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A great threesome

Because of my first story here I got some private messages with requests for more. I can't just make up stories,but I do like to write about my own experiences. I'm single, but not really sexual active at the moment. Though recently I had a great one and I'd like to tell you about it.

In my job I have a male supervisor.He's good looking and even though I prefer women,he has something sexy.He's married and a father.I know for years already that he has sex outside his marriage.Many times.Heard a lot about it.

Recently he approached me.Multiple times,cause at first I asked him to back off.One day he asked me if it was true that I'm a lesbian. I explained him that I've been with guys,but right now I prefer to be with women yes.He told me that his wife would really like to meet me.I was stunned for a moment,but I got double stunned when he showed me her picture.She was gorgeous.Twenty years older then me,but extrmely beautiful.Maybe it was being without sex for a while,but I surrendered.And I immediately realized he never cheated on her. They just had a lot of sex together with other people.

They invited me over to their place. I was a bit scared at first,but coming into a f****y house with f****y pictures on the wall,calmed me down.I immediately realized that it was all about sex and only that.His wife was dressed in a black kimono,showing her well formed sexy legs just enough to get me more then curious.I got some wine and very soon I got comfortable enough to just do what I wanted to do. I started to kiss her.

She grabbed my hand and brought me with her to the enormous bedroom they had. There were mirrors everywhere, candles, music.It was a sexroom for sure, but I loved it.Then there was the awkward moment,where my supervisor himself walked into the room. Only dressed in his underpants.His wife pulled me next to her on the bed and kissed me on my cheek, in my neck and licked my lips, just enough to turn me on. I wanted her. More then that I seriously needed her right then and there.She asked me if it was okay if he would participate in it.I didn't really know what to say. For a moment I feared my job. But then I realized many of my colleagues had been with him in the past and they still had their job. So I just told them that I hadn't been with a guy for a while and that it might hurt me fysically. She promised me she would make me wet enough to avoid it.

I accepted. And it was the start of many hours filled with sex.
She undressed my slowly. Placing kisses on every piece of naked skin she revealed.This woman, so much older then me, was so extrmely experienced that it blew my brains out.She sucked my nipples slowly and with slowly it became harder and determined.She kept talking to me in her slow and hoarse voice how much she wanted to be inside of me and how sexy I was.I remember spreading my legs for her, like I had never done before. I even raised my waist towards her hand so she could touch my vagina easier and faster. She lay on top of me and kissed my deep and intense,using her tongu to explore every little piece of my inner mouth.By then I was almost naked except for my panties. God how I wanted for her to take them off, but she didn't. Not yet. Easily she entered them with her full hand and stroke her hand over my pussy. She did already what she had promised my, more then that. She had made me soaking wet already. I had my arms around her neck, keeping her in the kiss that was so amazing. I felt she rubbed my clit a few times and then she entered me suddenly with at least three fingers. I grabbed for air for a moment. It felt like heaven when she pumped her fingers in and out of me, sucking my neck and ear. She kept on doing this until I came to my climax. A climax that kept me shivering for minutes. She just lay on top of me kissing me. Talking sweet and soft words to me, like she was taking such good care of me. My throat was dry but all I could do was beg for more. I kept saying again,again.

I heard his voice from next to me, unable to open my eyes yet.It felt like a dream when I heard her talknig to him and telling him to take it slow.I felt she moved away a bit and when I looked up I looked into his face.I raised my hands and stroke it. I loved it. To feel the male face. The hair on his jaws.He kissed my wrists and leaned into kiss my lips. His kiss lasted for a while and I could do nothing more then just love it. At some point he asked me if I was ready again. I just nodded and kissed him again. The moment he entered me I groaned for a moment. I hurted me for just a few seconds,but than a feeling of being the most sexy woman on the planrt overwelmed me. I just wrapped my arms around his neck and he started to fuck m missionary still. Deep but slowly.I turned my head to the side and found her again. She started to kiss me again and I think at this point I stopped thinking for a few minutes.

That moment where he came inside of me ( using a condom of course ), was so amazing. I loved it. Hearing his hoarse moaning. His face was all red and it turned me on big time.He kept on kissing my cheek and forehead while she kissed me again on the lips. We just lay there for minutes on top of each other.

After a while she asked me of I wanted to fuck her. I didn't instantly understood her, but she bend towards the cupboard and grabbed a strapon.It made me chuckle.I had been fucked by girls with one, but I never used one myself.He explained me and even helped me putting it on,while he kept on placing kissed on my shoulder and my neck. Being completely naked and top of her, having so much power felt awesome. She lay onderneath me and spread her legs for me.He sat behind me and helped me enter her with the strapon. He lay next ot his wife and started kissing her, while I pumped thed piece of plastic in and out of her. Seeing her breasts moving up and down with every f***e I used was so extremely hot. While getting her to her orgasm I brought myself to one too again.She came to her climax with a loud scream, which made him laugh and warned her about the neighbours. She pulled me on top of her and we kissed again. Me with her, her with him, me with him and on and on.

I remember getting in my car around 04:00 am ... Feeling a bit weak and extremely tired. I had the best fucking night ever with them. When I saw him at work again he just winked at me ...

I'm sure this wasn't the last time with them. What a great couple!

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