We were facing each other, both of us looking down at her tits. I think we both wanted to grab them but neither one of us wanted to risk touching the other guy’s hand. Oddly, it became more of a turn on watching the round mounds tossle and jiggle untouched, nipples hard, body faceless (since it was buried upsidedown in my crotch.) Just 2 big perfect tits arched up for our pleasure, straining and bouncing with each jolt from us ramming our cocks into her holes.

I pulled my cock out of her face, holding her head and lifting her up by the shoulders slowly. She’d been stretched backwards long enough and I wanted my crack at that ass now.

He pulled her crotch into his, hands on her waist. As I pushed her through the ladder her arms went around him and he groaned as her tits plastered against his chest.

He held her upright long enough for me to come around the ladder and get behind her. I sat back on the seat shelf of the ladder with my throbbing cock in my hand and spread my legs for stability, feet firmly on the floor. I spread her ass cheeks with my fingers. My cock, still dripping wet from her mouth and my precum, slid slowly into her ass. I didn’t want him to fuck her into me too quickly. He ass had to open first. Her body had to surrender.

He stood still leaning downward and over us, his cock barely inside of her cunt anymore, but ready and waiting. Her legs were spread and her hands were up on his shoulders. She was moaning loudly as her first sphincter muscle gave way for the second and my cock slid deeper in, impaling that ass.

I let her ass get used to the feel of my cock owning it. Her body relaxed and she began to make gyrations with her hips. He took that as his cue, and closed the deal, letting her weight fall back onto me, forcing my cock even deeper.

He lifted one of her legs off the floor first, holding it under the bent knee and f***ed his cock into her dripping pussy. I could feel the cunt juice on my crotch running down my thighs and over my balls. Then he lifted the other leg.

He had her legs up in the air now, fucking her cunt. I could do none of the work at this point. And he knew it. I held steady and braced. Her ass felt tight and sweet, milking my cock as her body became one insatiable gland. He was strong, holding her legs up in the air, keeping his closed enough to be standing inside of mine with minimal contact to me.

First we’d had her bent backward over the inside of the ladder. Now we had her bent the other way, practically folded in half. His thrusts were good, slow. Penetrating. They were driving her insane. She’d tighten, then go limp, then tighten again. My guess was multiple orgasms. I could tell by his trembling hands he was ready.

“You first.” I steadied her with one arm and held he ladder with the other hand. He thrust into her cunt a few more times and came. He pulled out fast, got dressed and left.

I stood up and bent her over the ladder again, this time forwards. She slid her chest through and held on to the other side as I banged the hell out of her ass, grinding into her with everything I had and dumped my load up her ass. I could feel the heat radiating off of her pussy. I knew we’d made her come, too.

I got dressed fast and left too. Coming out of the men’s room I realized there was movement in the rest area, the roads were clear.

As I was walking back to my car, tall guy with glasses walked past me. He gave me a silent grin and nod. I made a mental note to stop by Lowes for a ladder on my way home.

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