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Bukkake Bus Ride with shock ending

As girls we continue to find ourselves caught up in some drama of our own making.

Take the bus ride to school, from our rich and affluent neighborhood, it goes through a much poorer and more seedy section of town, before getting to our school, out on the fringes of town.

We do have concerned parents, and they do run a minibus directly to school, for all of us, but it is the girls, who like myself, that are bursting into womanhood, are causing the most concern, one girl, Ginny, was attacked and 'Dumped on', and I mean a heavy dumping, we spent over an hour cleaning jism from he hair and clothes, some it seeping through the layers and running on her bare skin.

It might thrill those men to know that four schoolgirls handled their sperm, using our fingers to wash her clothes and her hair, yes I handled it, but then again, I have handled sperm before.

Unbeknown to our beloved mother, both her daughters were indulging in naked trysts with naked boys.
I use the term naked, but that was not quiet true. We both wore a pair of sheer tights, that way the boys got to see everything on offer, but they could not have penetrative sex.

We on the other hand got the opportunity to show ourselves naked, and got to wrap ourselves around a naked boy, feel their cock and balls, and see them shoot their loads onto us.

We would then take our tights off and do a pretend lesbian thing while the boys sat quietly and watched us.
By the time we had finished, their sperm had dried up and evaporated on out skin, then the boys licked us to orgasm, my favourite part.

That had all been happening years back, now we had breasts and rounded bums and hips, we were sending hormonal messages to guys to come and fertilize us, so hearing stories of our similarly attired friends being dumped on and cleaning away the evidence, drove us crazy with excitement, it was like revisiting our past, but without tights, and men really not taking 'No' for an answer.

It was warn as I walked to the small cul-de-sac where the bus was parked. I could feel my breasts sway under my cotton t-shirt, heavy with expectation, my erect nipples doing little to hide their excitement, pointing the way ahead.

I entered the bus and saw the big overweight driver drinking from a can of coke. He was sweating profusely in the heat, with rivulets of sweat running from his brow, from under his hat, as he sat in his tight cubical, with the engine switched off.

He never really picked passengers here, no-one used the bus, so you can imagine his surprise when a teenage temptress mounted it's step.

I could see his light up, than scan my body from head to to, rest on my protruding nipples pushing against my cotton shirt, then drop further to my bared thighs, which teasingly disappearing under the few inches of cloth, that served as my skirt, both items of attire, not hiding the fact I was devoid of underwear, but I was, tho some would argue, a thong could hardly be described as a decent covering for such a sensitive and fertile female organ.

I smiled wildly, 'Hi'' I said, suddenly aware of his stench against my perfumed freshness.
'Hello Senorita', he smiled back, I looked around and let him continue with my body scan, noting I really was the only person besides him on the bus.

I looked back to him and seeing he was transfixed with my nipples, fumbled with my shoulder bag to get my purse, feeling my bl**d rise and my nipples enjoy the extra feed, they grew as he watched.

'Do you really want to take this bus?' I smiled, feeling my heat treble under my skimpy thong, sweat or pussy juice, I know not, but it ran freely down my tanned long inner thigh.

'Sure', I replied, 'why should I not take it'? He licked his lips, which were now dry, their was a sexual tension building between us, he knew what he wanted now, and I was foolishly putting myself on the platter.

I was teasing a poor peasant of a man, with my upper class breeding and arrogance. I was inadvertently, treating him with the same contempt as those plantation wives did with their black servants, in the novel I was currently reading.

'I bathed nude and made them stand around nude also', she wrote, 'making them watch as I soaped my naked torso, and in my heated moment of lusting, I noted that one by one, their cocks rose in unison, as they desired me.'

