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My new toy, day 4

This is my first day leaving the house for more than fifteen minutes with a cage on my penis. I am concerned that me and my lock will be in one place and my key holder with my key will be in another. As I step out the door, I feel committed. No turning back now. I drive to work.

The farther I get away from my key the hornier I get. It has been ten hours since I've been locked in my cock cage. My desire to fuck my key-holder has never been greater. I let her know in a text, "After being locked up all night, I want you SOOO bad right now!". She replies with bad news, "not happy, my car needs to go in the shop today." Damn, that's not good news. If she is not in a good mood then I don't like my chances of getting release from my cage today.

I tried to keep myself busy at work today. Any moment that my mind wasn't occupied I thought about my frustration of not having access to my cock. It was all I could do to keep from getting any hornier than I already was. I reach into my pants and play with my cage. Yes, it is still there. Yes, it is still locked. No, I can't masturbate with this damn cage on.

Finally, it's quitting time. Thankfully I wore snug underwear that prevented my lock from moving around and hitting against the plastic cage while I walked around. I don't think any of my staff or my customers noticed my cage under my pants. I survived my first day at the office. Time to hurry home, I need to fuck my key-holder.

The whole drive home, I was consumed with worry. Was the car fixed? Was she going to be in a good mood? I arrived home to find her calm and emotion less. "How's your car?", I quizzed. Hoping for the right response. "Fine, it was something minor, we can pick it up tomorrow morning.", she replied. I was as giddy as a school girl. I quickly finished my dinner and rushed to the bedroom, where
I got naked and jumped into bed. She was not so hasty.

Eventually, my key-holder met me in bed. She was adorned with her usual two piece pajamas and a new necklace around her neck. She proudly showed me my key on her necklace. I wasted no time. If I wanted to get that key off her neck, I'll need to make her cum. I started with suckling on her nipples and massaging her pussy. It wasn't long before I was behind her as she was on her hands and knees. As I looked at her beautiful round butt, I knew what my job was. I licked her pussy as she moaned. I continued until it was dripping wet. I moved up to lick her ass clean. Her moaned louder as she began to rock back and forth, thrusting her ass into my face. I pulled her cheeks farther apart so I could insert my tongue in her asshole. She continued to rock as her moans turned to gasps. Signaling she was satisfied with her cleaning, she commanded, "put on the strap-on". My response was muffled.

The strap-on was like a leather thong with a ten inch rubber dong attached to the front. I slid it on covering my cage. She was so wet I didn't need any lube, but I liberally applied some anyways. She was lying on her back now so I entered her missionary style. Her gasps/moans were nearly loud enough to be screams. I continued to pump as she raised one leg over my head and onto the other side of my body so that she was now laying on her side taking my fake shaft. I pumped and pump. She screamed. Again she switched position and I pounded her doggy style as she grunted/screamed to my rhythm. I grabbed her hips to thrust even deeper. Sweat from my body was now dripping onto her back. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cage as if to control my pace. The firm grip she has on my imprisoned penis lead to frustration that I could not become fully erect. I could only pump and moan. Another position as she pushed me to my back on the bed and mounted me with her hot ass facing me. As I watched her ass bounce up and down, I was drenched in sweat, fully aroused, and fully frustrated. When I could take it no more, she bent forward and unlocked my padlock. As she removed my cage, my penis sprang to a full erection. She continued to ride my strap-on and rub my dick against her clit as she said, "just leave that ring on, your cage is going back on after you cum."

She had complete control over me and my penis, but at that moment I was just relieved to be free from my cage and about to cum. She took me into her pussy along with the strap-on dong. "This is what it will be like when you fuck me at the same time as some other guy." Her words were barely audible as I thrust from under her, almost like a bucking motion. Orgasmic would be the best way to describe my explosion of cum.

I lay in a state of exhaustion/euphoria. She begins to massage my penis and balls with a warm wet towel. I am about to fall asl**p when... CLICK. I barely noticed she put my cage back on and locked it.

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