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S****r in Law calls while wife and I are fucking P

I had told Cathy I would call when I went to lunch. It was about two o'clock her time when I called. I was parked at the far end of a parking lot near some trees and away from where anyone ever parked because the walk to local shopping was too far.

I dialed Cathy's number. The phone rang once and she picked up. I smiled at the thought of her anxiously awaiting my call. I heard, "Hello?!". "Hello Cathy. I am very hard right now and have been as I drove to this secluded place thinking about you." She hummed "Mmmmm!" in a very high pitched and pleased tone. Then she spoke just above a whisper, "I am so excited Peter. Last night when you admitted you were fucking Dee my pussy was instantly soaked. I'm wetter than that now."

"You know Cathy I have fantasized about fucking you for years." She laughed and said, "Do you remember the day we met? We were at Mom and Dad's house and Dee said "This is Peter. That night when Roger and I went to bed I was so horny. I went under the covers so I could suck his cock while imagining it was you. When we fucked I had him fuck me from behind so I could imagine it was you. I was insatiable."

I just moaned a deep "Mmmmmm!" Then said, "When we come next month we HAVE to find a way to get together." Cathy had obviously been thinking about this. "The night you get here Dee and I will stay up talking while you go to bed because you are 'tired'. I won't drink as much as I give Dee...she DOES like her wine. You guys are going to be sl**ping upstairs on the two single beds. I will have them separated so that it's not easy to put them close together. That way when she's asl**p you will be able to get out to come downstairs." I thought that sounded perfect. Then I asked what she was wearing. She laughed hard and said, "I am naked, wet and my nipples are so hard. I have been getting my middle finger soaked in my dripping pussy.

Three and a half weeks later Dee and I pulled into their driveway in small-town Ohio. "Go on in and hug your s****r while I bring in the luggage," Dee thanked me and hurried into the house. I gathered together and brought in the first set of luggage into the house. Cathy hurried over to me while Dee smiled behind her. She always kissed me on the lips, but with her s****r unable to see from behind she pushed her tongue into my mouth. It was not drawn out at all, just a nice wet kiss. I hugged her once more and said I would take the luggage upstairs.

When I came back downstairs Dee said she needed to get a few things out of the car. When the door closed behind her Cathy and I were kissing full on. I ran my hands over her body, the put my hand under the loose skirt she was wearing. I knew she would not be wearing panties. I slid two fingers into her slit and she moaned and ground her groin against my hand which was pressed against my thigh. "Peter, I am so fucking horny for your cock." It sounded funny to me and she realized that it was an awkward but true statement. We were both laughing when Dee came back inside with her hanging clothes. As Dee went upstairs she said, "We're going to have fun tonight." Cathy and I said "Yes" in unison. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Cathy went to her knees and held it. She started licking the head then put her lips around it and tried to get all of it down her throat. She wasn't relaxed though and couldn't get there. "Tonight Peter, I want this big cock all the way down my throat." I laughed and said, "Sounds great but don't hurt yourself." We laughed at that. She stood up, I tucked that hard one back into my pants. Several minutes later Dee was back downstairs.

For dinner that night we had meatloaf, corn on the cob, salad and apple pie for dessert. When the girls went into the living room to have some wine I stayed for a minute then said I needed to go upstairs and get to sl**p. They thanked me separately for all the driving I had done and said they were going to talk and have some wine. Once upstairs I chose the single bed closest to the door. The other was on the other side of the pool table. I stripped to tee shirt and underwear and tried to fall asl**p. It was impossible. I looked at the clock and saw it was ten o'clock their time. The sun had been down for just an hour. I could hear them sometimes from downstairs when they were laughing.

I was awake when Dee came stumbling upstairs. A glance at the clock told me it was 2:30. I had left a lamp on that was on the floor near her bed. Dee undressed, then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and pee. Finally she stumbled back to her bed, got under the covers and turned off the light.

I waited to hear the cute little snore she does. I let the snoring continue for fifteen minutes before I rose from my bed. Before walking down the stairs I pulled off my tee shirt and shorts and let my hard prick show me the way to Cathy's room. Her door was partially open and a bright light from her room lit up the hall outside. I silently pushed open the door. Cathy was reading on her bed. It took her about three seconds to realize I was there. She dropped her book to the floor and got up, walking quickly to where I stood. She was wearing just a thin sl**ping shirt. Her nipples were evident under the material. We kissed long and deeply, Cathy with her left leg open as she pressed her cunt against my thigh.

"Peter, Tom has been on another business trip for just over two weeks. I haven't had a cock inside me in almost a month. She looked down at my prick, placed her hand on it and then said, "I have not ever had a cock inside of me that was this thick and long. How do you want me Peter for our first time?"

"You choose Cathy." She grinned and said, "I want to stand forward leaning against the wall and have you fuck me from behind." I told her to "Put your hands against the wall Cathy. Open your legs." I lifted the sl**ping shirt and pressed my chest against it to hold it up as I used a hand to guide my cock to her swollen cunt lips. She hissed as the head lead the shaft up her slippery tunnel. She was on her tip toes for that. When I was all the way inside of her she slowly lowered her heels to the floor which caused me to plow deeper up into her.

