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A weekend in the Life-style

Just like every couple, who enters the life style, April and I made a ton or rules at the beginning. We had a laundry list of things we would not do and things we agreed not to ask each other. And, just like every other couple in the life-style, we broke almost every rule.

Every person and every situation is different, so willingness to try different things and relax enough to enjoy different things depends on the people and the situation. Every couple that stays in the life-style explores new things.

My list included, no cock to cock touching, sword fighting, cream pies, cock sucking, being sucked, no playing with my ass or toys near it, no kissing and no staying away from home over night. I can honestly say that we broke every one of my rules.

Nothing happens all at once. No one waves a wand or sprinkles magic dust on you to get you to change. It is a gradual process of exposure to new things and witnessing other people enjoying something you swore you would never try or being so satisfied by someone that you are willing to do almost anything to return the favor and pleasure.

I am no prude, I have played with toys and experimented with just about everything imaginable, but something about my pride and ego causes me to want to do most things one on one and behind closed doors. To my surprise, there are couples and groups who can get me to relax and release my fears. There are also couples who can get me so aroused that nothing is off limits.

One thing I quickly discovered is that the gorgeous and physically perfect couples are typically the most boring. They usually want to be served and are use to people just being happy to be with them, so they do very little and are the most uptight. It seems that average and just above average looking couples are the most adventurous and exciting. Just speaking for myself, and this does not mean ALL, but the not so attractive couples seem to be pushy and on edge. The slightest comment or suggestion can set off a bad situation with the unattractive couples.

When April and I met Biff and Buffy, we had a good laugh at their names. They both told us that they had assumed names for the weekend, but laughed right along with us as we made fun. They are our age and good looking but not perfect. They were so laid back and fun that we spent a whole day together and never talked about sex or the life style. It was not until we were going back to our separate rooms to retire for the night, and Buffy kissed me good night and told me she could not wait to see me at the gathering tomorrow, that I remember we were on the island for sex adventures.

When April and I got back to our room, she told me that she is not attracted to many white men, but she wanted to fuck the hell out of Biff. “Fuckin white boy turns me on.” She said. We had a really quick fuck and just fell to sl**p.

The next morning, April put on a yellow sun dress that was so thin, I could almost see through it. She wore flat sandals and no underwear. She was definitely ready to get out of her clothes and fuck.

Biff and Buffy were in the lobby when we got downstairs, so we all went to breakfast together. Just like the day before, we talked about everything but sex. We had so much in common that we just gabbed on and on. It was four o’clock before we knew it and we were on the other side of the island, so there was no way to get back in time for the five o’clock gather. We decided to eat dinner and relax, and that is when and where it all started.

April sat close to Biff and Buffy sat next to me, like we were a couple. We ate and paid attention to each other like we were on a date. When we were finished eating, Buffy told April and Biff that we were going for a walk and then back to my room. I kissed April and she kissed Biff and that was it.

As soon as I closed the door behind us, Buffy kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue explore my mouth as her hand slid down my pants and grabbed by balls. I kissed her back as I felt the unusual sensation of having my balls tugged, squeezed and rolled around in her hands. I kiss and bit her neck, ears and shoulders as she unbuckled my pants and went back to massaging my balls. It felt great but I felt a little weird because I was doing all the typical everyday stuff and she was doing something new and different to me.

When we were completely naked and I inserted a wet finger in her dripping white pussy, she inserted a wet finger in my ass. I was doing my best to find her g-spot and clit, but she had no trouble getting right to my prostate. When she went down to suck my cock, she was twirling her finger around inside of me and making me squirm and buck. As I was pumping her face with my dick and telling her to suck my cock, I was humping her finger trying to get it in deeper. She bit my tail bone in a way that made me want to cum.

She continued to finger fuck and play with my ass, but started sucking on something on the inside part of my thigh that I call my groin. The feeling was sensational. Everything she did was different and felt great. My entire body was tingling when she started sucking just the head of my cock. I could feel her long blonde hair tickle my chest, thighs and stomach and squirmed all over the bed because it felt so damn good. She grabbed my thighs, pushed them back to my chest, dove down, and ate my ass. Up to this point, I had women lick my ass, but never had anyone ate my ass like her. I was in sex heaven. My dick was as hard as it has ever been, but strangely enough I did not want to cum. I just wanted to please her.

