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The History of Kim. Part 1

My wife ran away from home when she was 16 to avoid an arranged marriage to a boy she hated.

She went to Saigon so she could stay with a cousin and her husband. The cousin, unknown to Kim, was as underhanded as her mother, and behind Kim's back sold Kim's cherry to a friend of her husband for $300.

Kim went into her bedroom for a nap, and was awakened by someone feeling her up.
She turned over in the bed to find a total stranger laying naked next to her. She jumped out of the bed and ran to the door only to find it was locked. The stranger told her she might as well give up because he wasn't going to leave until he had had all of her pussy that he wanted.

He f***ed her back on to the bed and stripped her clothing off, held her down, and started eating her pussy. She realized that she couldn't stop him, so she
decided to give in before he hurt her.

He ate her until, unwillingly, she began to respond, and started grinding her groin into his face. Then he started massaging her peanut (clitoris) until she felt like she was going to explode. Then he took a pillow and placed it under her buttocks, opened her legs, and started rubbing his cock up and down her pussy. He rubbed some of the juice on his finger, and held it to her lips, making her taste her own pussy juice. WOW!!! This stuff didn't taste bad, at all. Now she knew why she saw the boys in the trees licking the girls' pussies.

Then she felt something pushing against her pussy, and looked down in time to see his cock sliding inside of her body. She felt a pinch of pain, and he was all the way inside of her. He lay still, letting her feel the full length of his cock inside of her. Soon it didn't feel so bad, but it did itch a little. She told him it itched, and he told her that he knew the best way to stop the itching was to rub it.

He proceeded to start "rubbing" her pussy inside with his dick, and, sure enough it started feeling VERY good. He kept on rubbing and her body started moving around in return, which made it feel better and better. It felt best when she would shake her butt from side to side, and push her pussy up his cock and shake it. She also discovered that it felt like her pussy was chewing his cock on the inside.

Before very long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, she felt like she was going to pee, but different. Sooo much better. When she felt this, she bit down harder with her pussy, and felt his cock twitching inside of her. He started moving in and out of her faster and faster, then he pushed inside of her as far as he could, and groaned. She felt something hot and wet hitting the inside of her pussy, and it felt so good she couldn't help but to scream, and something made her want to pull him as deep inside of her as she could...SO SHE DID!

She lay there in a daze for several minutes, and when she was able to move, she had the urge to kiss him. She kissed him like the girls in the movies, and even put her tongue in his mouth. He returned her kisses many times over and she thanked him for making her feel better than she had ever felt before, in her life.

He called out, "It's Okay!" and the door opened, and in came her cousin and her husband. Lee, her cousin, had seen Kim naked many times before as they were growing up, but her husband Chuck, had not seen her like that before. He was wearing only a pair of loose baggy shorts, and his response to the sight of Kim laying there nude, with cum running down her legs and ass was immediate and obvious. His shorts were sticking out in front of him by several inches.

Lee pushed him gently back out of the door, whispering "Later." to him. Kim didn't think about what her cousin had said. She was still a little dizzy from what had just happened. Lee turned and fetched a hot wet towel for her, and told her she should wash herself, and then she would show her how to clean herself inside.

Kim cleaned herself off, and gave Frank, her new lover, the towel so he could clean himself, too, but Lee stopped her, telling her that there was a better way, more proper, to clean a man after. She told Kim to take his whole cock in her mouth. After all, it was much smaller, now, and lick and suck it clean.

Kim did what she was told, and found out that besides tasting her own juice,he tasted a bit like a slightly salty piece of fish. She sucked and kicked till she could only taste his flesh, then got up and followed Lee to the bathroom, where Lee taught her how to douch herself.

They went back to the bedroom, where Frank was waiting on the bed. Kim started to put her clothes back on, but Lee told her it would be a waste of time, as Frank would be ready to do everything all over, again, but, that this time she and Chuck were going to watch, like Kim and Lee had watched the couples in the trees at home.

Frank told Kim that he would enjoy her kissing and sucking his cock some more, so she moved down between his legs and took him in her mouth. She started feeling Frank's cock growing larger in her mouth, till it threatened to choke her. He told her not to try to keep the whole thing in her mouth at one time, but to kiss the end of it, and to lick the length of it, and his balls, with her tongue. She did as he asked, and shortly, he guided her around so that while she was eating him, he could eat her pussy in return. Lee told her that this was calledඍ." OOOHHH. This felt SOOO GOOOOD!!!

After a few minutes, it seemed like, she felt Frank's cock twitching inside her mouth and Frank told her, "I'm cumming!" and began to squirt his juice into her mouth. Lee told her to swallow it all, so she did.

She looked up, and saw that Lee was on her knees at the end of the bed, and Chuck was pushing his cock in and out of her! Soon after seeing this, Lee and Chuck both groaned, and Kim saw Chuck's cum running down Lee's legs.

Lee turned around and started licking Chuck's cock clean, and Frank and Kim watched.

Lee told Kim that since Frank was already clean from cumming in Kim's mouth, and, that she wanted to get pregnant, she wasn't going to douche, but, was going to just clean up with the towel

Frank was laying there with a smile on his face, and asked Chuck if he would mind him making a deposit in the Bank of Lee for, old times sake. Chuck said that he wouldn't mind, as long as he could try out the cherry girl.

Lee's response was to roll over on her back and open her legs, telling Frank to "Come fuck me." Frank crawled over on top of Lee and pushed his cock inside of her, and starting to fuck her. Kim watched Chuck move over to her, and pulled her up on her knees, where they could watch Frank and Lee fuck while they were fucking. This was turning out to be FUN. Kim decided that she REALLY LIKED to feel a man's cock inside of her pussy.

Chuck pushed his cock inside of Kim's still tight pussy. After all, it had only been fucked the one time when Frank popped her cherry. It was so tight that when his cock pulled back, the skin of her pussy held on till his cock was almost all the way out. On top of that, it took him nearly 5 minutes to get his cock all the way inside of her, and, the best part of that was that the whole time he was working it in, her pussy was chewing his cock. He had never had a snapping pussy, before. This was FANTASTIC PUSSY on this girl. It felt so good that he was only able to hold his cum for a few minutes before he started shooting her up. He blew his load deep inside of her hot, wet pussy and let his cock slip out of her, actually, her pussy was so tight that it squeezed it out. He then noticed that, on her knees like that, SHE DIDN'T LEAK!! Every drop of his cum stayed inside of her.

Kim stayed with Chuck and Lee for two more week, when she found out that Frank was paying Lee so that he could come over and fuck Kim. Kim found out that Frank was paying Lee $20.00 every time he came to fuck her.

There was a big fight and Lee was f***ed to give her half of the money she had got from Frank, then Kim moved out, and went to Long Binh to stay with a girl she knew.

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