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Seducing a friend

"Hey!" she said, as she strolled in.

"Oh, hi!" I replied, my cock already beginning to throb.

"So, how's it going?"

"Pretty good thanks. How's things with you?"


"You look nice today," I said.

"Ha! No I don't. I'm tired and tense from working all day."

My eyes lit up, but I stayed calm.

"Well you could've fooled me. You look great."

There was a pause. An uncomfortable one. Had I gone too far?

"Would you like a tea? Or coffee?" I said, breaking the silence.

"I'd kill for a coffe. Black. Thanks," she replied, following me into the kitchen.

"So why you so tense?"

"You know what it's like. Sat at a computer one minute, driving round, lifting heavy stuff. It never stops..."

She tried to rub her own shoulder and winced.

"Here, let me," I said, standing behind her.

I started to massage her shoulders, gently at first, then a little bit harder. She smelled amazing. I could feel her bra strap under her top and my cock threatened to burst out.

"Mmmm, oh that feels good. You're in the wrong line of work!"

I laughed, only half listening to what she was saying. I worked my way down to the middle to her back and leant in to kiss the back of her neck.

She didn't stop me.

My heart racing, I continued to massage her back. I found the bra clip, unhooked it and went down further. As I approached the bottom of her top, she lifted her arms and I pulled if off, her bra hanging loosely from her shoulders.
My cock throbbed again, begging, pleading me to be let out.

"Lie on the table," I whispered.

I quickly went into the bathroom to grab the baby oil. When I came back, she was lying face up, smiling, and had removed her bra.
Her breasts were exquisite. Easily a DD cup, they were round and inviting. I poured the oil from her neck down to her navel and she exhaled and giggled.

"It's cold."

I massaged down from her shoulders onto the goods. They felt incredible in my oily hands, firm yet supple. I played with her nipples and she giggled again. Suitably relaxed, she put her arms behind her head and closed her eyes.
I slid off her trousers to reveal her lacey black thong, and started rubbing gently through it.


I reapplied oil, squirting it onto her tummy and along her thighs. She flinched and I laughed. I rubbed in a circle, from her tummy, around the thong, down the thighs and her long legs, rubbing her feet and back up, gently tickling the inner sides of her legs, working my way closer to her thong. Her breathing became shallow as I got closer. I pulled it down and her neatly trimmed pussy greeted me.
That was it. I couldn't contain myself any more. I whipped off my jeans and boxers and my cock sprung to attention. I moved to her side, and she took hold, gently, rubbing my foreskin up and down over my swelling head.
Putting fore and middle fingers together I entered her. It was hot and very moist from all the teasing. I grinned as she quietly moaned and rubbed my cock ever so slightly faster.
Thumb on her clit and fingers inside I rubbed faster and harder and she moaned louder. At this I leant over and started kissing down her neck and with my other hand massaging her oily boobs.
She arched her legs and pulled me close.

"Fuck me," she whispered, almost begging.

I pulled her down the length of the table closer to me, legs wrapped round my waist and slipped my cock inside her. It was magnificent.

"Fuck. M." she said again, the feistiness from all my teasing her clearly evident.

I nodded and was happy to oblige.

To be continued....

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