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The guy called round in the morning to fix a new cupboard in the kitchen for me. I left him to it and went on the computer in the living room to send some emails and catch up on things. A charity collector knocked at the door after a while so I saw to them, but when I came back the carpenter had come into the living room and was looking at my computer screen.

"You into this sort of stuff?" he sneered.

I'd been browsing my X-Hamster videos. "Oh you know," I said embarrassed, "it's just fantasy...."

He snorted. "Typical woman. You like looking at it, but if a guy tries it with you you cry brutality and ****."

"No, it's know, a turn-on." On the screen a girl was tied to a bench with clamps on her nipples, moaning in pain.

"So watching OTHER girls gettin it turns you on but you wouldn't wanna chance it yourself. That's pathetic."

I sat down in the computer chair but he didn't move away, instead he moved the mouse and clicked on my photos. He grunted, "That you? Nice tits. How about you let me see them?"

"You're joking!" I said.

He grabbed them hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up, swiftly and violently enough to strip it off over me head; while I shrieked and clutched at my bare breasts he snatched a long tie-wrap from his tool-belt and before I could react he'd bound my arms behind the back of the chair, the tie-wrap digging tight into the skin above my elbows. I was aware of how naked I felt, aware of the window to my left where anyone passing could glance in and see me sitting there with my back arched and breasts thrust forward. The carpenter gave both my breasts a rough squeeze and then went back into the kitchen, returning with his toolbox.

He turned the chair so that I was facing that fucking window, squeezing my tits roughly, bending to suck my nipples with a hard mouth. It hurt. I squirmed and he laughed. "Let's see how much of a turn-on it is in real life," he said.

He used the mouse to click on some of the videos I'd saved - tit spankings, clampings, whippings, guys forcing huge cocks down girls' throats. After a bit he grunted, winked at me, and opened the toolbox.

I tried to sound angry. "That's enough. You've gone far enough. Let me go."

In response his palm slapped across my left tit, snatching my breath away. My breast tingled and my nipple stung smartly. "Jesus - " I gasped. He hit me again, and again, using both hands, slapping and slapping at my bare breasts; with my arms tied so far back there was nothing I could do to get away. My skin turned scarlet and my nipples burned. He stopped long enough to pinch my nipples mercilessly hard and twist and pull them, then let go and gave me an unending volley of full-f***ed slaps. I didn't realise I was screaming.

He stopped, out of breath. "Oh I'm going to fuckin hurt you girl," he said. He rummaged in his greasy toolbox and produced an adjustable spanner and a pair of molegrips. "Not got any fancy clamps, but these'll do," he muttered. He pinched my sore right nipple and pulled it taut, fastening the jaws of the adjustable spanner tighter and tigher onto it.

"Whoa!" I gasped breathlessly, "that's enough - Jesus - !"

He gave the adjustable an extra turn so that the serrated jaws gripped tightly enough for me to gasp for breath. The protruding tip of my nipple turned purple. He pinched my left nipple and twisted it fiercely between finger and thumb, then clicked the molegrips into place so that they were even tighter than the adjustable spanner dangling its horrendous weight from my other nipple. The tools gripped hard and swung brutally under their metal weight. I knew I couldn't stand much more.

"Okay okay," I gsaped, "I've learned my lesson - please...."

He gripped the waistband of my trousers and yanked them down awkwardly between my arse and the chair I was sitting on; the movement jolted the tools attached to my breasts so that nipples were an agony of pain. Horrified, I realised that my pussy was getting wetter than I could ever remember.

He pulled my trousers off. I wasn't wearing knickers, I never do - it's always been a running joke, that I was always ready just in case. Didn't seem so funny now. He pressed my legs open and pushed a coarse finger inside me.

"You're fuckin wet," he said. He took his finger out and pressed it against my lips. "Suck it dry."

I wouldn't, so he smeared my lips with my own pussy juice, pressed his finger well up into me again. He jerked me forward on the chair so that I was sitting on its front edge. My nipples were a blaze of agony and felt so fucking good that I was humiliated - was I really getting off on this?

