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I Love My Aunt, Part 1

When I was 13, the school district that I lived in decided to advance a few special students forward one grade, in preparation for college. I was one of four students in the entire district that had been selected to skip ahead because of my great grades, and I entered high school just before my 14th birthday. My mother was working full time, because she had separated from my dad and filed for divorce. See, even though my parents had had frequent arguments, they had always reconciled. One day, though, came an incident that was the final straw for their marriage.

Mom had come home early from work one day, wearing a man’s raincoat (odd dress for September, I remember thinking). Trying to surprise him, she instead found him naked in the pool, while my aunt (mom’s older s****r), was dozing in the sun. I saw what had caught my dad's eye: the towel over her boobs had dropped off, and her nipples were sticking straight up. I had never really seen a grown woman’s breasts before then. I remember the sight of him on the pool steps, looking right at her breasts from an angle just between her legs, and doing what I thought was scratching his leg. I could not see because I was behind him.

Anyway, I saw mom come around the garage through the gate and freeze in her tracks; she watched him there for at least a minute. She frowned and paced while she watched; the coat opened up and I saw she only had a bra and panties underneath. At last she screamed, "What are you doing, asshole?” which startled dad; and made my aunt sit straight up, not realizing she was topless. She stared right at my dad's naked crotch with her mouth open for a full five seconds; dad did not move until my aunt covered herself with the towel. She gasped and repeated, “Yes, what are you doing?” My mom stomped inside with my aunt right behind her. I heard mom lock the door, leaving dad naked and homeless. I snuck him some clothes, his car keys, and wallet soon afterward; I did not see him again for 3 years.

My aunt, Marie, explained to my mom that she had no idea what was going on; they hugged each other, and never discussed it again. Aunt Marie lived a few blocks from the local high school, so I was to go to my aunt's apartment after school until my mom got home from work, usually around 10 P.M. She was much older than my mother was, and large in a curvy, feminine way, but was funny and always treated me like an equal; I liked visiting her. She was also divorced, and often discussed the topic of men with me, the general hypothesis being that all males were swine.

The pool episode was not the first time I had seen my father unclothed. One evening, near midnight, after using the bathroom, I peeked through a crack in my parent's bedroom door. In the dim light, I saw him from behind, naked, leaning over the bed between mom's legs, and apparently kissing her belly button. She was holding his hair and moaning. Quickly I slinked back to my own bedroom, afraid, and confused. I asked Aunt Marie about it the next time I saw her. She quietly explained that when a couple is married, they do not need clothes in bed, nor keep secrets from each other. “Adults get married as a promise of love and trust. They enjoy kissing and dancing, and like to share special intimacies.” She also scolded, “…and you should always respect their privacy, especially in their bedroom. Do you understand what I am saying?” Aunt Marie and I had always shared a special bond, and I remember the secret promises we made as far back as I can remember. I trusted her, and she confided in me. I would never lie to her, or repeat what we said in private. In return, her special attention made me feel like an adult.

One time we had had an embarrassing moment. She surprised me; I was changing in the bathroom into my trunks, and they were around my ankles at the exact moment she opened the door. I started, and lost my balance. Because the trunks were around my ankles, I fell backwards, landing in the tub. More embarrassed than injured, I stuttered, “Oh God! I apologize, Aunt Marie.”

She giggled at my horror. She bent down, wrapped her arms around my waist, and lifted me out. Aunt Marie always wore a silk robe, but as she lifted me, our hips pressed together. I felt her bare thigh pushing against my penis, and I distinctly felt her legs squeeze together over it, the soft forbidden pubic hair tickling my leg.

“Don’t be silly, we’re f****y. Actually, I’m the one who should apologize; a man deserves his privacy.”

Flattered, blushing, and reaching down to pull my trunks up, I saw her eyes sparkle. “It won’t be long before you mature. I can see already that you are growing into a real lady- killer, just like your father. In a few years, you will be fully-grown. As a matter of fact, if I wasn’t your aunt, I’d go after you myself.” I was unprepared for her disarming honesty, and the mature way she said it. I turned away as I felt myself blush and an involuntary twitch beneath my swimming trunks.

Small for my age in high school, obviously much younger than everyone else, I was most often in the company of seniors, who saw me as their mascot, and protected me, in a way. This enraged the students of my own grade. When I was alone with them, they called me names like ‘sissy’ and ‘homo’. While humiliated, I really did not know what the words fully meant. They saw me as more even more vulnerable than they were, and used my naiveté for an ego boost.

The TV lit up, and the scene was of a fat woman kneeling in front of a naked man. I said, "What's she doing?", but the camera moved, and I saw the man rocking his penis in and out of the fat woman's mouth. She was not fighting it; it looked like she was enjoying it. I said so: "She wants to do that?", and looked at my neighbor. He nodded, and said, "People have been doing this since the beginning of time".

I had never seen a grown man's penis before. It was huge, stiff, and very hairy. The woman was naked, her boobs bouncing as she sucked, but I could not take my eyes off the penis. After a minute, the scene changed, and a teenaged boy walked in. The woman stood up and walked the teenager to the couch; the older man walked over and stood in front of the k**. The fat woman took his head in her hands and started to push his head up and down over the fat man's penis. I got a thrill seeing the woman making the youngster bob over a man’s erection. Doing such a shocking act alone was one thing; having a woman watch you do it was something else entirely. There was something exciting about being exposed. I was too shocked to move; too fascinated to look away. Mr. Cooper pointed at the screen, saying, "That's what that guy outside wanted you to do on him, to suck his prick like that lady. Now do you understand?"

