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The Slut Club dog!

The last meeting of The Slut Club had been a fun one. One of the girls had bagged tickets for a male strip thing, not usually my sort of thing as I find the reaction of the women a little cringe worthy but we’d had some fun and one of the girls had an unexpected fantasy come true – she was fucked by one of the strippers in the alley outside the club!

We drank a lot of cocktails and chatted about our various exploits and as I had been quiet since the gangbang, I chose to tell them about my fascination with dogging.

Awash with Tom Collins (the cocktail, not a stripper) I agreed that would be my next ‘mission, should I choose to accept it’ – hell yeah!!

I did some research on the net and through a friend of a friend who I knew dogged from time to time and the place I chose was far enough away that I was unlikely to be sucking off my neighbour but near enough not to travel miles if I needed to get home quickly.

Thankfully it was a warm day and there were already a couple of cars parked when I arrived in the secluded car park. Nothing out of the ordinary looked to be going on and I wondered if I was in the right place and then a man got out of one of the cars and approached the car nearest to me.

A woman sat in that car with her window down and the man stood at the side of the window, looked in and then stood facing the window. It took me a second to realise it but of course, he was getting a blowjob, his hips thrusting slightly as he was being sucked.

My pussy twitched even though I couldn’t really see anything but I still felt my juices begin to flow and wondered if I should move closer or not?

Another car pulled up and another man got out and approached the car, chatting to the man and woman at first and then the woman got out and knelt down in front of both men, taking their cocks in her mouth and sucking each one in turn. She slid the top of the dress she was wearing down and I watched as the men played with her tits as she played with their cocks.

My mouth was open and almost without realising it, so were my legs and I
was rubbing up and down my thighs just brushing my pussy mound as I watched the spectacle unfolding. I wondered how far she would let the men go and was soon rewarded with an answer.

One of the men took his cock in his hand as he watched her attend to the other dick and began pleasuring himself, eventually covering her face with his crème, while she wanked the other man with her hand. She licked her lips and stood up, getting a wipe from her car to clean herself and then opening the back door and laying along the back seat.

The man with the rigid cock leant in and began licking her pussy and I could just hear her delight as he licked and fucked her hole with his fingers. I rolled down my window to get a better view of the action. My fingers were slipping in and out of my wet hole as I watched their show.

The man sat in the car and the woman straddles him and took his cock into her without a second’s hesitation and began riding him, her tits bouncing with the effort she was putting into it.

I had never seen anyone actually fucking before, I had watched porn of course but to see this act before me, between I presumed perfect strangers was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Her paced quickened and before long she was ‘ what can best be described as ‘fucking his brains out’ and I was hard at work rubbing my clit as I watched.

I hadn’t been aware of the car pulling up near me until I saw a man approaching my car. He was stocky, dressed in suit trousers and a shirt and tie and he was watching me masturbate myself into a frenzy.

‘Can I help?’ he asked and for a second I was frozen to the spot but replied yes you can and I opened the door. He leant in and slid his soft hand up and down my thigh before rubbing my mound with his open palm and then sliding a finger directly on to my swollen clit. It was like a bolt of sexual pleasure ran through me and I knew if he rubbed me a few more times I would come all over his hand.

‘Slowly’ I said, urging him to put his thick fingers into my hole and fuck me. He obliged and began licking my now exposed nipples and much as I tried not to it was barely seconds more before I came, feeling him touching me, licking me and watching the woman getting fucked.

I eased my legs out of the car ‘can I do something for you now?’ I asked. A little unsure just what the etiquette was. He unzipped himself and I licked my lips as he revealed a longish but very fat cock in front of my face.

I took the cock in my hands and wrapped it in a firmish grip, he moaned and his cock twitched and began to harden. I wondered if I would get it all in my mouth, it was very thick even just semi hard but I licked it up and down so it was slippery and gobbled it into me like a hungry woman.

‘Mmmmm that’s good’ he said as I began sucking and mouthing the b**st further in, breathing hard through my nose – well no air was getting into my mouth with that in there! I built up a rhythm sucking his cock and squeezing his balls, his glans touching the back of my throat and pushing deeper in to my throat as he gently face fucked me. He was gripping the top of my car and moaning low.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw another man come over and start watching us, his eyes agog at the site of me full of this now enormous feeling cock. The man pulled out of me as he said ‘ fuck you’ll make me come’ and he took a couple of deep breaths before asking, very politely if I liked to be fucked?

I thought for a split second but knew I wanted to have that b**st rammed in my wet hole and so stood up and walked to the back of the car and simply said yes! He followed me round, bent me over slightly and let me brace myself before he parted my legs wide and introduced the tip of his cock to the entrance to my dripping hole. A couple of small thrusts lined him up to ram his cock straight in to me and I let out a muffled cry as I was filled with bone hard shaft. The fuck was frantic and fast but lasted a few minutes. The other guy stood by and wanked his cock with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other and b**st man just kept ramming me as my clit made me explode in a fiery orgasm all over his cock.

Eventually the watcher could bear it no more as he heard me moaning and watching my tits bounce with the f***e of the cock fucking me and he shot his load all over my back. This was enough to send the cock inside me over the edge and I felt him stiffen and a warm spurt of cock juice mingle with my own juices as he carried on milking every last drop out of his balls by slowly fucking my still tight hole.

I bent down and licked them both clean and felt his cream pie drip from me onto the ground below. One of them took some tissues out and wiped the come from my back and they both thanked me when I stood up for a great time.

The guys moved off and as I stood rearranging my dress I noticed the other woman had another man inside her and a couple of others stroking and waiting. I would have offered to help but wasn’t sure what the rules were around poaching another’s fuck, so I got back in the car and closed the window, leaving her to her pounding.

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