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Lust Part 1

Pure, unadulterated lust.

That is my passion as organic and free flowing as you can make it.

It all began before the months before puberty. I was ten and very curious about all things procreative.

My parents lectured me on sexual intercourse and I was duly embarrassed.

What was it all about really?

I heard so much from the boys in the playground about who was doing what(blow jobs) to them.

I wondered what a blow job was.

There were no porn movies, magazines or anything giving full erotic descriptions of a blow job.

How I wondered could you blow a penis.

Since that time way past puberty and school, I have learned to give a good blow job.

When I gave my first real innocent one, I was fascinated with everything that was going in my mouth as my boyfriend was giving me instructions.

I could feel my pussy on fire and wet.

My boyfriend got down on his knees and began sucking my breasts.

Oh, how, I was loving this new feeling inside of me.

Nothing mattered... The whole world became dream like.

I wanted this to last forever.

My boyfriend and I were making hot love..

His hair was as dark as the skies and his eyes were as bright as the stars...

He was eighteen and I was eighteen ...

My very first time, I was a virgin; I was his virgin...

I remembered all the stories my girlfriends told me about their first time...

I couldn't wait to tell,them about mine...

I had always masturbated, but this was beautiful... I was in love....

This lustful feeling was mine forever,,..

My boyfriend was drafted and sent off to Viet Nam..

I was devastated.. Would I ever see him again?

Many days and nights were spent thinking about that afternoon, the afternoon of lovemaking and lust...

My loneliness grew and masturbation was just placating me, but I needed to touch another and be touched.

I had not heard from my boyfriend in months and so I moved on...

I wanted to give another blow job.. a really good blow job..

I had met other men, but I was not interested in any of them

They did not have my boyfriends touch or smile.

One night I was working late and I on my way home, I met a man, an older man, he was tall, dark and very handsome.

When I looked at him, I could feel my temperature rise.

We were both at the local deli getting our supper to go...

I never invited men to my small studio apartment; I heard too many scary stories.

There was a park just across the street and the sun was not setting for another two hours.

I saw just the spot to have my supper..

There was a shaded tree and a bench... I could see all my neighbors walking their dogs and chatting with their friends. I felt safe...

I sat down on the bench and ate my deli sandwich with a kind of hungry vigor.

As I looked up, the handsome man in the deli was sitting opposite me, eating his supper.

I looked to see of he had a ring on his finger, to see of he had been married.

He was older and looked like he may have been in his early thirties.

I was just twenty and finishing up my teacher's degree.

I thought about giving him a blow job.. I thought about his touch, his kiss and what he would do to me...

I was lusting and I enjoyed it...

His every move was refined.. He was a professional of some sort.

I didn't care which one, he looked very good to me..

The park was lovely and the garden just behind me was giving off the sweetest scents.

I wanted to introduce myself, but felt awkward.

'Nice evening." was all I could muster...

He looked up at me and his eyes shot heat up my spine and down my pussy; his eyes were a beautiful, crystal blue..

He stood at least 6'4", tall, with strong legs and broad shoulders, in his navy blue suit..

I had imagined a huge cock, very huge cock, that would fit nicely in my mouth and hand.

I thought I saw a heart on and my hand was wanting to hold and touch every hard part of it...

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