He turned back to his toolbox and produced a screwdriver. Reversing it, he f***ed the blunt handle up into my pussy, took it back out, f***ed it back in; it was hard and alien and unyielding inside me and I wanted it so bad. I felt myself starting to squirm to encourage it deeper.

"You do like it rough then," he commented. He reached up and snatched the tools off my nipples, producing a flare of unimaginable pain which he added to by giving them another wild fierce slapping, both hands, his breath grunting in his throat with the effort. All I could feel was fear and pain and the hard rod of the screwdriver handle in my cunt. I'd never felt so horny in all my life.

"Pinch my nipples - " I gasped hoarsely. "Hard..."

He did, squeezing them fiercely, twisting them, pulling them. He sucked them so hard with his mouth that I didn't think I could stand another second of it. Then he laid into me again with his hard slapping hands.

"Fuck me - " I heard my mouth whisper, "please, fuck me, really hard..."

He jerked me even further forward, produced a ball of twine from his toolbox, looped ends round my ankles so that he could run the twine over my shoulders to tie at the back of the chair, my feet way up on a level with my head, my legs splayed open, my cunt and arse open in front of that dreadful window. The screwdriver was still jutting out of my pussy; he shoved it in as deep as it would go, but I still needed it deeper.

The next thing out of his toolbox was a hammer. He pressed the wooden shaft into my mouth and I sucked it greedily. I wanted so much for him to fuck me. He was old and unappealing but I didn't care; I wanted to feel a cock ramming up inside me while my nipples were still raw and I was exposed to the window and anyone who happened to pass by.

He let me suck the hammer shaft then took it from my mouth and pressed it against my arse.

"No!" I cried, "no, I don't do anal - I never have - please, no - !"

He pressed. Pushed. I felt the end of the shaft forcing against my sphincter. It felt huge and blunt and rigid. He pressed and twisted and I felt myself writhing towards it, I didn't want this but my body seemed to. All the fantasies I'd imagined on the website and here it was really happening to me and suddenly it felt so fucking good. I was tied up so tight I couldn't hope to escape. He wouldn't listen to pleas or reason or bribery. This guy was out to show me the truth of my violent fantasies and oh christ how much I wanted him to. He pressed the hammer shaft harder and I felt it almost pop through the tightness of my anal sphincter - the pain was immense, the sense of violation was unbelievable. I wanted more.

"Harder - " I pleaded, "all the way in - "

He shoved the hammer's handle right up my arse, deeper than I thought was possible. At the same time he rammed the screwdriver handle further up. I felt filled up with hard solid rods. My clitoris was shrieking for attention, my sore nipples fiery with desire.

He stood up, reaching behind me to snip through the tie-wrap around my arms so that I was able to bend forward. As I did he rammed his huge swollen cock into my mouth. I felt it f***e over my tongue, nudge down into my throat. I sucked desperately. His cock was huge. I could feel it throbbing as he started to thrust deeper and deeper. I gagged, choking. He thrust even deeper, both his hands gripping the back of my head and forcing my mouth all the way down onto his cock. I could feel his pubic hair smothering my nose, could feel his cock like a rod through my mouth and into my throat. He thrust harder, and harder. I sucked wildly, unable to breathe, not caring. I could feel the screwdriver in my cunt, and the shaft of the hammer so wrong and yet so right, a long solid rod of wood rammed all the way up inside my arse. While he fucked my mouth he reached down and gave the hammer a violent twist inside my arse, back and forth, the most amazing feeling I'd ever had. I sucked as hard as I could and he suddenly pulled out of my mouth to shoot his hot cum onto my face; I kept my mouth wide open and caught some of it on my tongue so that I could savour it. He plunged his cock down my throat again, I could taste him as I swallowed his cum. Finally spent he withdrew, leaving me moaning with raw desire.

"Want me to finish you off?" he asid.

"Please...anything....just make me cum...." My lips were sticky with his spunk and I licked them hungrily.

He jammed the hammer further up my arse, twisted, pulled down and rammed back up. He pulled it all the way out and pressed it against my lips. I opened my mouth desperately and the wet shaft of the hammer slid across my tongue with the taste of my own arse on it. I licked and sucked it. He pinched one of my tender nipples fiercely, and the pain of that along with the taste of shit on the hammer's handle finally made me cum.

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