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Secret anal hijab muslim

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She looked in the mirror, looking back at here was a 18 year old muslim girl, with nice curves and a cute face. She was wearing a long skirt, leather jacket and a hijab that covered her hair. She was just done praying, and started packing her bag, because it was soon time. In here bag she packed a planket, a bottle of water, a roll of tape and a bottle of warm lube. She went downstairs and told here strict parents that she was going to visit her friend. Her friend was another muslim girl, that lived close. Here parents belived her lie, and told here to be home before 6 pm.


The long grass in the forest touched here bare feet, as she was walking with here sandals in here hands. She was not wearing any panties. Here legs were shaking as she reached her destination. Her own little quiet place in the forest. She layed down here blanket and looked around. It was so beautiful here, quiet and fresh air. She layed down on the blanket, and pulled of here skirt. She was now naked from the waist down. Here ass perfect for fucking, with tan arabic skin. Here unshaven pussy was wet, but she had to tape it up. With a tape she closed here entrance to her pussy. She had to stay virgin there, so she would bleed on here wedding night. In two weeks she would be married to an old relative. After securing her hymen, she started to lube up her ass. Now she was ready.


Sound of footsteps, she could here them now. They were approching. She looked over her shoulder, as her ass was facing where they came from. She saw that there was around 7-8 of them. All older than here. They walked slow towards her. Old white men, most of them around their 50s. Some fat, and some well built. They all had their cocks out of their zippers. Hard white cocks, old horny men ready to fuck their muslim slut.

She was laying on here said, spreading her asscheeks. The first of them guided his fat white cock right into her asshole, and started fucking her. Her moans could be heard all over the woods, before a new cock filled her mouth. Both of her hands were also put to work on some of the other cocks. She was getting fucked anal, sucking and jerking hard fat cocks, from old white men. She felt how the cock in here ass was pulled out, only to be replaced by a new pervert. The one who had just fucked her ass, came buckets in her face and on her hijab.

She didnt know for how long they used here, but everyone of the old perverts had fucked here ass and used here mouth when they were done. Here face was covered in white cum, and her hijab was sticky. They left her, calling her muslim cunt, and arab slut on the way. Her ass was sore from all the fucking, but as soon as she was alone, she removed the tape from her pussy, and rubbed herself until orgasm.


Later that night after a hot shower, she was laying in bed. Her mother walked in and kissed her on her cheek and told her how much she loved her doughter, and that she was a good muslim girl. And she asked if her doughter was looking forward to her wedding. Still sore from all the assfucking, she told her mom that she was looking forward to the wedding, and finaly be able to start a f****y.

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