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Used at School 5

Olivia turned the water on in the shower and they both stepped in and Claire pressed her body against Olivia's and their lips met in a long passionate kiss and they both rapped their arms round each other letting their hands rub up and down each other's backs and over their asses and Claire could feel her fanny getting tingly and Olivia looked into Claire's shy looking eyes and smiled. Claire was the first to break their kiss when she started to lower herself down Olivia's body kissing every inch of her body.Soon she was on her knees between Olivia's legs and instantly started licking her pussy and she could still taste their Masters cum which made her lick even deeper into Olivia's pussy only pulling out to lick and tease her clit gently flicking it making Olivia moan intensely wanting more and more and soon she started begging Claire not to stop who was more than happy to continue as she wanted to taste Olivia cum again and very soon she felt her friend starting to tense up as her orgasm built and within a few seconds she was squirting and Claire quickly tried to swallow as much as she could. She continued to gently lick Olivia's pussy gradually getting slower until Olivia told her to stand up and kiss her.
Claire stood up and quickly pressed her lips against Olivia's and she let her tongue slip into her friends willing mouth and kissed her deep. Olivia could taste her own cum on Claire's lips and wanted to now taste Claire's cum. Olivia told Claire to turn and face the wall and press her hands and head against it and push her ass out. Claire did as she was told and got in position and waited to see what Olivia was going to do to her. As she waited she could feel every drop of water hitting her body and it just added to the moment and when she felt Olivia's soft touch from behind touching her slit she nearly lost control.
Olivia rubbed softly as Claire let out a small moan letting Olivia know that Claire was enjoying the sensation's that she was giving her so she continued to Massage Claire's fanny. Claire was getting really wet and when she felt the tip of Olivia's tongue pressing against her tight little ass hole she instantly came screaming into the wall as her body shook uncontrollably.
Olivia told Claire not to move and she stepped out of the shower and headed to her Master's room and grabbed a 9 inch long strap on and went back into the shower room, getting back into the shower with Claire. She started to rub the head of the strap on against Claire tight ass hole and gently started to ease it inside watching every inch disappear. It looked so hot watching her friend's hole being spread so wide, so she kept pulling out and watching the head of her strap on spreading Claire's hole again and again. Olivia ran her hands over Claire's hips and over her tummy before cupping them round her breast and pulling her upright and holding Claire's body tight to her's.
Claire turned her head and felt Olivia's lips on her and they both sensually kissed each other while Olivia slowly made love to Claire's tight sexy ass. Claire was soon coming but did not stop kissing Olivia until her orgasm was over and they both turned the shower off and stepped out and slowly dried each other off before heading back to their Master's bed.Claire laid on here back and spread her legs as Olivia move in between them and quickly started kissing Claire's pussy before letting her tongue explore up and down making Claire start to moan once more. Claire placed her hands on Olivia's head and held her head tight to her pussy and started grinding her pussy against Olivia's mouth and tongue as her orgasm started to build inside her, her body started bucking and lifting off the bed until she screamed out and came into Olivia's mouth.
Olivia lick Claire's pussy for a few more second before working her way up the bed and they both cuddled for a few minutes before they decided they should get up and go down stair's and see what jobs they had to do before their Master got home.

They went into the kitchen and found the note he had left them.

"Right slaves by now you two have finished playing with each other and have finally decided to come down and see what jobs I have left for you. Well first get something to eat and then I want Olivia to prepare a meal for the three of us while Claire clean's the house and then I want you both in the spare room on your beds with your arms and legs cuffed to the bed post and I want you blindfolded ready for when I get home."

