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Seduced by a work colleague.

This is my first attempt at writing so please forgive any errors or mistakes. I had a job at a local store, after just leaving high school at sixteen. After about six months, I had made some good friends, enjoyed some good staff nights out, and enjoyed a few smooches with a few female staff members of my own age.
Anyway, around this time, Hilary who was a supervisor, and I, struck up a friendship which was too develop beyond my wildest dreams.
One Friday evening, after a busy day at work, Hilary and I were chatting in the staffroom before heading home. We lived in the same area, so we agreed to share a cab, I had told her earlier that my f****y were away for the weekend, and I would be heading home for a meal for one lol. In the cab, she asked if I wanted to come in for a bite to eat, as she had made a casserole, for herself and her daughter, and there would be plenty left. I readily agreed, and followed her to her door, not realising my life was about to change forever.
When we got indoors, she showed me in to the lounge and said I should make myself at home. She returned a few minutes later, having changed into a pair of jeans, and a white shirt, to inform me her daughter had gone to her dads for the weekend, so she hoped I was hungry. At this point, I will describe Hilary for you, she was a petite brunette, around 5'6'', long hair, with beautiful green eyes and a tanned complexion, gained she told me from living in Greece for many years. She had a great figure, a lovely bum, and her boobs were about a 34 dd.
Anyway the meal was great, and we sat chatting for a while. I had a couple of beers with the food, and was feeling really chilled and relaxed in her company. She mentioned that she had a movie we could watch, if I did not have to rush home, so I agreed. As the film started, Hilary came and sat next to me on the couch and leant her head on my shoulder, and put her hand on my thigh. The picture on screen was of a blonde girl smiling at the camera, before panning out to show her masturbating a very hard cock, and then proceeding to lick the tip. My breath caught in my throat, at the same time as my cock sprang too attention in my pants. Hilary asked me if I was ok, and I mumbled that I was, and glanced at her. She leant in towards me, and kissed me hard on the lips, as she slid her hand up my thigh, and gave my cock a squeeze. She broke off from the kiss, and explained she did not plan this in any way, and would stop if I wanted too. I thought for a split second before pulling her too me, and returning the kiss.
My hands were roaming her body as she removed her shirt, and her bra and held her erect nipple to my mouth, and I took it between my lips sucking and nibbling which she seemed to enjoy. She got up from the sofa, took off her jeans and panties, and slid two fingers into her pussy and then pushing them into my mouth telling me I was a naughty boy for making her so wet. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom, where she began to remove my clothing. She pushed me back on to the bed when I was completely naked, and lay down next to me, kissing me as she stroked my erection. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her, and of course I said yes, but before I could I had to do something for her. We adjusted positions, and I was lay between her thighs, her sopping pussy mere millimetres from my face. Holding my head, she began to grind her thighs on my face, saying the words eat my cunt baby, and guiding where to lick, and how to suck on her clit to make her cum, and I spent the next forty minutes with my face buried in her pussy, as she gushed her sweet juices down my throat and over my face and my chest. She then told me to lie on my back, and straddled my head, and then squatting on my face, while at the same time taking my cock into her mouth.
I nearly came straight away, but she seemed to sense this, and with a few twists on my balls and my cock, the urge subsided, and I enjoyed the best blowjob T have ever experienced, while still eating her juicy slippery cunt.
Eventually Hilary, moved from my face, and leant over to her bedside table, and brought out some condoms, some lube, and a large dildo. She sucked my cock, and then slid a condom over my shaft, then took turns sucking my cock, and then the dildo. By this time I was beyond caring, and when finally she slid her pussy down my cock, I did not notice, or protest as she eased the dildo between my lips, and into my mouth, and she continued to work it in and out. me sucking away, as I had seen Hilary on my cock. We changed positions quite a few times, and I think I must have filled about four condoms with my teenage spunk, having fucked her in every position imaginable she then sucked me too a huge climax, shooting long jets of cum into her mouth onto her face and in her hair.
We cuddled for a few minutes, and she said she was going to grab us a drink, before she took a shower. She returned with two glasses of juice, and I gulped mine down as she padded into the bathroom.
I do not remember falling asl**p, but remember waking up when I felt something cold and wet near my ass. I was positioned on my hands and knees on the bed, with all my limbs secured, so I could not move from the bed, and Hilary massaging my ass with her fingers. Hi sl**pyhead, as she leant in to kiss me, now its my turn to fuck you. I still felt a little drowsy, and being unable to struggle due to my bonds, I prepared myself for the dildo, but then I realised she had left it on the bed, and was stroking a huge black strap-on cock, about ten inches in length and as thick as her arm.
I felt her position herself behind me, and push forward at my ass, and I grunted as this black cock invaded my insides. She began gently, but eventually the full length was inside me and she was screaming obscenities as she fucked my virgin hole driving deeper and deeper. I came twice without touching my dick, which I admit had never been harder, before Hilary came and sat in front of my face and made me clean her cock for her. This was the start to a weekend of sexual discovery, and is totally true and if the good people on x-hamster enjoy this tale, there are plenty more to come. Enjoy, and all comments appreciated.

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