After she ate my ass and teased me with her hair, for what seemed like days of pleasure, I turned her over on her back and started trying to do to her, some of those things that she did to me. As I was eating her pussy, I felt her hand pushing down on the back of my head. I let her push me and guide me to her ass. As many times as I have had my ass licked, I had never earnestly licked anyone’s ass. I had flicked my tongue on a few, just to get it over with, but never had I fully committed to tongue fuck an ass. Tonight, I had my tongue so deep in Buffy’s ass that my jaws hurt.

I licked, sucked and kissed every inch of her body before I slid my bare cock in her soaked pussy. I started by fucking her in a missionary position and sucking on her tits. When she pushed my mouth away and said “let me show you how to suck titties baby.” I held her head up so she could get her mouth on my nipples. She pushed the tip of her tongue against my nipple really hard and then surrounded it with her teeth. When she withdrew her tongue, I could feel the firm grip of her teeth, and a little sting. I guess the sting was her bring bl**d to the area because when she started licking and sucking my nipple, it stood erect and was ultra sensitive.

I started pounding her white pussy and slamming her into the mattress. My balls were smashing against her wet ass and she was alternating sucking my nipples. I was so use to filling the room with dirty talk and fantasy talk while fucking that I was amazed by how sexually stimulating the lack of words and sounds of fucking can be.

We fucked in every position that I could imagine and completely wore out each other. I don’t know how many time she had an orgasm, but I had not shot one load. However, I felt more completely satisfied than I ever had before, after sex. The sun was actually coming up when I drifted off to sl**p.

A breeze knocking the shutters around woke me up. It was sunny and Buffy was cuddled up to me, holding my balls, almost the same way she grabbed them when we first began. I always asked April to hold my cock at night, but she prefers to spoon with me behind her, so it never happens. As I moved a little to get comfortable, Buffy adjusted and started massaging my balls in her sl**p. My cock was rock hard and I remembered that I did not cum last night. Unlike the previous night, when I woke up, I was ready to bust my nut and spray cum all over Buffy’s white face and tits.

She played with my balls and tickled my ass a little before she gave the head of my cock a little suck and lick. It was a lazy good morning blowjob and it did not last long. She slid out of bed and went to the bathroom. When I heard her fumbling through her purse and moving stuff around in the bathroom, I was sure she was preparing a kinky surprise for me, but she came out fully dressed and said “Get up lazy, let’s go eat and see if your wife likes Biff as much as I like you.” Her voice was sexy and she had a wonderful look in her eyes. I knew I smelled like sex, but I put on shorts and a shirt and off we went.

We searched the hotel but April and Biff were no where to be found. We went parasailing, swimming, took a shower and had lunch, but still no April of Biff. Neither of them answered their phones or left any messages. At about three that afternoon, they showed up for the boat ride scheduled by our host. They looked like teenagers in love. April had huge hickeys on her neck and Biff looked like his clothes came out of a wringer. I am not sure how Buffy felt, but I was a little jealous.

The boat took us to a smaller island and we all got on a bus. Biff and April went to the back row of the bus. Before we even took off, April’s head went down in Biff’s lap and feverishly bobbed up and down. I was unsure how I felt until Buffy burst into laughter and said, “You need to feed her before you bring her out, next time.” We both laughed and did a little bit of discrete petting of our own.

The bus took us to a huge tent where there were beds, blankets, pillows, drinks, and everything necessary to have small groups, big groups or individual couples enjoying new partners. As soon as April got off the bus, she ran over to me and kissed me f***efully. She held my head tight as she pushed warm cum in my mouth with her tongue. I am not sure if it was because I did not cum the night before or if it was because I wanted my wife to reassure me that I was king or what the reason, but I still got rock hard, even after I realized she was passing another man’s load from her mouth to my mouth. “I love his fucking dick.” Is all she said as she took my hand and walked in the tent.

