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Shower training

In the past couple of years my son and I have had a very rocky relationship. Our biggest problem is that except for a few hobbies and interests, we are exactly the same.. (turns out in more areas than one). Anyway, he is just the type of k** who does what he wants when he wants, and dosent like to listen. But in the last couple of months hes starting to come around more. I very subtle about it, but I kind of told him that I was there for him with whatever changes he was going through. And he has opened up to me.
The other day I was so happy, because he requested to get up at 6am for school, and so I woke him up, and he got in the shower. But see he gets in there and sl**ps on the floor with the shower running on hot for 25 mintues! So I went in and told him that he needs to wash. He is getting to be a big boy and his body is changing. He looked at me with a half asl**p, crabby face, and said "well what do I do?" I thought to myself "REALLY?" So I said well get shampoo and wash your hair. So he did, then I took out a bar of soap from my cabinet and said "here, if your going to stand there you might as well accomplish something". So I stood off to the side, and watched as he rubbed the bar across only his chest, like 2 times. Im like "dude, you gotta do more than that" I said you are a teenager with pubic hair now, you gotta wash or your gonna stink!" I was getting frusterated!! He copped and attitude and said "well if your so damn good at everything show me!" And he threw the soap at me. So i said fine!! So I stripped off my undies and tank top (as thats what I sl**p in), and pushed him to the side. I said "WATCH"! "When your a man you have a few key areas that you have to wash in the shower" I said "these are all I expect you to give attention to!" I lifted my arm and said "follow suit" He said "ok whatever". I said "first you scrub your armpits" "your a man... well turning into one, your armpits are getting hairy, you have to wash them or your gonna stink!" So he did, with his eyes closed, and hardly standing up. I kinda chuckled to myself. Then I put my hand on his side and said "your just not a morning person are you buddy?" And popped a cute little smirk and said "Im just like you dad". And the funny thing is that he is. He looks so much like me. He has my hair color, my eye color, my plump lips, my huge feet, my personality... and as it is turning out my penis. My son would put any boy his age to shame!! And I was, and am, the same way. However, I think sonny might have me beat. That was the next most important man part to wash. I said "buddy, you gotta wash your meat and potatoes"... He looked at me like I was crazy, as I had never referred to it as that before. I said "your dick and balls dude" I said "not only will that whole area smell and itch if you dont wash it, but girls are never gonna want to get near it if you dont keep it clean!" And I said "And just like your ole' dad, your pretty damn hairy down there too!" So I took my bar of soap and lathered up, and he followed suit, kind of lamely. I said "you gotta lift up your dick and wash your nuts and underneath too". So he did. I was just awestruck as a dad... a "proud papa" if you will. The boys nut sack was about the normal size for his age, but that penis was something right out of fantasy. Im actually thinking its about the size of mine and I am a grown man! So anyway, we both stood there all sudsed up, and I told him "ok, last most important part in my book... you butt, and butt crack''. I said "if you think about it this area can get pretty nasty!" He said "BUT DAD!" Why cant we just skip that part?" I am tired!" I said "because we just cant". So I took the bar of soap and lathered up my cheeks, then I lathered up my crack, and told him to follow suit. I said "ok son, now rinse up and dry off. We did so. I said "now your fresh, clean, and smellin sexy". I taught him how to properly put deodorant on, and then gave him some undies. Truth be told it was extremely hard for me too look and not touch... Not sure what Im gonna do.

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