She turned her head to look back. I saw her smile toward the door. I turned to look and was shocked to see Dee standing in the doorway naked and smiling. She walked up to us and hugged us both with one arm around Cathy and one around me. My jaw had dropped and I realized I wasn't in trouble.

"Peter, Cathy and I have talked about that phone call several times. I've never told you how close Cathy and I were when we were living at home." Cathy moaned out, "Your husband has the greatest cock honey. If you knelt between me and the wall you could see for yourself how well we fit together." Dee laughed and said, "Let me stand in front of you first s*s. I want to take off your shirt so I can see your tits again."

I felt Dee's warm fingers move from where the sl**ping shirt was bunched against my chest and then slid up to pull it over Cathy"s raised arms. When we were all three naked Dee put her hands on the sides of Cathy's face and kissed her deeply. I looked over her s****r's shoulder and watched Dee move her hands slowly down Cathy's neck, tracing the flesh on her collar bone. When she got to her tits Dee said, "Wow, your tits are gorgeous honey." She held one breast with two hands and leaned forward to sip hungrily the teat at the end. I was going fucking crazy and asked, "Okay girls. Tell me what's going on here. Am I in trouble or something?"
I pulled my cock out of Cathy and sat on the bed looking up at the two naked women knowing I was in for some real fun.

Both women laughed hard and hugged each other. Then they kissed while standing in front of me. I watched as their hands roamed over each other. They kissed one more time then knelt side by side on the floor as they looked up at me. Dee started,"That day you and Cathy met she told me later that night as we talked late into the night how fucking gorgeous you were. She asked about the fucking. We talked about you all night."

" When we were young and at home Cathy and I would share stories about dates. If the date was a dud we would laugh. If he was hot we would tell all about how he was built and what kind of lover he was. We held nothing back."

Cathy chimed in,"We were very sexual together from an early age. We discovered masturbation from a girlfriend during a sl**p-over at our house. We had always known that touching felt good, but we discovered the joy of touching someone else that weekend. The other girl, June, told us about oral sex. When we asked about that she showed us. I was first then Dee was next. Your wife and I were always very close, but after that weekend we were VERY close." She emphasized the word VERY with her tongue licking her lips.

They both laughed. My s****r-in-law said, "That first day I met you...remember that?" I smiled and nodded my head. "That night Dee told me about your cock and your stamina. I told her I was jealous about it." Dee jumped in then, "Yeah, and what did I say?"

"You said that someday I would get my chance. Someday is here!"

I was flabbergasted. "So, the two of you were playing me tonight?" They nodded their heads with big smiles. Cathy went on, "After you and I finished phone sex that day, I called her right away and we talked about the about the phone sex that day. I had called her when I knew you had to go to work to talk about the phone call from the night before. Dee said, "Let's play him a little for that first night. Once the truth is out there we will have a great time."

I stood up and put on my tee shirt and underwear. My cock wouldn't let my shorts rest any, but I loved the confused look on the faces of the two women. "I am not fucking anyone tonight until the two of you show me how you used did you say 'VERY close.' I ended that by licking my lips.

The women laughed and moved to Cathy's bed. They started head to head kissing. Both had hands on the other, bringing butterflies to all parts. They whispered something to each other and Cathy moved to the side as Dee stayed in the center of the bed. Cathy mounted Dee from the opposite direction now and the s****rs started kissing and licking swollen mounds. I knelt on the floor by Dee's head and kissed her forehead as her tongue moved along Cathy's slit. Dee whispered," Are you ready to fuck my s****r now baby?" She spread her s****r's lips. The juicy pink and red insides glistened in the room light. I stripped off my undershirt and shorts, put my knees on either side of Dee's head and she guided the head of my cock into her s****r.

Her face was just inches below. My cock moved slowly into Cathy's cunt. First my balls were on Dee's forehead, then slid slowly along her nose and was cushioned by her tongue as I moved inside Cathy. I heard juicy sounds between Dee's legs as she was swept away in lust now that my cock was bottomed out in her. Dee licked my ass, something she knew would drive me crazy.

I started the long slow juicy fuck of her s****r, dragging my cock over Dee's face, painting a long stripe of cunt juice over the center of her face with the base of my soaked cock. I kept up the slow fuck until Cathy started yelling, "Fast and HARD Peter! Fuck me HARD!"

Dee's fingertip were at the edges of Cathy's cunt lips. Her fingertips felt the in and out as I fucked her little s****r. Sometime during the hard thrusting Dee had a loud orgasm as Cathy's tongue worked wildly on her s****r's cunt. Dee and Cathy were both cumming, both screaming. That was when I sent my seed deep up inside Cathy. Both girls got fucked that way that night. Dee and I can't always be there, but we do have threesomes on the phone, with me in the living room, Dee in the bedroom and Cathy in her bedroom. Sometimes we don't do three way. Either I will talk to Cathy while I fuck Dee or she will talk to her as do that. We have sent Cathy plane tickets to visit us several times since.

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