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My cousin anna

well this happend to me a few years a go but i think i post it on here for you all to see a few years a go my cousin anna was liveing with us well i would joke a both her showing me her tits saying mom anna just flashed me but it was a joke i use to do that because she would allways dress in low cut shorts and late at night i could hear her useing her toys on her self from my room that made me horny and wanting her so i would listen to her and play with it till i cumed all over my bed well anna use to joke back saying i had to he showed me his dick frist i think she did this because it turned her on when i would joke with her well late one night after she and my mom had come home from the bar i i told my self i would make a move on her that night since she would be wasted and not remember any of it the next day yes i would fuck her as she was a sl**p in bed that night made that was going to be the night that i made my move on her after my mom was a sl**p i went in to annas roon she was still up smoking some pot she says hi cuz i said hi now then i had planed on doing her after she went to bed and was a sl**p but things did not go down like that i sat on the bed by her talking to her as she smoked the pop talking a bout this and that i ask if her and mom had fun to night she said yes but iam a little horny so when you go to bed iam going to play with self i said well i could fuck you she said no you are f****y it not right i said no ne well know we joke all the time she said ya you joke with me and i like to joke back but we cant do any thing for real she put the joint out and layed back on her bed i said well i want to she said if you was not my cuz i let you but you are so i cant ok i said well ok but i cant help self listen i have heard you play with self a few times and i play with it till i cum as i listen to you doing it i cant take it no more like i said the plan now had changed i was going to just fuck her no matter if she was a wake or passed out i got off bet and grabed her shorts pulled them down and off she said what are you doing i then grabed her panties and did the same thing i said iam going to eat this pussy and i did just that as i ate her she says omg no stop you cant but with in a minute she was saying yes yes yes eat my pussy yes omg yes i then stoped and said time to fuck you she said no i let you eat i could not stop you so i let you do that but fucking me you cant i said i know you cant get prego i heard you tell mom this some time back she said ya me and your mom was talking but it not right i took off my boxers and shorts and climed on top of her she said no dont put i pushed it in as soon as i was in i could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy i could tell she wanted it she said she did not but her pussy said she is lieing she does i started to fuck her hard and fast at frist she said omg no dont stop but them she wraps her legs a round my back saying omg yes yes yes harder faster please i pumped it in and out of her every time i moved her big tits would go up and dont she is like a 44dd the whole time i was fucking her she keep saying omg yes thisa is worng but omg it feels so good fuck me please fuck me after a bout a hour of nostop pumping in and out of her i could feel my balls geting tight i knew i was going to cum i said omg anna iam going to cum omg anna anna yes yes yes and with that i let lose in to her then i kissed her as we kissed i could feel her love juice comeing out of her and all over my dick i said you cumed to she said her i cant beleave i let you do that no one can ever fine out i said ok but you have to let me fuck you a gain tomorrow night she said did we ended up fucking every night after that til she moved out and in with this guy she was talking to but no dateing him would i fuck her a gain hell yes do i feel bad hell no like i said she made me horny by playing with self and wereing shorts like that and i would do her a gain in a heart beat i hope every one liked this story if you did not then ok and please no conments saying i cant spell or bad gramer ty

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