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My dream

I would love to have a woman have me come over to her house one day, and ask me to take off my closths and let her watch me jack off. I would say OK, where would you like me to do this at? She would say in my bedroom. We would go to her bed room. As we get close to her bedroom, I would hear a girl or two talking. As we get into the bedroom, I see two more women sitting off to one side of the bedroom. They tell me to get on the bed and start playing with my dick. The lady of the house said, “Do as you are told to do”. They want to see you cum all over yourself. I looked at her and said yes, I want to make all three of you happy. One of the girls said, “Stop talking and do what we told you to do and start playing with your cock, I want to fuck you after you cum on yourself.

I got up on the bed and started playing with my cock, as I was told to do. I began rubbing my cock and balls. The girls said, that is it play with those balls, that is making me hot. I stroked my big fat dick faster and faster.

Then one of the girls got up and moved my hand away and started filling my cock, saying this is a fat cock girls you have to feel this. They each felt my cock and stroking it a few times.

By this time the girls had there cloths off as well and were playing with their tits and pussies and had cummed a few times themselves. My moaning was getting louder and louder, the girls knew I was getting close to cumming and started cheering me on, saying shoot it, shoot it. Let us see it shoot all over. Just then I started cumming making all kinds of sound and cum shooting all over myself. Then one of the girls came up in the bed with me and started kissing me all over licking up my cum and eating it. She then went down on me sucking the shit out of my dick.

The other girls sat back and watched her suck me off and play with their pussies. They told her to lick it, and flick her tongue over the head and play with my piss slit. She also sucked on my balls driving me crazy. She stopped to tell me that she will not stop until I cum in her mouth, at that the other girls started to cum themselves. Then I started to cum again. She drank down my cum as fast as she could.

The lady of the house told me to get up and go sit in the corner. As I did as I was told to do, the girls all got on the bed and started playing with each other kissing and sucking on each other. In about 5 to 10 minutes, I was hard again and started to jack off. I was about to cum again when one of the girls saw me and told the others and they all told me to stop and get in the bed and eat some pussy. I got up in the bed and went to eat some pussy, when one of the girls started to spank my ass with her hand, it started to make my dick harder. I stopped eating to say someone jack me off as I eat her cunt out, you spanking me is making my dick harder and I need someone to jack me off. They all said no and told me to go back to eating pussy, so I did. I ate the girls cunt out until she came all over my face and I kept on eating her pussy making her cum again and again.

Then I got on my back and asked one of the girls to ride my pony. It did not take long for one of the girls to get up on my fat hard cock. She rode me like a pro. As she was riding my cock, one of the other girls sat on my face; I started to eat her pussy. The girl that was riding me started getting into it, and she was getting loud and started playing with her tits, I was about to start cumming when the two of the them started to cum themselves.

When it was all over, I had all three girls phone numbers and was asked back for tomorrow.

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