I turned to him and said casually, "Oh, I get it...", but I was lying. Looking at my blushing face, he said, "Your face is going to swell soon, it's all red. Here, try this...” reached into his robe pocket, and pulled out a small glass vial. He said to close one nostril, and take a big sniff, all the way in, then switch and do the other side. I took two large sniffs; it smelled like turpentine. I started to ask, "What's that supposed to do...?", but the room started to spin, I felt warm all over, and my face flushed. I looked over and saw Mr. Cooper's robe fully open. Below his huge hairy belly, he was stroking his enormous penis.

Next thing I knew, he was holding my head over his lap, and rocked his hips upward. I knew he wanted to push his erection into my mouth; I instinctively parted my lips, and felt the huge red head go in. I recall thinking how mature it all was. I was doing what adults did, and a grown man was treating me like an equal.

The surface of the penis was very soft, it had no taste or smell at all; I remember thinking how clean he was as he sat back down. I thought that was it – the end of the lesson - but he suddenly bucked his hips up again, and pushed my head down, forcing his half-hard penis back in further. He stood, still holding my head, and started pumping the shaft back and forth, like a piston. I could feel he was totally stiff now; he was going all the way to the back of my throat, and then pulling it all the way out, so with every push there was a shameful moment that I was just sitting, open- mouthed, in front of him, waiting to receive his cock in the mouth like a slave.

He put the vial under my nose again after a minute; my mouth was full, so all I could breathe was the stuff inside of it. I felt the warm feeling over me again, and noticed that I did not want him to stop making me suck him. I was enjoying it; I was sitting on the neighbor's couch, mouth wide open, while he was ramming his hard shaft into my mouth.

He turned my head towards the TV and said, "Look at the screen - see how the boy is getting that fat dick in the mouth? It is very natural for a young k** to enjoy sucking an older man's cock. It does not hurt at all, and the older man loves it. That is what 'being a girlfriend' means - learning to enjoy giving pleasure to others, with no shame or fear. Do you like sucking my dick? Tell me; do not be ashamed. I won't tell anyone that you like blowing me...", and continued pumping his dick back and forth, holding my head, faster and faster.

Every few minutes, he would give me a sniff, saying, "There you go, - don't you love sucking cock while you rush on the poppers?", and then hold my head even tighter, always bobbing my head over his huge, rude prick. After about a half hour of making me 'be his girlfriend', he suddenly pulled out, and opened the coffee table drawer. He pulled out a clear glass tube, and put a small chunk of some white cube in the end. He guided my head towards the tube, lit a lighter, and said, "Suck".

I did, and got the most amazing tingle over my body. He pulled off my t-shirt and shorts then lay me on my back on the couch, my head over the low armrest. He went around to the end, leaned over, and again pushed his hard cock in my mouth. I was like upside-down with him doing pushups over me, really sliding his dick all the way in my mouth. He held the glass tube to my mouth for another big hit, saying, "You like getting your mouth fucked like a girl, don't you? I knew you would be a good cocksucker the first time I saw you.", and resumed pumping his stiff prick into my mouth.

I was completely naked, on my back, pinned down and unable to resist, while I had fat stranger forcing me to suck his stiff cock. I was thinking that I could never tell anyone about it, but considered just telling my aunt. She would never tell anyone; I was convinced of that. Between the bumps of balls on my forehead, I watched the action on the TV. I began to imagine the older woman encouraging the young boy to suck off the man was not an anonymous acquaintance of his. I imagined she was his aunt.

As I fantasized about having Aunt Marie encouraging me to do such forbidden and nasty acts to a stranger in a scene like that, I felt my penis rise and get very stiff. Mr. Cooper leaned over and guided my hand to my cock, stroking my hand over it in rhythm with his own pumping. As I stroked myself, he tickled my nipples. I was so aroused thinking about Aunt Marie and my secret acts, I felt a crisis building in my erection.

“Are you going to cum? I want to do it with you…” As I felt myself shoot liquid over my hand (I though I was urinating), I felt his hands holding my cheeks tighten, and he slammed his stiff cock all the way in, and started to shoot a warm fluid into my throat. It did not taste like urine; and I wondered what it was. He kept my face still as he shot more and more into my mouth, saying dirty things like, “Let your daddy shoot into your pussy-mouth…”, and, “That’s right, baby, cum – I won’t tell your aunty that you like to suck dick”. I thought I was supposed to swallow it, but it overflowed onto my face. He pulled out and shot more stuff over my lips. I felt my own ecstasy with every spurt from my penis. The creamy stuff shot straight up into the air, and landed on my chest. I kept thinking of Aunt Marie’s bare thigh squeezing my prick, her pubic hair, her naked breasts; I realized that my arousal was because I was thinking of her sexually.

As he went on about how he had popped my cherry, I could not tell him that what actually made me climax was thinking of my aunt knowing about it, even being encouraged by her.

The tape was over, so he started another. This one was about a young gay teen in a sauna with three huge men practically r****g him. I smoked some more of his pipe, soon he was in front of me again, and I was on my knees sucking him off. He got a bottle of baby oil, and asked me to rub him. I was rubbing his legs while he had me blowing him, but soon I was thinking about my aunt again, and started to masturbate right there. He saw me beating off with my eyes closed, faster and faster, and all the while, he was holding me by the ears and pushing his dick back and forth with his hips. He was making remarks about how my ‘mouth was softer than a pussy’, and how it was ‘our little secret’ that I ‘liked to get high and get fucked in the mouth.’

He was totally screwing my mouth with abandon now, occasionally slapping his cock on my face and giving me poppers or hits from his pipe. I was hoping no one would ever hear about my letting a fat, hairy neighbor make me his gay slave.

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