Most of the rooms were occupied, so we went in one of the large rooms toward the back and tied off the door strings, so the four of us could be alone. We quickly undressed and I noticed that Biff’s cock just hung limp. My cock was already fully erect and ready to go. The women were whispering and lightly playing with our cocks. They pulled and tugged until Biff and I were standing on the bed face to face, and they were taking turns sucking and licking our cocks. April pulled the dicks together and tried sucking both at one time. Biff became hard instantly and moaned while he held on to my shoulders. The more April rubbed together the cock heads, the more he moaned and the harder he got. He was holding my shoulders as if he was getting weak from it.

“Damn that’s hot.” Buff said as she stood up behind me. “God that turns me on.” She continued. “Play with them April. Make some precum come out.” She said.

“Wanna suck it baby. Wanna feel this cock in your mouth baby.” April asked. Before I could say no and back away, Biff fell to his knees and gulped down my cock. April held my dick, Buffy held me and Biff sucked and slurped like he was eating a popsicle in the dessert.

I couldn’t tell who was saying what, but the women were talking over each other as they told him what to do and told him how hot it was or how much they liked it.

“That’s it. Suck it baby. Take it deep. Move your tongue over the head. You gonna drink his cum? Suck his balls baby. You like that cock? Oh, suck that dick. Damn that shit looks good. Fuck you gonna make me cum baby. I love watching you suck another man’s cock. Play with your cock while you suck it…” Their words were coming from everywhere and I was getting so fucking turned on.

Then I heard April clearly say. “Let me get some of that dick baby.” I felt her pull me down by my wrist and then guide my cock in her sloppy wet pussy that felt silky smooth and warm. April started whispering in my ear as I felt Buffy’s mouth dive in my ass. “He fucked me all night baby.” She started. “That big fat dick white boy murdered this lil pussy all fuckin night. He fucked my ass and pussy like I have never been fucked before. He made me tell him that it was his pussy and I am his bitch.”

The tongue in my ass, the soft velvet pussy and the visual from her words were just too much for my cock that was over due to cum. I told April I am going to cum and she pushed back my forehead and said “Now.”

As I closed my eyes and opened my mouth so I could let out a loud scream in ecstasy, I felt Biff’s fat warm cock enter my mouth. I was too far gone to care and to stop. “Suck that dick baby.” I heard April say.

“Is he sucking it?” I heard Buffy scream as I felt cool air replace her warm mouth on my ass. “Fuck, I wanna see. God damn, he is sucking his dick. Damn, I didn’t think he would do it.” Buffy pushed my head down and made my head bob. “Fuck yeah, suck it baby. Suck that fuckin big dick.”

My whole body stiffened as and explosion raced through my body and exploded out of the head of my dick. The fat cock in my mouth muffled my yells and screams, but I groaned and yelled anyway. Biff’s cock grew in my mouth and he started fucking my mouth so his nuts hit my chin. The girls were cheering him on, cheering me on, and talking to each other at the same time. At some point, Buffy pulled my face off his cock and kissed me so she could taste his cock from my mouth. April moved from beneath me and started sucking Biff’s cock.

“Damn she loves his cock.” Buffy said as we watched April work it with her mouth again. April spread her legs wide and told Biff to pound her pussy while I watched. Watching April’s feet hang in the air as Biff slammed in and out of her was so hot that I got a boner in no time. I got behind Buffy and fucked her, as we both watched Biff ram April and make her scream.

Even though we tide the door string, couples made there way in our room and gathered around the bed to watch. Some got on floor pillows and fucked and others stood and masturbated as the enjoyed the show. A guy who had to be no more than twenty stood by the edge of the bed and stroked himself really close to Buffy’s face. As I was about to tell him to get loss, Buffy surprised me by reaching out and stroking his dick with her hand. She pulled him down in front of her and started sucking his cock and balls. I some how, some way forgot that Buffy was not my woman or private property and that she was on the island to fuck and get fucked. For some stupid reason, I had started to think that this weekend was just two couples swapping. Buffy sucking the strangers dick was just the start of our wild weekend.

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