'My taut white flesh glowed as my desire for them increased', the passage continued, 'and I masturbated unashamedly and had a series of loud orgasms, all the time they watched quietly',
'Now I was satiated' but I saw my handiwork had left them with their proud erections needing my attention, so I emerged naked and glistening with the soapy suds, and fetched a nearby cane and thrashed each cock in turn, lashing their cocks with a cane, as if the very b**st in me was leased upon them'

I thought about the book I had been reading and describing that scene, and I loved it, it ticked all my boxes, and my pussy was now aching for a similar attention, as I looked provokingly at him.

'A very beautiful young lady, like yourself, was attacked last week', he explained, and as he spoke he looked above his head, to where a large round mirror was perched, my eyes followed his and met in the reflection.

'I know', I replied, 'I helped to clean the cum of her'.

I normally spoke like that with my friends, but never like that to an adult, especially a complete stranger, and a stranger, by his own accounts, had sat and watched it being done.

Then I wondered, 'Had he joined-in, had I touched his jism in my own fingers'?

'You like that sort of thing', he asked me challengingly? I put the correct change in the metal cup and smiled, leaving his question hanging in the air, and I smiled invitingly, turned, and walked up the isle, to the seat where Ginny was supposedly sat, as she suffered her private 'Bukkake'.

I stopped and looked back at him. 'Was it here'?

I watched his head nod yes and turned and sat down. The seat had been baking in the sun and my bare bum got burnt as my flesh came into contact with the hot plastic.

I jumped back up and turned, and my short skirt rose sufficiently to expose my naked derriere to him, the fact I was wearing a thong would have meant nothing to his eyes, all he saw was my bare cheeks, the string was buried deep between them, hiding that fact.

'Nice he called back', I looked at him, then in the mirror above his head, he was wanking himself.
'Nice I burnt my bum', I shouted back down at him, my eyes locked onto what he was doing, and in an act of unselfishness I lifted my short skirt to pretend to look at my burns, all the time showing my bum to him.

'You should wear panties, Senorita', he said, and now he knew I could see him doing it, he made effort to hide the fact.

'I am wearing panties', I said back, turned and lifted my short skirt again, this time facing him, and let him see the small white patch, that barely covered my vagina, a fact that it's 'Camel Toe', imprint was visible, 'See', I shouted triumphantly.

I sat down with more care and settled down and watched him jack off. 'You like', he called out to me, 'Sure', I replied, 'I'm cool about it', and to emphasize my point, I swung my long leg out and exposed my crotch to him, running the trace of my vagina with my long finger.

That was the straw to break the camels back. He emerged from the drivers seat and walked back up towards me, his cock sticking out in front of him, bobbing up and down, and I watched, my excitement building as he neared me.

I chewed and sucked on him, there was little introduction, my teasing had seen to that, I had talked the talk, now I was to be fucked, and he pulled his cock from my mouth and turned me ass up onto the seat, pushing my head down onto the hot plastic and pushed his cock into me.

No tights to protect that sacred orifice of divine pleasure this time, he entered me in one thrust, I was open wide and ready, had been for ages, I had been desirous of a cock and a fuck for some time now, and now it was happening, the real deal, and he fucked me not knowing he was the first to sample the sweet nectar of my inner sanctum, such was the intensity of his fucking, I did not even feel him rip my thong from my body, and pocket the memento, or feel the heavy hand as he marked my buttocks with the constant spanking, or feel him cum inside me, no, my whole body was immersed on the thrusting he made into me, I had molded my inner being around his cock, and concentrated on his thrusting until my own release came.

He started his engine and immediately the cool air from the compressor swirled around the bus, cooling the heat, and the seat where I had allowed myself to be fucked, not that I felt it, as I stood on the pavement and waved him goodbye.

I turned to go back home and saw someone run towards me, it was Ginny, 'Shit she shouted, missed it', and as she came alongside me, 'I wanted to catch that bus', she exclaimed, then she shocked me, 'The driver, is my uncle, he just stared today'.

I laughed then said, 'Well, I just fucked him', and I lifted my short skirt to show my nudity', not to mention the sticky fluid running down my leg.

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