The two girls looked at each other and smile and headed their different ways to start on their jobs with Olivia starting their food for when her Master gets home and Claire started cleaning round the house both still in the nude. It took a couple of hours for Claire to finnish cleaning and once done she sneaked back into the kitchen and kissed Olivia on the back of the neck and Olivia let out a little moan before turning round to kiss Claire's wet soft lips.
Claire pushed Olivia against the table and Olivia had to put her hands behind her back and on to the table to brace herself so she did not fall back. Claire ran her hands down Olivia's arms and over her fingers and over the table until she found a large carrot which she grabbed and let it run back up Olivia's arms and down over her breast teasing her nipples before moving down over her tummy and down to her pussy and she eased it inside and slowly started to fuck her with it making sure she slid it all the way in and twisting it before letting it slide out and she started to speed up as Olivia's moans got louder and louder before she squirted over the floor giving Claire some more cleaning to do after they had both finished kissing each other.
Olivia finished preparing their food and as they ate it they chatted about what had happened over the past day and what was going to happen in the future. They finished eating and then cleaned up before running upstairs into their room and Olivia helped cuff Claire to her bed and put a blindfold on her before getting on to her own and firstly cuffing her feet and then she put her blindfold on and then cuffed her hands and they were both ready for their Master. Fifteen minutes passed when they heard the door open and close down stairs and they could hear someone coming up the stairs heading towards their room. They heard the door open and then they heard the foot steps coming closer to their beds before they felt a pair of big strong hands rubbing up both their legs and both of them gave out a little moan and then they started to think that it cant just be their Master in the room as their beds were too far apart, what they did not know was that their Master was not even there, it was two big black men. They both felt someone climbing on to the bed and then on top of them and both the girl's felt a cock pressing against their pussies and then their felt them being stretched wider than ever before as the two black men worked their huge black cocks into the girls tight pussies.
It took a bit of work to get their eleven inch cocks inside these two slaves but once inside they started to fuck the girls hard and deep and it was driving the girls crazy as they started to cum on these monster cock's but the men were not stopping until they filled their two new sluts pussies with their cum breeding them nice and deep. Both the girls must have cum three or four times before the men were finished breeding them. The two men then moved up the girls bodies until they were sitting on their tummies and the two men put their cocks between the girls breast and squeezed them together and slowly started to fuck them. After a few minutes the men removed the girls blindfold's and both the girls were shocked when the first thing they saw was a big monster black cock sliding in between their breast and as they both looked up to see these two big black muscled men sitting on top of them and before they could say anything the two men started to cum just in time as the two girls started to open their mouths to say something but ended up taking a big load of cum which they had to swallow before they choked. As the closed their mouths another big load of cum was sprayed over the girls faces and then the two men sprayed their last few drops of cum over the girls breast. Then they moved up and ordered the girls to open their mouth and as they did the men f***ed their cocks deep down the girls throats and they started to face fuck them.
The girls struggled as the cocks were just too big but the men were not going to stop and very soon the girls faces were turning a dark red as the men pulled their cock's out to let the girls catch their breath before forcing their cocks back in. The two men watched as their cocks disappeared deep inside the young girls slutty mouths and they both looked at each other and commented on how slutty the girls looked with the men's cum spread over their faces and they laughed as they continued to face fuck the two sluts before cumming deep down their throats. Then the two men got up and left, leaving the two girls covered in cum and used ready for when their Master does get back which would be in a few hours and when he came in he was pleased to see his two slaves covered in cum and looking so used. They were both asl**p when he came in so he left them there while he heated up their food and he had a quick shower before waking them. They went down stairs and started eating and David looked at the two girls as they were still covered in cum and he smiled to himself.

"So did you enjoy your self's while I was out slaves?"

"Yes Master" the two girls replied

"Well it is good to see you completed all the tasks I left you and what else did you do?"

The two girls told their Master what they did in detail all the way up until after the black men had finished with them and David asked if they enjoyed having the men use them which the two girls replied that they did and asked if they would see the men again?
He told them that they would see the men again but only when he was not going to be about which would not be too often.
Once they had finished eating they all headed up stairs to David's room and they went to bed as the two girls were very tired and David had a lot planned for them tomorrow.

To be continued

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