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Revenge is both Sweet and Gratifying.

'What the fuck are you doing?'

I had walked in and caught him jerking off over her prostate body, thankfully she was comatose, d**gged to her eyeballs and tied down on the gurney.

She had been brought in from some rich k**s wild party, way out in the suburbs, gotten high on some LSD or some kind of mind altering d**g, and resulted in her needing to be tied down and sedated.

I guess the mixture of her state of undress and exposed sexy undies, were proving too much, for my colleague.

She had twisted and turned like crazy until the sedative had set in, now all quiet, and only with a blanket covering her exposure, had obviously left him in a state of aroused, especially as she had been wheeled into a dark corridor to rest, a place where the lack of prying eyes left him free to explore the covered flesh leaving him enjoy what she had u*********sly let herself in for.

I am no angel myself, you get like that in a job like this, washing and handling bodies all day, even the dead are not immune, playing with a dead mans cock for fun, being not one of my brighter moments in life.

I really mean no disrespect to the dead, but we see so many bodies being wheeled out to the mortuary, a moments indiscretion can lighten the gloomiest of days.
On that particular day, Stan had caught me with my hand under the sheet of the man in question, a curiosity in the quest for knowledge of a man's dead penis, either way he caught me playing with it.

But now it was Stan, jerking off while holding her scanty panties to the side, aiming to paint her vagina with his semen, all this while she slept and was unawares of his transcending love for her hither to unattainable vagina.

'Fucking hell Mariel, I nearly died there, you gave me a fright', I could not help but draw comparisons, and replied, 'Cool, then I could finish you off', reminding him of my misdemeanor, a few weeks back.

'Very funny M', he replied sarcastically, 'She's a beauty, Sara McKinley, her fathers a millionaire', and as I watched him, he never missed a beat, and kept on jerking, and prying her lips apart.

'You plan to inseminate her', I asked casually, standing at the door, keeping watch as he pumped his fist, my presence adding spice to his show.

He was straining over her, her pussy was too central as she lay on the gurney, and he just could not get the tip of his penis to touch her pussy.

'Release her ankle brace and lift her leg over your shoulder', I suggested, I could not give a shit if he fucked her, served the bitch right, I had issues with her at school and wanted to on many occasions, kick her in her cunt, so Stan's lustiness, was providing me with an opportunity to see her actual fertilization, with a cock from the rejected classes, she ones she loved to spurn, myself included.

Stan did as I suggested and pulled her black stockinged leg over his right shoulder, and holding her raised thigh and her waist, straightened-up and her body shifted so her crotch was at the edge of the gurney, and in this sexy position I had a birds eye view as he slid into her, noting a gasp escape her lips and a slight head movement, 'She can feel you Stan, feed her more cock'.

Stan was not listening to my ramblings, he was inside and copulating with a Goddess, and I noticed as they got going, she was raising her bum to meet his inward thrusting.

I looked over my shoulder and down the long dark corridor, making sure Stan could finish his fuck in piece, his noises arousing my own need of a good fuck.
I looked again at Stan and her, they were going at it in unison, she might be d**gged, but she sure looked like she liked a bit of cock.

I walked up to them and the smell from their copulating was strong, I reached down between them and felt Stan's balls, they were tight, as balls normally are when fucking, and gave them a tight squeeze, he liked that.

We had never interacted with each other before now, we had banter and dirty jokes, lots of innuendo, and my indiscretion with a dead man's cock, to fall back on, and the strange thing is I always felt Stan to be like a b*****r as opposed to a possible sexual partner, and now here I was massaging his f****y jewels while he committed the big R, on one of the hottest pulses, to walk God's Earth, or so she thought.

I stopped squeezing him and he remarked for me not to stop, instead a feeling of naughtiness crept into my demeanor and slipped my finger into her pussy while he glided in and out.

'Mariel you slut, he remarked, clearly enjoying my lesbian act, but even though it felt nice and warm, soft and slippery, it was for that precise reason I entered her, as I now guided my slippery digit up his ass, and probed for his prostate, the walnut-sized gland under his bladder, the male G-spot, I wrote in my diary during class on anatomy, now I was in a perfect spot to see if it bore fruit.

'Fucking hell Mariel' Stan squirmed and I smiled, as I tickled it hard with my long finger, 'Now you can release into her like a projectile', I whispered, and then suddenly I had and idea, so I reached behind her and pushed another into her anus, so as they fucked, I had a finger in each of their asses.

'I can feel you inside her', Stan gasped, he was close to cumming and I could feel that in his tension. His cock was hardening even more inside her, I could feel him move through the thin membrane that separates our anus and vagina, and to make sure he could feel me I purposely dug my long finger nail into his cock, surly marking her anal canal, but pleasuring Stan, which was my main aim.

I was not disappointed as Stan released into her prize, oh how I prayed for good healthy sperm to do their work, I promised myself I would someday remind her of my part in impregnating her whist in her asshole, that brought a smile to my lips.

Stan pulled out of her and I dropped to my knees and cleaned him with my eager mouth, then stood up and kissed him on his mouth, 'Well done champ', and I looked down on her.
She was still humping an imaginary cock, her thighs were squeezing together as she tried to achieve the ultimate release. I reached and took her leg and tied the ankle onto the edge of the Gurney, preventing her thighs from making contact, then I tidied and adjusted her underclothes, as she threshed around for the elusive cock, which was clean and tucked away into Stan's pants.

'She's missing you already Stan', I smiled as I watched her torture, and together we started to make our way to the door and out into the corridor, just as old Billy entered the corridor.

We made our way towards each other, 'Hi Billy', I remarked, which surprised him, as we rarely spoke, Billy always suffered some sort of debilitating problem and stank to high heaven, a bar of soap and a bath might help cure that, his infatuation with me was no secret, hence my avoidance.

Stan took his Que and walked off, leaving me with Billy.

'Sara McKinley is back there Billy, d**g abuse, but she is sedated and tied into the gurney', at the mention of tied in seemed to excite him so I continued to build the picture, 'she is threshing around, probably tripping, you know what these sex d**gs can do to a young girl'. He did not need any encouragement on that side, 'Tuck her in as you pass', and I winked, all he needed to do was lift her blanket and the rest would be enough for Billy to take his chance, just as Stan did.

'Hey Mariel', he shouted to me as I walked away, I stopped and turned, 'any chance of a Fuck', he shouted and laughed out loud, I suspected my descriptive prose about the tasty Sara, had his mind racing about the tied and u*********s Sara, I stabbed my finger at the closed doors that lay ahead of him, 'Enjoy Billy', and I continued my journey down the corridor, my mind filling with images of the revolting and stinking Billy giving the beautiful Sara some sort of vaginal disease, I mean today, hospitals are notorious for diseases, and I smile of satisfaction spread across my face, 'Now where is Stan' I thought, 'I need some attention'.

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