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Security guard wanked on my girlfriend

This is not a long tale, but it is a true one that I reminded of from reading some recent posts here.

I was in Cyprus with an Albania girl that I had been fucking a few times. She was not a bad looking girl, about 26. She was teaching there and I was working in an Estate Agency. Anyway, we took a weekend in Paphos at a nice hotel. The first night we went out clubbing and she we both drank a lot. I had always made her get into public area fucking and on this night I took her to the front of our own hotel where they had sunbeds on the sand, between the hotel and the sea.

I got her top and bra off, and opened her front fastening skirt, and removed her panties. I gave her a short fucking, but, shamefully I fell asl**p on the job! So, there we were on a sunbed directly infront of our hotel, asl**p and mostly nude. She was very pale skinned and had a very black hairy cunt and dark, dark nipples on B cup porcelain white tits. In the moonlight her body must have looked amazing. I was beside her with my shrivelled cock, trousers around my ankles.

I don’t know how long we had been lying there like this but I woke up confused with the a hand shaking me. I opened my eyes and there was torch light bathing our bodies, mostly my friend’s body! I looked down at her body. One of her feet was down on the ground and the other next to mine, which meant her legs were wide, wider open. I saw a thick line of cum all over her cunt, tummy and tits. I looked up and the owner of the voice was looking down at us and clearly telling us that we were not allowed to be where we were. He was a guard in uniform, holding a big torch and looking pretty cross, even if he was looking all the time at my friend’s cunt and tits.

My friend was still half asl**p. I sat up and made sure she was awake and handed her her skirt. I couldn’t find her panties or bra. Her top was up around her neck. The guard was shouting at us telling us we were trespassing. Anyway, we stumbled away, dressing as we went. I was quick witted enough not to got directly into the back of the hotel. We went around to the front and directly to our room, directly to bed and fell asl**p as we were.

In the morning we hardly remembered what had happened. I saw the dried cum on her body and was sure I had not been capable of coming the night before. I checking in her cunt and there was no sign of cum in there. I never knew if it was the guard who had wanked on her, or someone else before the guard found us. She of course thought it was me, but I knew it wasn’t! We were very lucky that something bad hadn’t happened to her or us. My wallet was still in my trousers and apart from the missing underwear and the possible liberties taken with my girlfriends body, we were uns**thed! A very hot memory, but a very risky event!

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