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Jenna from the pool

I met this woman Jenna at a swim club I frequent in the summer months after work. She was working at the snack bar and I spent a lot of time there,so I got to talk to her a lot.

I saw a ring so I knew she was married and found out through our talks she had 6 k**s,3 from another marriage and she is 43 years old.

Jenna was a plain woman,no makeup,nice slim body and her hair always looked like she just got out of bed.

About midway through the summer I started to flirt a little with her just to see how she would respond.To my surprise she was very receptive,even seemed to enjoy it.

One night a storm came up and cleared most of the pool.I stayed at the snack bar with Jenna offering to help her clean up so she could get home early for a change.Her response to that was not what I expected.She explained that being here was a break for her, compared to what she was going home to.Six k**s and a husband who doesn't help much.She went off on a tangent about how he wanted her to handle all the housework since he worked 60 hours a week.She works here to get away using the excuse they needed the money,which was a lie.She knew because she also paid the bills.It turned out he wasn't doing much in the bedroom either because he was to tired.I took this opportunity to comment on how he must be a real moron to turn her down in the bedroom.She said that she really didn't blame him because she doesn't really do much to make him want her.

I said "he is a moron you are very desirable."

She just starred at me with her mouth and eyes wide open.I thought I might get slapped in the face.Instead her eyes filled with tears.I thought that this reaction could get me in a lot of trouble with her or get me laid.

I am such a pig!

Once she got herself together she said "I need to blow off some steam somehow.I'm so stressed and frustrated."

I said "is there anything I can do?"

She looked at me,you could see the wheels turning in her head,for a long time.Finally after a long awkward pause Jenna said "you could take me out,get me d***k and have your way with me."

I laughed out loud but she wasn't laughing.Her face was stone serious.

I stopped laughing apologizing.

She said "I am dead serious.Would you?"

"I would take you out with no hesitation," I said "but I don't want you to think I'm taking advantage." What a lie that was.

She laughed "I would be willing, you would not be taking advantage and I am so ready for this.I'm fed up and need something.Besides I couldn't pick a better person.At least I know you and what kind of person you are." Boy she really doesn't.

It took weeks for her to arrange a night that would work for her.I suggested we go to my place but she said it was still to close to home.So I got us a hotel room in the city.

We arrived at the hotel and once in the room Jenna started kissing me "I need you to fuck me right now and get the anticipation over with so we can have some fun,alright" she said.

"No problem" I responded.

We grabbed at each others cloths pulling them off.I still had my pants around my ankles when she pulled me down on top off her spreading her legs.I fell between her legs my cock already hard.She took my cock in her hand guiding it into her pussy.She was already wet so I slid right inside her.I drove my cock in and out of her pussy with her legs wrapped around my waist.

Jenna moaned and groaned as I drove my cock in and out,her nails digging into my ass cheeks.

We kissed hard as I fucked her hard.She screamed loud into my mouth,releasing my ass,wrapping her arms around my neck.

I kept fucking her hard she was screaming in my mouth so hard my tongue was vibrating.I think if I took my mouth away the whole hotel would have heard her.She finally relaxed.I laid on top of her kissing softly.

She finally spoke "wow,I haven't screamed like that in years.That was intense.You are in trouble mister."

I laughed " I like trouble" I said.

She laughed "good because I am going to be so much trouble for you."

"Bring it on baby bring it on" I said.

She looked at me with daggers shooting from her eyes "don't call me baby."

"Sorry" I said " sorry!"

I don't know to this day what that was all about.

She told me to get off and I thought I blew it.I thought she was going to make take her home.Instead she knelt down in front of me sucking and stroking my cock.She sucked and stroked me for a long time.At one point she told me to sit down.She knelt between my legs sucking and stroking.All of a sudden I felt my cum rising up in my cock.I started groaning.

Jenna stopped "are you getting ready to cum" she said.

Trying to hold my cum I shook my head yes.She went back to sucking and stroking harder.I couldn't hold it erupting in her mouth.She took it all in sucking me dry.Then she lifted her head,opened her mouth, showing me a mouth full of cum, then swallowed it.

Wiping her mouth she said " told you I was trouble.How many woman you know would do that?"

I didn't answer because I actually have had a few but I didn't want to say that to her.

She looked at me with a question mark on her face so I said "that's a first."

She said " good,I"m glad to be your first."

The rest of the night was very intense.She wanted to do every position,everywhere we could.The floor,the couch,the bed,the chair,the shower and even the toilet.

The toilet that was interesting.She took me into the bathroom sat on the toilet,started pissing and sucking my cock.Then she said "I want you to pee on my pussy."

I was more than happy to please her.After I finished she told me "get your cock down here under my pussy and let me pee on you."

Damn what a feeling her hot steamy fluid covering my cock.

After she finished,she took my cock and rubbed it on her wet pussy.She worked it up and down until it slid in her cunt.She raised up off the toilet to receive my cock all the way in.She was straddling the toilet riding my cock slow,her arms around my neck,looking me square in the eyes.

"You enjoying this?" she said.

I just shook my head.She starred at me intensely,riding my cock not saying a word.Her breathing getting heavier but never taking her eyes off mine.I tried to kiss her but she pulled back not missing a stroke on my cock.So I sucked on her nipples and we both came to an orgasm there on the toilet.

Jenna was unbelievable. We never stopped fucking and sucking the whole time we were at the hotel.

She was really happy when we left and told me "don't think I am done with you mister.Any time I can get away from my insane asylum I am going to be calling you and I hope you will make time for us to do this again."

I said " I will do my best to accommodate."

" Good " she said " because I have a lot more fun to give you."

Let you know when it happens.

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