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Roadside Fun

I'm driving down the highway towards some little town in the middle of nowhere. I'm listening to the radio, when a familiar song comes on. Oh the memories that came flooding in my head. The sweet memories of Chuck licking and fucking my pussy, while on the blanket under the stars, next to the lake. I had to pull over to the side of the road, I could feel my pussy getting wet from the thoughts.
I started to rub myself all over. My nipples were hard and poking through my undershirt, and my newly shaved pussy was getting wetter, the more I rubbed it. I got out of the drivers seat and went to the passenger side seat, pulled my panties off from under my mini skirt. I hiked my leg up on the back of the seat and began to finger my wetness. I moaned and rubbed my clit, smoothing my wetness all over the folds of my pussy. One finger at a time, in and out of my hole, I had four fingers deep inside me as I had an orgasm.
I pumped my pussy a bit more, then pulled out to lick the cum from my hand. I moan as I lick the sweetness. Once my hand is cleaned off, I walk to the trunk of my car, unlock it and find my bag. As I'm bent over looking for my new blue extra large dildo, I hear a car drive by and some guys whistle at my bared ass, poking out from my skirt. I pull out the dildo and head back to the passenger seat.
I sit down and spread my legs wide, one on the dash the other on the open window of the door. I lick the head of the dildo before putting the head barely in my pussy. I like to be teased with just the head of a dick just barely going in and then coming back out. It drives me crazy, makes me beg for more.
The more I tease my pussy, the hornier I'm getting. I begin to push the head in further, when I hear some voices coming from behind my car. I'm startled when I see three muscular guys walking towards me and asking if they could help. I smiled at them and said that I could always use more help.
The first guy bent down and kissed me as he reached for my very erect nipple. He pinched each one, then moved down to suck on them. I continued on fucking my pussy with my dildo, when I felt a different guy reach down and take over on the fucking. He worked that dildo hard and fast. I screamed from the ecstasy of having the first orgasm with the new dildo, but from the fact that some strange guy was using it on me.
When I was so wet, that the dildo was slushing my cum, the guy pulled it out and began to lick the cum from me. I held his head closer as he licked me. I looked for the third guy, he was kneeling behind me with a camera. I asked if he was enjoying himself, he said yes and that this is something that must be done, because their friends wouldn't believe this really happened. I didn't seem to mind, only because I'm just traveling through.
The guy that was licking my pussy said that we need to get out of the car and go to the field next to the road. I told them their was a blanket in my backseat. We walked to the field, one guy took my shirt off as the other unbuttoned my skirt. I was helping one, take his shorts off, the other guy did his own. I looked over a tthe camera guy and told him to strip also, I want to see his dick get hard as I'm fucking his friends. He did as told.
I had to get on my knees to suck these guy's dicks. As I sucked and stroked them, they grew to a nice large size. I looked to the camera guy and had him come closer, that I wanted to suck him too. His dick was very long and got to be very thick the more I sucked on him. He stepped back and continued with taping me, as I laid on the blanket and spread my legs to touch myself.
The two guys stood over me and stroked their dicks, until one came down to lick my pussy some. He spread my pussy lips far and put his big tongue over my hole and worked his way up to my nub, then inserted a finger to finger fuck me as he sucked my nub. The other guy was spooning my face as I sucked his dick,then his balls. As I was pleasing the guys, I had thoughts of the other guy getting closeups. I was getting excited from the thoughts and began to cum.
The guys switched positions and more fingering and licking. the guy I was sucking was shoving his dick in my throat as he had precum dripping from him. I gagged a little, but smiled as I sucked him harder. I pulled from him and told them I want to be fucked by all three of them. The guy licking me, lifted my legs and shoved his dick in me hard. I moaned as he fucked me til he was pulling out to cum on my chest. He then took the camera and took over.
The original camera guy laid down as I climbed on top of him and slid my wet pussy on his hard cock. I slid up and down on his great length, with him holding my hips and helping me. I bent forward, for the camera guy to get a close up of the dick in my drippy pussy. the third guy came around, put his condom on, spit some on my ass hole and worked his way in. It was very tight at first, a bit painful too, but once he made his way in, he felt awesome.
I kissed the guy in my pussy as I was getting fucked in the ass. Both guys were working their dicks in and out of me. I came multiple times, making my holes slippery for the guys to stay in. the guys switched positions, but with me laying on the bottom with my ass on his dick and the other on top to be able to suck on my nipples as they fucked me.
As I was having another orgasm, the guys began to get off, too. The guy on top pulled his dick to my mouth for me to suck him dry. I smiled as he shot loads of cum into my throat. I lifted from the guy in my ass, he yanked off his condom and shot his cum up on my chest. I rubbed his cum into my skin like lotion. The four of us laid on the blanket talking, like we were old friends.
We got cleaned up and dressed before heading to the cars. One asked where I was staying the night. I told them where I was headed, but said I was going to look for a hotel for the night. they told me where to go and I headed that way.

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